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by Van Whitfield

With a style that is simultaneously self-effacing and downright hilarious, Van Whitfield's Beeperless Remote is the cleverly told tale of one man who has been thrown into the dating pool and is struggling to get out. Meet Shawn Wayne. He's single, employed, hard-bodied, a former All-American, and looking for his ideal woman. Shawn may have an obsession with ESPN's "Sports Center," money, and going to the gym, but he's a good guy. According to his best friend, Kelly, however, he may have to "expand his universe" a little to find the right woman.Shawn's search for the woman of his dreams leads to dating misadventures ranging from nightmare blind dates and underage flings to encounters with married swingers. Held hostage by today's technology, where dating has become a complex web of answering machines and cell phones, he finds the rules have changed, and that he now has to contend with six different types of women:1s--"I just got out of a really bad relationship."2s--"I'm not interested in a relationship. I just have friends."3s--"What is it you said you do for a living?"4s--"Men are dogs."5s--"My biological clock is ticking. I need a man."6s--"I'm single, I'm available, and, yes, I'm interested."Will Shawn find his "6"? Read this hilarious Blackboard and Emerge bestseller and find out.
Download Beeperless Remote epub
ISBN: 038548934X
ISBN13: 978-0385489348
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Dramas & Plays
Author: Van Whitfield
Language: English
Publisher: Anchor (January 19, 1999)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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I enjoyed Something's Wrong with Your Scale, but I think I like this one better. I found the `clowning' funnier... LOL... "I got it bleed," ...and there was more variety with the dates... which LOL (again) Jesse Jackson, Butler, the ponytail, and that necktie... all innocent, easygoing fun... and very ROMANTIC too... reminding me so much of those silly Naked Gun and Dragnet movies the box office says many also enjoyed. It's really great when characters make light of their situation... as in this one... with a matched verve as in pointing out the weaknesses in dating 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's and so on's.

Even at this late date it was both a relief and a pleasure to read Beeperless Remote... taking me back to what it was like dating in the 90's! I just hope `the 40-pound Itch' and `Heaven's Inn' stays with the same silliness and not take readers to that frank drab place that sucks all the fun out of life!
Not as funny as I thought it would be. Not really funny at all actually. The first time I cracked a smile at anything written by the author was page 66. I was so surprised I found something funny that I noted the date, time and page number.

The main character is hard to relate to and the book becomes pretty silly when you get towards the end. As a guy, I understand the fascination with sportscenter, but everything relates back to it to the point that it is just weird. Also, every time the character does a 360 windmill dunk, someone dies. He tells a story about his life and the whole restaurant starts crying, the whole story with Michael Jordan sounded like an unfunny make believe story from a drunk at the local bar that the author expects us to believe.

In short, the book is not very funny and diverts from reality to the point that it is hard to keep turning that pages.
Opinions are like noses. Everybody has one. Many people didn't like this book, but I thought it was excellent. A sparkling entertainment that tickled the funnybone, excited the mind, and touched the heart. I think that the people who slammed this book and said it was silly and unrealistic have never been unpartnered-yet-wanting-to-be-partnered. So much fiction about people searching for love deals with a lady looking for her Dashing Caballero. How refreshing to read about partner-hunting from the GENTLEMAN'S viewpoint! One part that touched my heart was when Our Hero met a woman that he grew to ADORE, and then finds out that she thought of him as very nice social company and that's it. ("I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm just looking for a fun break") I know where THAT one's parked! Been there, done that. Am waiting for the sequel!
You know how you watch a comedy and you have to watch over again because you laughed so hard that you missed half of it? That is this book - imagine passages so funny, you have to put down the book and just LAUGH! I mean side splitting, belly holding, snorting as you try to catch your breath (while people around you are sure you have lost your mind) LAUGHTER!!!
This is the perfect book to give to your brother, son, uncle - any guy in the dating scene - and, as a female, it is a scream to read about one's self - and all your girlfriends.... here is hoping my number 6 is out there,,, gotta go, sportscenter is on!!!!
The book was great! A realistic look at dating and hoping that you've found your "6" by Shawn Wayne's terms. Everyone wants to find and be in love with that one special person. This romantic comedy put a smile on my face as well as tears in my eyes. For everyone one we meet, hopefully we gain strength and courage to move on in a positive way and stay true to one self. I say this because I am a hopeless romantic at heart.
Get A Life! Isn't it strange that nearly every negative review on this page mentions Men Cry In The Dark? It appears that Whitfield and the brother who did Cry In The Dark have a little tiff going. It's a shame because both are decent writers who have done decent work. But their books are so different, there's no use comparing them. Men Cry In The Dark is a serious book about serious situations. It has some funny moments, but all in all, it's a good book based on some pretty interesting themes. Beeperless is just flat out funny. It's hilarious! The reviewer below didn't get it. Yeah - it is okay to laugh AT the character. Shawn brings that out. He's funny, the things he has to deal with are funny and the way he handles and responds to them are absolutely funny and that's what makes this book so good. It was thoroughly entertaining and very insightful to boot. The book jacket said the book was a romantic comedy. That's what it was. It's like going to a Jim Carey movie and getting upset because he wasn't Paul Newman quoting Shakespeare! Neither Whitfield or the brother who did the other book need sympathy; their books are popular and are selling like crazy. But running one down to promote another falls on the ridiculous side. We're lucky to have these brothers writing from entirely different perspectives with distinctive and provocative styles. Men Cry In The Dark works and Beeperless Remote is all of it. Get a life a read another book. These guys probably don't have a problem with each other - why should you?