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by Paulo Coelho

In a movie tie-in edition, the author of The Alchemist offers the story of a young woman's extraordinary search for life's meaning in a world ruled by apathy and indifference. Reprint. Movie tie-in. 25,000 first printing.
Download Veronika Decides to Die movie tie-in: A Novel epub
ISBN: 0061898899
ISBN13: 978-0061898891
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Paulo Coelho
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Perennial; Reprint edition (May 1, 2010)
Pages: 240 pages
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 538
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This is the second book I read by Paulo Coelho and it was even better than the first. Suicide - such a tough subject. Some feel that the person taking their life are selfish, some understand, some wish they knew that the person was that down so they could of been their to help and some just don't understand. All in all it is a sad and tough thing to go through when a family member or close friend decide to take their own life.
But when you survive suicide how does the one taking their life feel? Waking up and realizing you are alive. And if this was to happen but you were told your attempt still worked because the damage to your body is so severe you have a week to live? How does one feel then facing death knowing its inevitable? Death is inevitable but when it is to approach us we do not know. We all subconsciously think about our death - but on a daily level? The seriously ill think about death. But to actually wait for your death to come? What feelings and thoughts race through your mind. So how would you feel knowing you were going to die? Would you start to live again? It is a deep question one at the moment I am thankfully do not need to ponder (but at times will admit I do). This story was beautifully written and has awaken inside of me the joy of living. Living as life should be enjoyed in the moment not past or present and always believe in yourself.
Read this book as my 3rd Coehlo book, and saw life in the light of death, depicted in a way where there was more than just sadness and regret for the lack of feeling, but for the life that was still available to access. This book will take you to more places of discovery than of blankness or despair. The title may be misleading in what you might assume it is about, but you won't regret where it takes you.
For anyone that has contemplated suicide, or has attempted it, or been in a mental hospital, this book is NOT just for you. Mental health is always talked about as an important issue on this planet lately. But this book, it makes you look at the real underlying truth to these "mental health issues" in this world. And the one main point that you should take from this book is that there are more people on this planet that have been through and dealt with some traumatic or darkness in their lifetime, then there are those that have not - and for whatever reason there is that time is spent in a hospital, you are the norm of society, and you always have been, you just had the opportunity to handle your issues with a professional vs. others that live in silence and repeat their daily lives never to see the world as it is and never moving past their past and present and living and breathing in this world.
My favorite lines:
. I came into this world in order to go through: attempted suicide, ruining my heart, meeting you, coming up to this castle, letting you engrave my face on your soul. That is the only reason I came into the world, to make you go back to the path you strayed from... "

This book is very profound. I really enjoyed it. Wasn't overly serious. Had some laughing points. However, I thought I'd scream at the scene with Edward. OMG!!

I enjoyed this book! So much to think about. What I wouldn't give to be a part a discussion on this one.
In addition to providing a window to the world of the people labeled as mentally disturbed, this book also provides a window to the ways in which parents might cripple children's hopes for life, or how adult mentors in general can support the hopes and creativity of the young, or destroy them. Like other Coelho's stories, the narrative is deceivingly simple and the message has great depth. I felt like I could see glimpses of the characters' souls. And just like in other Coelho's books, I find pieces of myself in each of them, but also pieces of how I might have been sometime in the past. The book reminds me that we are never finished examining our assumptions, pre-conceptions and decisions.
Update: 22 January 2018 ????????????????

I came across this book that I had read in 2012 and decided to give it another try. The past 6 years in my life haven't been the greatest and I guess my taste in books has changed also.

I truly enjoyed reading it. It takes place in an asylum so yes, it's sad but also a beautiful story. I loved the connection between Veronika and Eduard with her playing the piano. An all around touching story.

Glad that I decided to give this novel another read!

2012 Review: ????????

My 2 stars says it all, it was okay. Evidently just not my kind of book. I wanted to like it but it was just okay.
I truly enjoyed reading this essay about mental illness and being different. Once again Paolo Coelho has crafted a book that is basis on which we can converse about mental illness. Being normal is a myth. Conformance to the rules of society is ridiculous. Redemption is there when you are ready. Love never dies. The story of Veronika is one of redemption through the 5 stages of grief. Denial, anger, depression, bargaining,and acceptance. Veronika wants to die is a journey in Vilette in Slovenia in after a suicide attempt and her journey to acceptance of the world guided by 5 people. These people include the doctor who relies on controversial treatment s to treat his patients but somehow work. Although I do not agree with what the treatment s are. They force people to address that being different is okay. This book is a good read for anyone who is interested in mental illness and being different.