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by Cathy Maxwell

To seduce an English lady, a gentleman must always remember to . . .

Gaze longingly into her eyes while declaring her beauty . . .

Colonel Colin Mandland has wealth, power . . . everything but a bride. But although there is no mistress of his newly purchased manor, Maiden Hill, there is certainly a resident maiden: Lady Rosalyn Wellborne, a stubborn beauty who steadfastly refuses to leave the place she has always called home.

Hold her hand just a fraction longer than necessary...

Tantalizing Rosalyn proves to be far more difficult than any enemy he's ever met on the battlefield. She attacks by declaring Colin an upstart who is unfit for local society. He shockingly counters by offering for her hand in marriage—and she surprisingly accepts.

Or, when all else fails, conquer her.

Although this genteel lady has vowed never to succumb to unbridled passion, she quickly learns that theirs will be no marriage in-name-only, but rather a slow, sensuous and alarmingly effective seduction . . . that turns her world upside down.

Download The Seduction of an English Lady (Avon Historical Romance) epub
ISBN: 0060092971
ISBN13: 978-0060092979
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Cathy Maxwell
Language: English
Publisher: Avon (December 30, 2003)
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 186
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i like looking for cathy maxwell books where i can find great writer ,never had a bad story from her
Setting - Lancashire, England 1816 ---- Lady Roslyn, resided at Maiden Hill along with a small staff and her companion Covey. Since coming to the area she had, as the daughter of an earl, though impoverished, established herself as the driving force behind the country gentry's social and charitable works. Suddenly she found that her cousin George had sold Maiden Hill out from under her to satisfy his gambling debts. The new owner, war hero, Colonel Colin Mandland, local boy made good, had come to take possession of the property. Rosalyn, shocked and furious, took the Colonel's deed, after slamming the door in his face, and refused to allow him to enter. She ran to the reigning head of the local aristocracy, Lord Loftus, to see if they could do anything to help her. Legally, there was nothing to be done but all her friends thought that a quick solution would be for the two to marry. Lord Loftus even sweetened the pot for the colonel by offering him a seat in the House of Commons, a post Colin secretly coveted.
Naturally, Lady Roslyn's automatic reaction (even though Colin is the most handsome man she's ever been attracted to) is to refuse, and so begins Colin's battle plan to court and seduce the lady. Until the first kiss, neither really wanted the other but both saw that the 'marriage of convenience' might gain them each something they did want. What they both soon discovered though was that what they both 'thought' they wanted would be eclipsed by what they both needed and love and passion was an equation that would surprise them both with a sweet and enduring intensity.
I have been a long time fan of this author and 'The Seduction of an English Lady' proves again that anyone looking for a quality Regency romance will find it easily when penned by Cathy Maxwell. Our lead protagonists are a delight even though the premise of neither wanting the other is an often-used scenario with pride and lack of communication being at the root of the problem. Readers will be delighted with the liberally sprinkled cast of well-developed secondary characters, both human and animal, that give this romance an added spark of humor and find a deep satisfaction in the sensual, lovely and deeply caring romantic love story. --- Submitted by Marilyn, Official Reviewer for [...] ---
In 1816 in the heart of England, war hero Colonel Colin Mandland proves to Lady Rosalyn that her cousin sold the home she has lived in for the past few years to him. Separately both run off to see the top local aristocrat in the area, Lord Loftus, to plead their case. Loftus sends for solicitor Shellsworth who reads the deed and states that Colin owns the property. Fearing time away from his favorite pastime hunting if Rosalyn has to leave because Loftus knows he will have to then escort his wife to London. By bringing class to events in the area, Rosalyn has enabled Loftus to stay home and hunt. He proposes that Colin and Rosalyn marry. To sweeten the pot, he offers a seat in the Commons to Colin; this angers the solicitor. However, it becomes moot as Rosalyn says no.
Encouraged by Loftus and the support of his brother the vicar, Colin begins courting the lady who makes it clear that his blood lines are beneath hers. Still she cannot deny at least to herself that his kisses leave her desiring more. Surprisingly Colin finds that his goal of knighthood that he feels he earned during the Napoleonic War is no longer as important as winning the hand of the woman he now loves.
THE SEDUCTION OF AN ENGLISH LADY is a fine Regency romance that fans will be grateful for due to a strong cast though some important secondary players seem too stereotyped. The lead couple is a delight as neither wanted the other until that first kiss, but neither will retreat from that initial stance as pride stands in the way of love. Readers will have a good time following Colin's pragmatic battlefield seduction that turns into a shared deep need for one another.
Harriet Klausner
I regret expending money to purchase this book, as it was a plodding, wordy, and boring read.
Forcing myself to finish the book, I found the main characters neither interesting nor engaging. The author did not move me to believe that there was any love between Colin & Rosalyn. Sex, yes; but no true love. The sex scenes were dry and did not evidence any growing affection between the two. There were no explanations as to what motivated the characters to act as they did from scene to scene. Colin's life and career was devoted to the ambition to obtain a knighthood. But then he forsakes it for love? It was not believable.
The book was confusing. The dialogue sometimes made no sense between the characters. The book briefly touched on the possible interaction of other characters, but did not show anything beyond a brief mention.
Why did Rosalyn's mother leave her father? There was no conversation between Rosalyn and her mother to resolve this when they were finally reunited. This was a major enigma that weighted Rosalyn's life. Also, I sensed no actual friendship between Rosalyn and Covey.
What was the interaction between Rosalyn and Lady Loftus to make them friends? Rosalyn finally makes friends with John, the gardener on a brief ride?
Colin seemed to have no friends or intimates at all beyond his brother.
In the end, the book seemed to tie up loose ends in too much of a hurry, too sloppily, and to see the "happy ever after" ending that most books require.
Overall, the book was not an enjoyable read.