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Download The Gospel According to Satan: or A Satanic Parody of the Bible epub

by Secesh Bob L'Aloge

What if Satan were the good guy and God were the bad guy? How would the Bible read then? Certainly the whole context would be changed and an entire new light would be shed on what we have been told was the 'holy bible'. Thus, The Gospel According to Satan is exactly that-the characters are inverted (as if they may not have been originally) and Satan is the good guy and God is the bad guy. You'll discover who really evolved the world, what happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden, the Satanic Psalms, all those proverbs you have wondered about, Silaas the old testament prophet of doom, the true account of the birth of Jesus, the Sermon in the Valley, the Acts of the Satanists, the epistles, and the Revelation of Satan! It's a whole new gospel for a whole New Age!
Download The Gospel According to Satan: or A Satanic Parody of the Bible epub
ISBN: 0595426425
ISBN13: 978-0595426423
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Secesh Bob L'Aloge
Language: English
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (March 5, 2007)
Pages: 328 pages
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I bought this book for research. It is poorly written because the author interrupts his so-called spoof of the Bible, which I would call a critique rather than a spoof, with comments about himself, his beliefs, his life, and his resentment and anger toward the people in his life. Rather than use appropriate language for a spoof on the Bible, he often slips into modern vernacular, cursing in particular, which interrupts the flow of the book. He says several times that it is all in gest. The person who told me about the book said he was funny and the book was supposed to be funny. I found nothing funny in the book at all. It was dark, narcissistic, vulgar, full of explicit sex, and violence. It seems to be primarily an ego defense for a person who feels wronged by Christians in his life.
I can dig anyone's ramblings as long as they're intelligent and can make a good point.

Don't go all goofy with this book. It's not really parody, but it's not serious either. If you're a Satanist or at least don't have a stick up your butt, it's worth reading. You'll smile. :)
As previously stated by others, this is a parody of the Bible. It doesn't parody the entire Bible but some of the main/popular books like the psalms, Genesis, Revelations, etc. The book is witty, sincere, profound at a times, tongue in cheek, and even includes a powerful psychological ritual to "exorcise" Christianity and its restrictive, oppressive, mind damaging aspects from oneself. Overall, to use a trite term, the book is interesting and entertaining, worth the inexpensive price..


It really pains me to say that tragically this author, talented as he was, was also a very disturbed person. He had problems with gender identification and was delusional. The most tragic aspect of all this is that if his mental disease would have been noticed in time he, or she, would have probably been a fairly successful writer. Sadly this was not to be. One evening, this author called a female member of his church to his/her home, and when she arrived, the author proceeded to murder his guest in one of the most shockingly disturbing of ways, and then she/he committed suicide. I didn't know this when I bought the book and I was horrified to come across this knowledge. Personally, I don't think this person was in her/his right mind, and I truly believe he/she could've been helped with simple medicatication and perhaps therapy.

I hope this author and the very unfortunate victim, and their families, find some sort of solace, or at least peace. I wish to extend my most sincere condolences as well.
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For a satanist book its allright but if your achristian and not ready for this book youll be real angery cause Iit speaks alot of hatred towards jesus christ, jehovah, and christians, so be warnd.
just one girl
In my opinion, the book is pure garbage, just like LaVey's pieces of trash. The author I felt was also biblically illiterate and is nothing more than an agent of Satan himself. I would never waste my money on something like this.... Oh wait, I didn't. Someone threw it out and I recovered it from the garbage. Now it's gone into my fireplace t never be recovered again. The reviews of this book make it appear as if it's an "open minded" piece that will "enlighten" the reader. In my opinion, this couldn't be more farther from the truth.

"14-And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15-Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."
-2 Corinthians 11:14-15.
If you like tongue in cheek text with spiritual meaning and are a LHPer you will LOVE this. It really is fantastic. Try it you'll like it, really.