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by Cris Ramsay

A Global Dynamics researcher has a breakthrough on her project visualizing another dimension. And since GD's experiments have a bad tendency to affect the entire town, Sheriff Jack Carter heads over to check it out. What he sees blows him away. The project has revealed a parallel universe, complete with another Eureka-one in which Carter doesn't exist! But as the two worlds begin to bleed into each other and residents confront their alternate selves, Carter may be the one man who can keep both Eurekas from being destroyed.
Download Eureka: Road Less Traveled epub
ISBN: 0441019021
ISBN13: 978-0441019021
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Cris Ramsay
Language: English
Publisher: Ace; 1st edition (March 29, 2011)
ePUB size: 1465 kb
FB2 size: 1808 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 819
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This book is bread and butter Eureka, with one main plot involving Carter, Alison, and a guest character, Dr Russell, a hot blonde, who has devised an amazing invention, which allows us to view a parallel universe, and underlying subplot involving Deputy Lupo, Fargo, and a Thunderbird. It takes place about 6-9 months after Nathan Stark died saving Eureka, so Alison is still Director of GD, and the time travel event of series 4 has not happened yet.

All the characters are written pretty much as you see them on the tv series. Poor Carter gets electrocuted at least 5 times, Alison has some major emotional attacks, Jo has to put up with Fargo, and Carter is in the middle of things trying to save everyone when Dr Russell's invention threatens the world,.

Yep, all in all it's a typical day at Eureka. The book is nothing extraordinary, but for fans of Eureka, it's an easy and enjoyable read.
The story: It's a good premise for a problem, one that has the characters running around, looking for answers; i.e. doing what everyone does best.

The characters: Pretty much true to the series, warts and all.

The read: For some reason, the author feels the need to give backstory ALL THE TIME. Jo is snarky to Fargo? We are treated to a long backstory of how Fargo often messes things up. A child is mentioned? We are reminded that Carter has a daughter. There are paragraphs of backstory, and they are often repeated in later chapters. I found myself skipping past them on my Kindle because they really add nothing to the plot or story.

In summary: Good story, but apparently written for an audience that never watched the series.

Save your money. There are better books.
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
This is a great book.
There is everything you for a good plot and the characters are just the same ones from the show that everybody loves.
And best of all its entertaining, and just like the show its got the perfect mix of sci fi, action, and comedy.
And its really funny when Sheriff Carter gets zapped!! And the back story, explanations, and references to past episodes are really a help to someone who just started watching the show.
Altogether a really fun read and I highly recommend it.
greed style
I love Eureka(of course why else would I buy the book)and reading the books you miss the facial expressions of the people which does cut into the enjoyment. So yes there is a element missing but still really good books and YES I would buy more of them when they come out.
It seemed a little slow at first but was better further into it.

I think the characters were true to the series. I could see them all playing out the story.
Knights from Bernin
I loved the show and these books were a fun read. I hope there are going to be more at some point.
You need to watch up to season two of the show first. Besides that, It's like reading an episode.
I would recommend this to anyone who watched the series. The books are just as eentertaining as the show was.