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by Sean Michael

Scott Daley is a high-powered executive by day, but by night he plays on the fetish scene. He keeps his two lives scrupulously separate, not wanting his clients to have any idea what he gets up to. Afraid it might ruin him, Dal keeps the wild child firmly in the closet. So when Dillon, a distant business associate, sees Dal at a club one night, things take a dangerous, and exciting turn. Dillon invites him to what he thinks is a business meeting, but it turns into a weekend of debauchery that sets off a torrid affair. Meeting whenever they can, high-powered Dillon and ambitious Dal explore all of the ways they can love each other, living just enough on the edge to get a thrill. And maybe get caught. When things go sour, Dal hits the road, running as far away as he can, trying to figure out how to minimize the damage to his life and his career. Dillon isn't quite ready to let him go, though, and sets out to get Dal back. Can Dillon convince Dal that some secrets are worth letting out of the bag? Sean Michael creates an exciting world where business meets pleasure and all of the games have high stakes in this steamy novel. Wrap it up and take it home!
Download Secrets, Skin, and Leather epub
ISBN: 1934166553
ISBN13: 978-1934166550
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica
Author: Sean Michael
Language: English
Publisher: Torquere Press (August 12, 2008)
Pages: 240 pages
ePUB size: 1717 kb
FB2 size: 1974 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 871
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Sean Michaels has once again proven that he can write not only beautiful romance "Catching a Second Wind', but salacious, graphic, pornographic stories! Sean manages to deal with a fetish(see front cover) and make a great sex-filled story that flows very nicely. The fetish is dealt with honestly. There is literally page after page of non-stop graphic sex! Each page different! I loved the story and found I actually had to take a breather every once in while to appreciate what I had just read and savour the next chapter!I love this latest book by Sean Michaels.:) Absolutely loved it!:)
Great book, very steamy scenes ???? it. Dal & Dillon rocked. Kept me engaged from the beginning. Did I mention the hot sex So good.
Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

Rating: 6/10

- Dal's fetish for corsets and cinchers is unusual, and I always enjoy reading about things that aren't often written about in this genre.
- Most of Michael's BDSM stories are about power exchange relationships, and I thought it was interesting to read a story in which the men are kinky but not really in a D/s relationship. Dal might like to have things done to him, but he's not one for giving up control. The men essentially take turns leading each other.
- I've read a lot of stories containing characters who keep their sexual preferences private, but Dal is unusual in that he works so very hard to create a professional persona that is the complete opposite of who he is in the bedroom. It adds an interesting element to him as a character.

- The sex gets old, if only because there is so. much. of. it. I'd have to go back and flip through again to verify, but I'm pretty sure that every scene of the book includes sex. Most of them involve more than just one orgasm per man.
- Michael's sex scenes are often repetitive, not just within individual books, but also across books. Dal says at one point that he'll "look like a leper" if Dillon puts hickeys all over him, to which Dillon replies, "You'll look like you're mine." I read a different Sean Michael book just a couple of weeks ago that contained this exact conversation...twice.
- There are numerous stupid editing mistakes: words completely left out, blatant misspellings, etc.

Overall comments: There's so much sex here that there's practically nothing else to the story. I take it as a negative sign when one character suggests a walk on the beach and I get excited about it because it would mean that they'd have to get out of the bedroom for half an hour. Usually when I read, I look forward to the sex scenes. Here I looked forward to the ones in which both men were fully dressed.
The Sphinx of Driz
(This review may contain spoilers)

<b>I don't find corsets on men attractive at all.</b> I liked that they liked it. The kohl. The rouge. The toys. The attraction Dillon has for Dal when he spots him in little more than make-up and a tight corset sets the mood for this scorcher of a novel.

The unassuming start [a business meeting:] leads into an anticipatory meeting between Dillon and Dal[a.k.a Scott Daly:]. Only Dal doesn't know he's been spotted. Once together there are more than sparks. These two set flame to the bedsheets and inked pages. They are great together and the kinkiness doesn't seem over the top [for them:]. It is tailor made for the way Dillon and Dal want to please each other.

There is sex 'o' plenty but for this Sean Michael novel I felt the characters wanted something more from the start. Dillon was fascinated with Dal's response to his touch but also he found himself drawn to Dal in an emotional way, almost immediately. [4.5 of 5:]
Whether you favor this latest offer from Sean depends very much on your mood and taste. If you are just looking for great kinky sex scenes and nothing else, then "Secrets, Skin and Leather" is for you. After reading the beautifully written and deeply emotional "Painting the Desert" from Sean (available as e-book in Torquere press), I was not prepared for Sean's latest effort which just concentrate on sex. It is most frustrating as this writer has the talent to do so much more.
The best part of "Secrets, Skin and Leather" is the beginning when Dillon discovered Dal's true indentity and nearing the end when the lovers were caught. In between it is just pages after pages of sex. Do not get me wrong. The sex scenes are erotic and highly imaginative and you would probably love it if you are into fetishism, which I am not. But when it is too much sex, the words could become repetitive, bordering on boredom.
I wish Sean will give us more plot and emotional driven stories, which he did in Painting the desert, The Broken Road, No Regrets, Fine as Frog's Hair, As it should be, Where flows the water, A Private Hunger and Second Sight. This writer has a talent for creating really interesting characters and it is such a waste when there is hardly any emotional plot to support his men in his latest effort.
Dillon Walsh`s first impression of Scott Daly is that he's uptight and overworked. His opinion of Scott is drastically changed when he sees him at a club one night looking unbearably sexy, so on a business trip the men are attending, Dillon makes a move.

Underneath their business suits lie the heart of who Dillon and Scott really are and after a little coaxing on Dillon's part, he finds more than just a sexy partner in Scott.

I got some knowledge, some romance and really turned on from reading Sean Michael's latest. Secrets, Skin and Leather introduced me to several new sex toys and to two very sexy men. What makes Dal and Dillon so hot is their lack of inhibition and their love for each other. The kink factor is high and playful in Secrets, Skin and Leather. My particular favorite moment is at the very end, when piercings lead to a very hot moment afterwards. Secrets, Skin and Leather is a delectably naughty story that is fun and tender too.

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