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by Kevin J Taylor

Girl is an adventurous, fun-loving, lusciously built strip dancer with a fascination for the occult. The demons she manages to conjure up may be good dirty fun but are also rather dangerous...Taylor's best-seller!
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ISBN: 089620118X
ISBN13: 978-0896201187
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica
Author: Kevin J Taylor
Language: English
Publisher: Rip Off Press, Inc (1991)
Pages: 136 pages
ePUB size: 1157 kb
FB2 size: 1320 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 620
Other Formats: lit rtf doc mbr

digytal soul
I was looking for something silly with good sex and a somwhat storyline, and found this author Kevin J. Taylor. The women are sexy and the are are drawn with very big glands..odd? The book's storylines are simple and don't expect much as sex is the primary thing for the characters. I like it and will purchase another to give a better judgement as this is my first by this author. This drawings are in black & white as I thought it would be in color. However, it was what I was looking for in a graphic and a simple storyline. Hope the next one is good or better.
more fantastic artwork with on time delivery
Taylor does what he does best, lots of great sex scenes and hot dialogue. I just wish this book would have been in color like Girl: Second Coming.
I Love It!
Awesome Sauce
Hot, sexy,and amazing
It was in 1991 when I first came across Kevin Taylor and his creation Girl in a comic book store. I was old enough to enter the so-called adult section of the store and to say I was very disappointed with what they had was an understatement. Alot of the adult comics either were one-note sex romps or too much talking and not enough action. It took me seceral visits before I was finally able to find the one title older friends have been telling me about. Issue #1 of Girl was there to be picked up and read and later bought. From the first time I read the four-issue miniseries of Girl I was hooked on Kevin Taylor's work in the comic industry and have followed his work ever since.

This trade paperback, or graphic novel, collects the original four-issue miniseries published in the beginning of the 1990's. One thing this collection has over those original issues were some added scenes in the beginning of the story where Girl, or Jaleira which is her real name, meets her friends Jesse and Jill at the park. There's also a brief, but extremely hot and dirty interlude between her a few guys she knows in the neighborhood. This interlude really sets up the rest of the book for the reader. Kevin Taylor's book is definitely not for the prudish and the easily embarrassed. Kevin Taylor's artwork are full of clean lines and curves. And when I say curves I do mean CURVES when it comes to Girl. Taylor also doesn't skimp with the detail when it comes to the legion of men who lusts after our intrepid heroine Girl. Some have called Taylor's style as being over-the-top and anatomically impossible. Well, all I have to say is that its a bloody comic book and I for one won't nitpick someone of Taylor's talent with how he should draw his figures. The style works for the character and the comic.

The story is actually pretty interesting even though most readers will probably just skip forward from one sex scene to the next. These scenes are not bad mind you. They're actually pretty well done and even though some of the scenes have a look of extreme improbability to them they do put forward the extreme sexuality of the moment. The tale is one of Girl searching for a way to keep her smoking hot looks and figure and does so to extremes. She bargains with a demonic being for just such a fountain of youth, but in doing so she must now find someone to stand in her stead when its time to honor her bargain with the demon Malachi. This premise starts of as a simple seduce and sacrifice to something more complex with themes of Good and Evil making a mention. The premise also helps explain the many sexual encounters Girl comes across as she does so purposely in order to satisfy her bargain with Malachi. The rest of the story is pretty simple and even the most simple reader should be able to keep with the twist and turns. But in the end the story and plot really serves the main appeal of Girl and thats the steam, down and dirty sex scenes rife throughout the book. Each one becomes more and more extreme than the next until the final climactic final pages which would give any gothic-erotica film a run for its money.

Kevin Taylor succeeds in creating a character in Girl who is both an extremely sexual and free individual and matched equally with a brain to match. Jaleira (Girl) will become Taylor's muse in his later works and her hot adventures doesn't end with the story in Girl, but will continue on with future graphic novels. Girl may have been published originally in 1990-91, but it still continues to be popular in the comic industry and those who are mature enough to read such books without making a mess.
Girl: Body Heat is a graphic novel which collects Kevin Taylor's 3-issue mini-series of the same name. This 3-issue mini-series was first released in comic book form during the mid-1990's. Prior to Body Heat, Kevin Taylor's work was only known in North America through his first "Girl" series. This series introduced Taylor as an up-and-coming talent in the adult comics industry. Taylor's style was a slightly exaggerated realism to the look of his women and men which made for some extremely graphic sexual sequences which made his first series a very sought after series of comic books.

Body Heat was released a few years after Taylor's first series and the response to it was pretty much what one would expect for a mini-series from an artist who has cultivated an almost cult-like following. If you don't believe me just go to any comic book convention where he makes an appearance and the lines are as long as for the more mainstream comic book titles. This follow-up to his Girl series has Taylor making a sort-of anthology series of short stories with all of them having one thing in common: lots of hot and steamy sex. Girl makes an appearance in a couple of the issues. We see her as freshman in high school already attracting the boys and men. Then we see her in a sort-of fantasy like situation involving a favorite centaur. Newer characters make first appearances who would turn out to become favorites as well: Blue and his ridiculously large endowment and Marty, his good-suffering boss who tries to keep things professional between the two of them.

Body Heat also has stand-alone stories which doesn'tties in to Taylor's character Girl. A spoof of Lois Lane working to get her exclusives with heroes who have an uncanny resemblance to Superman and Batman. Then there's the diary entry of a small-town girl to her high school sweetheart as she tries to make it out on her own in the big city. To say that what she writes in her letters to her sweetheart differs from what actually occurred is a huge understatement. The series also has Jill (who stars in her own title later on in Jill: Part-Time Lover) making her first appearance in the Girl Universe. All the stories do just enough to keep a semblance of a story, but really they're just there to move the scene along to what fans of Taylor want and that's the sex and alot of it. In this respect, Kevin Taylor doesn't disappoint.

Girl: Body Heat collection would be a must-buy for all Kevin Taylor fans and would be a nice addition to those who follow and read the adult comics coming out more and more in the last decade or so. Whether Kevin Taylor does full-lenght stories or short ones they are well done and doesn't disappoint. It's a shame that most of his shorter work hasn't been released outside of Spain where they're usually a staple of the Spanish adult comic series KISS. Here's to hoping he decides to share these shorter works and collects them a la Body Heat.