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by Chad Hautmann

It’s been a year since Casey’s wife died, leaving him the youngest widower in Naples, Florida, and in the throes of a seemingly bottomless depression. Now Casey lives only at night, stuck in his once cozy home, drinking himself blind and listening to the sounds of Ellington, Coltrane, and Davis. Casey’s friends and family have just about given up on him, and he’s certainly given up on himself. That is, until Billie Holiday—or someone who looks just like her—finds her way into his life.

Maybe he’s been listening to too much jazz, and he’s definitely been hitting the bottle, but there’s no mistaking that beautiful, had-some-tough-times voice. She calls herself Eleanora, and what everyone else sees as an imaginary friend, Casey sees as the only thing that can bring him solace. And by the grace of this strange and wonderful woman, he receives something he’s yearned for every waking moment: a chance to spend one last night with his wife, and to overcome the crushing guilt he’s felt since the day she left him. 

Download Billie's Ghost epub
ISBN: 0452284813
ISBN13: 978-0452284814
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Chad Hautmann
Language: English
Publisher: Plume; First Edition edition (October 26, 2004)
Pages: 176 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 359
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Chad Hautmann's novel, "Billie's Ghost," starts with a man haunted by his love for his lost wife and then proceeds to haunt him with a living woman who may be the incarnation of a singer who died years before. Our own uncertainty about whether this is really Billie Holiday underscores the uncertain life Hautmann's protagonist has been living -- as he quietly numbs himself with alcohol and inertia -- until "Billie" enters the story. Hautmann creates a fascinating Billie; so much so that it may not matter if she is a ghost, a reincarnation or simply a woman who resembles the great singer. Ultimately, the book is a masterful protrayal of the challenges inherent in recovering from trauma and finding a way back into a healthy life.
This is a very quick read. If you're a Billie Holiday fan, this book
is kiss to a bygone era. Also brings up the question, do you believe in ghost? This is a book about how people deal with the
lost of a love one. Good book!
For those of you who enjoy stories with mystery and maybe a ghost or two, be sure to read the wonderful novel "Billie's Ghost". I read it over the weekend and loved the wonderful writing and story.... so good! Chad Hautmann is an honest, writer, and the world he creates doesn't disappoint but leaves you wanting more. His writing has an ageless quality that I find missing in so many contemporary writers. This book is a page turner! I plan on reading his other book, and am hoping he might have one in the works! - John Robert Myers
This book was definitely good,, dark and extremely well written.
In Naples, Florida, one year has passed since young Casey Cooper lost his beloved wife Ginny. Stunned and feeling guilt for living and culpability in his mind for causing her death, he remains in mourning as an urban hermit with only alcohol and jazz as his companions. His friends have written Casey off and his family is on the verge of excommunicating him as his depression overwhelms anyone who dares to enter his personal space. Only Ginny's cat Mashed Potatoes remains a companion though he often forgets to feed the feline.

Suddenly out of nowhere Eleanora enters Casey's life singing with a voice and a look that make her an identical twin of Billie Holiday. No one else sees this enigmatic Eleanora with even Casey wondering if it is the bottle, his mental state, BILLIE'S GHOST or a real person? Still Casey does not care as Eleanora with the jazzy voice moves in with him. She provides him with a reason to rejoin the living as she boosts his self esteem.

This is a very simplistic yet deep tale that provides several messages to the audience to include accentuating the positive in relationships because though mankind imposes but God disposes without warning and grieving is exclusively a lone act. The three key players, Casey, his deceased wife, and Eleanora are cleverly designed to provide insight into how far someone can fall when a loved one is lost early and abruptly in life and that grieving and recover are customized within a powerful character study.

Harriet Klausner
"Billie's Ghost" is a whopper of a love story, ghost tale, and mystery all wrapped up in a deceptively small package. Enter the tropical paradise of Naples, Florida, a Gulf of Mexico resort blending old, historic bungalows and fabulous high-rises. A young widower is struggling with his grief, virtually sinking into oblivion, when Eleanora appears, a sultry, salty, hard-drinking, beautiful black woman. Discover how she changes the life of this man forever and decide for yourself if she is real or not! You will be fascinated by her humor, allure, and compassion. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ravishing southwest Florida, a region engaged in its own struggle to balance the conservation of wildlife habitats and the preservation of its history, against a burgeoning population. At the conclusion, you will rejoice and chuckle, and always wonder!
I enjoyed this novel very much. It was sad, or more accurately, melancholy like a John Coltrane song. But don't let that statement mislead you. It was well written and enjoyable. Mr. Haughton delivers a tale that is as unique as it is engaging. I will anxiously await his next novel.