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by June Calvin

Forced to embark on a marriage with a poor farmer, Amy Armstrong, who has no dowry and a dependent mother, resigns herself to a life of poverty until she is kidnapped by a stranger who takes her to London on a grand adventure.
Download Abducting Amy (Signet Regency Romance) epub
ISBN: 0451209222
ISBN13: 978-0451209221
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica
Author: June Calvin
Language: English
Publisher: Signet (July 1, 2003)
ePUB size: 1773 kb
FB2 size: 1236 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 161
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June Calvin's latest, "Abducting Amy", is a charming tale about a girl
who, despite everyone's best efforts, is determined to have a say in
her own destiny. The titular character, Amy, is in a very rough spot. She
must marry a rich man soon or her brutal uncle will throw her and her
mother out on their backsides. Amy uses all her wiles to catch the
least objectionable of her suitors. But, unfortunately, some of her
suitors are not willing to abide by her wishes. Enter Lord Maxbridge.
He is smitten with Amy from the first, but a hurtful incident in his
youth and his enimity with her uncle causes him to fight his feelings
for Amy.
This was a engrossing book with well-rounded characters. Amy's uncle,
Lord Brinker was not a cardboard villian, and neither was one of her
most objectionable suitors, Lord Vendercroft. Both had strengths and
weaknesses that made them more interesting than the standard villians
that graduated from Snidely Whiplash 101. Amy was a little unusual from
your standard heroine in that she was not afraid to manipulate her
suitors to accomplish her aims or get her out of a tough spot. She was
exceedingly clever and this was demonstrated time and time again. This
is unlike some other books where the author says the heroine is clever
but she is forever doing stupid things.
The weakest part of this book was Lord Maxbridge. He was a standard
issue Regency hero--handsome, rich and voting on the side of the common
man in Parliment. There was nothing wrong with him as a hero, he just
didn't stand out. There is little interaction between the hero and
heroine in the beginning of the book, but the problems Amy experienced
navigating a safe path through her suitors kept the book lively and
There are no reaccuring characters in this book, but the epilogue
makes me think Max's brother will soon get his own book.
Overall, this is a pleasant Regency story with an engaging heroine and
an entertaining storyline. I am looking forward to Ms. Calvins's next
foray in the romance world.
First of all, let me start off by saying this: DO NOT read the synopsis on the back of the book. It is totally misleading. After reading it, I was expecting an entirely different story.
Miss Amabel Armstrong's brutal uncle plans to marry her off to the highest bidder. And while her uncle may be cruel, she does intend to follow his wishes. But Amabel is uncharacteristically beautiful, and as soon as she is given a Season, she is hounded by a flock of besotted suitors. Throughout the course of the novel, several of them kidnap her!
Max, Earl of Maxbridge, has been in the snares of a fortune hunter before. He is convinced that Amy (lovely, though she is) is a fortune hunter. And Max's nephew is smitten by Amy. So why does he find HIMSELF under the spell of the beautiful girl?
For the most part, the novel consisted of a whole lot of nothing. There were too many idle moments, during which there were discussions about politics and character introductions that did nothing to move along the main plot. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand Amabel. I can't quite tolerate heroines who make comments like "my beauty is a curse" and dissolve into tears every other chapter. However, if you can make it past the first 120 pages, the novel does have its wittier moments. Overall, I'd only give it 2 1/2 stars. If you have patience, you'll probably enjoy it.
Very poorly written regency. Not recommended. Her heroine is spoiled and willful (not in itself a bad thing for interest factor in a book, giving characters opportunities for development but not well done in this book) whilst the hero is thick and foolish. Ridiculous.1 star