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by Carolyn Davidson

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ISBN: 0373292635
ISBN13: 978-0373292639
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Erotica
Author: Carolyn Davidson
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (July 1, 2003)
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 283
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I loved this story. Faith is such a great, independent woman. She left her husband in Boston and made her own home with her own skill and spirit. Her husband, Max, decides to find her and bring her home. When he does find her, three years later, he finds out that she is different than the girl who left him. Carolyn Davidson did a great job with this book. I really loved Faith and Max. I have to say, at first I was skeptical of Max because who waits 3 years to find his wife and why did she feel the need to leave him? Well, not going to spoil anything but read the story to find out. Faith has made friends with several people in Texas. They care about her and aren't too sure about Max. Max is determined to get Faith back and has made it a matter of principle. The way that the story ensues is beautiful. The characters' interactions with each other are nice. I like the way that the author portrays them as individuals, not perfect, but real people. They both of reasons for the things that they have done and the book works those throughout the story beautifully. If you like western historical romance, you will enjoy this book.
I was waiting to read the story of Faith the last of the books of Benning, Texas, but it was slow to the point of dragging on and on. When Faith gets together with her husband she had run away from she instantly knows she is pregnant ... right! ? Even if this were possible the way it is written is to simplistic as Faith would have had some more serious feelings about the occurance. Max, being a man, can't make the ultimate sacrifice and move to the place she has come to love, but has to return home to his business which we are told his brother is capable of running inspite of the fact that throughout the story we are lead to believe he'd be happy raising horses. And, even though he assures Faith his wicked witch of a mother will not both her every again the reader would have to be naive to believe it.
Love Carolyn Davidson.
Carolyn Davidson is an excellent author. I am trying to read all of her Texas series books and found this one to be as enjoyable the all the rest. I received this item in a timely manner and have no problems with the vendor.
Carolyn Davidson out-does herself in this unique tale; this couple has been married for 6 years. Because her husband allowed work to be his driving principle, Faith Hudson McDowell left her grand life in Boston to be an ordinary rural farmer in Texas.

Her other problem with her marriage was a cantankerous mother-in-law, who berated Faith constantly (because they lived in the family manor together). When their newborn died, Mrs. McDowell blamed Faith.

Because of her hard-scrabble existence in Texas, Faith learned to be self-sufficient. When Max McDowell finds her, he is shocked by Faith’s independence and competence. Faith is not interested in returning to her trophy-wife existence in Boston.

Max spends weeks with Faith, helping her with farming tasks and trying to woo her back to Boston. He is an impressive figure of a man who is used to getting his way. However, Faith knows what she needs in the relationship and won’t budge.

This is a well-written book that could have turned syrupy but Davidson does not allow it to turn in that direction. My only complaint is how long it took for the story to get moving. I’ve enjoyed each of the books in this series but this one is the best so far. (4.5 stars)

Davidson's Texas
1. A Marriage by Chance (2002)
2. The Texan (2002)
3. Tempting a Texan (2003)
4. Texas Gold (2003)
5. Texas Lawman (2005)
Faith Hudson is a friend and neighbor to Nicholas Garvey and his wife, Lin [from Tempting A Texan].

Nicholas and sheriff Brace Caulfield have kept a watchful eye on Faith. Faith has moved from her squatter cabin to Nick's old house on the ranch that Nick obtained from Marshall Jonathan Cleary a couple of years back.

Faith has learned to do for herself and supplies eggs and produce from her garden for self support. She is no longer the pampered wife of Bostonian Max McDowell, no longer his trophy wife. Yet she knows that someday she will have to face Max again.

She is a bit stunned when he shows up with intentions of wooing her again, to return to Boston and their marriage. That he offers and actually does do work around her farm is another eye opening experience. Faith does need his help when her golden Palomino mare gives birth to beautiful golden filly for Nick.

Max is not sure that he likes the relationships between the sheriff and Nick, with his wife. Max does continue to show much restraint with Faith in trying to gain her trust and dependance again. But she is not having it. She continues to keep Max at arm's length. Until .........

Then Nick has to return to his Bank, some 50 miles away, and iron out some problems and he asks Max and Faith to stay at his victorian house with Lin and the children. Yup! danged if someone doesn't try to steal Nick's herd of cattle. Max gets wounded trying to protect Faith when she rides to his rescue.

What a tender, lively story! Oh boy, Max's mother [the trouble maker] shows up and insists that Max return home to Boston to take care of business. Faith still refuses to return to Boston.

Oh, you have to read the story to find out the results these two lonely, misguided lovers and how they deal with their problems. Poor Brace. [his story comes next]

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -- KEEP THE SET! Well worth the shelf space.