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by Richard Bachman

Download Blaze epub
ISBN: 0340952245
ISBN13: 978-0340952245
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Richard Bachman
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton; First Edition edition (2007)
Pages: 352 pages
ePUB size: 1758 kb
FB2 size: 1199 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 626
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Wasn't sure what to think of this one when I started but thought, "What the hell, it's Stephen King." I was not disappointed at all. A quick read actually and in my opinion pretty fast paced.
A story about a man, who is mentally challenged, that kidnapps a baby boy. His story has quite a bit of heart to it and sadness also. Stephen King has a gift of drawing you in the story and feeling for the characters. This one is no different. You really feel for this man and what is happening with him, and what has happened to him.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants an enjoyable read. Will say this, if you are looking for the stereotypical Stephen King horror, you won't find it here. It is just a really good story. Try it out.
Excellent conditionI honestly went into this story not expecting much because all the reviews I have watched or read seemed negative. I was however pleasantly surprised once I opened the cover to discover the candy center inside.
Clayton Blaisdell, or Blaze as his friends call him is slow.When he was a small boy his father threw him down the stairs in a succession of 3 times. causing not only a huge dent in the center of his forehead but also his simple mindedness. Eventually he was taken from the custody of his father, tried and failed in foster care and dumped in Hutton House. A home for hard to place boys, with social, mental, or anger issues. He met his first friend there Jon.
Sometimes they hired the boys out for the summer, to pick crops or be general farm hands. Some of these places were worse then the hom, some not so bad.

George grew into a very large intimidating looking man, but he was simple minded so easily led to bad situations by others. One such person is George, a small time conman , who like Blaze for his simple mindedness. He would use Blaze, as a dupe, Blaze could do all the dirty work that George didn't want to be bother with, or thought was too risky to do himself.
But. . George gets killed in a robbery gone bad, and poor Blaze is lost without him.
Blaze's mind takes an alternate route. George becomes the other part of Blaze, telling him what to do and belittling him as always. Sometimes Blaze knows George is just made up in his mind, but sometimes he isn't so sure.

Before George dies he plans a kidnapping of a 6 month old child of a local wealthy businessman. When Blaze asks what he should do now, George insist that he go ahead with the plan to take the baby.

The story alternates from current time to Blaze's childhood. You get to know Blaze, and can't help but feel empathy. Then he takes the baby ( Joe ). You worry about the safety of this innocent child, even if he is taken good care of by the gentle giant, there is always George to worry about and he is not so gentle, even if he is imaginary.
I listened to this on audio, it was 8 hours well spent. This story is truly about Blaze, his hard life, the abuse he suffered, and who and what it turned him into. I loved the story it was full of suspense, and at times was very sad.
I was pleasantly surprised by this, especially since Stephen King calls this a "trunk novel" from his very early days. It is a straightforward novel, with none of his ususl horrors or odd powers, but I enjoyed it.
If anyone can take you inside the mind of his character, it is Stephen King. This is a sad tale of an innocent who was defenseless against the world. And we all know how bad the people in this world can be. The birds, however, are beautiful.
I loved this book, and any other by Stephen King. I try to not to read other people’s reviews before I I crack open my first page. There... It’s another book that grabs you at the beginning until the last page. If your an avid Stephen King Reader you’ll enjoy this one too.
It's hard to expect much from a book when it opens with the author telling you he felt so little for his own creation he didn't even keep the original typed copy.

But "Blaze," in my opinion, is a great read. It hooks you instantly with its sympathetically slow main character and rumbles along to its inevitable finale.

Stephen King always knows best what does and does not work in his novels, and he's correct that the flashbacks in this book are its highlight. Even though they occasionally veer into near Upton Sinclair-esque melodrama, they have a clean sentimentality that I loved. They may even be a little cliche, if we're being honest, but King has always been a master of the little details of spirit and humanity. That is on strong display here.

What King does brilliantly in this novel is take someone doing something absolutely horrible and make you love him. Blaze, a smart boy who had his brain scrambled by a drunk, abusive father, who now stands a massive 6'7", is the ultimate pulling-on-your-heartstrings "big dumb guy" -- he's the original John Coffey, really. Blaze is a small-time con artist whose partner dies right before their big final score can happen, and Blaze goes about it alone (along with the help of his partner's ghost). You almost have to shake your head in sympathy as Blaze imagines he's outsmarting everyone but is clearly laying down a trail that will easily lead right back to him. The unraveling of his crime is as obvious as how he will react to what he has taken.

Blaze's sad growing affection for the baby he kidnaps is so overly melodramatic it's almost comedic, but you can't stop it from affecting you. That's fully because of King's ability to take such a scenario and make you care.

"Blaze" is a straightforward, almost sappy, story from Stephen King -- and I definitely loved every sentimental moment of it.
Written as only Stephen King, I mean Richard Bachman, can. I have never read a Stephen King story I didn't like. So if you are looking for a "critical" review, don't bother with mine.