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by Beth McDonald,Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown has won over fans and critics throughoutthe world with more than fifty New York Timesbestselling novels. Her early works were hailed byRendezvous magazine as stories with “larger than lifeheroes and heroines [who] make you believe all thewarm, wonderful, wild things in life.” Here isthe unforgettable story of a woman who returns toher small hometown in the South—and findsthat the sins of her past are right where she left them.Never. Sunny Chandler always said she’d never goback to the tiny town where she grew up. It was justthree years ago that she was at the center of a notoriousscandal—and the good folks of Latham Green,Louisiana, made it clear they’d never let her forget it.So Sunny packed up and headed for New Orleans, andnow she wouldn’t give up city life for the world. Butwhen she’s invited to her best friend’s wedding, Sunnyhas no choice but to go home. And with her returncome the whispers…the looks…the rumors she triedto escape. It doesn’t take Sunny long to see thatLatham Green has nothing new to offer. Exceptmaybe Ty Beaumont.The moment Ty and Sunny first meet at a party, he cansee she’s no ordinary woman. With her dazzling hair,and eyes the color of gold, she’s a flesh-and-bloodfantasy—and Ty vows he’ll have her in his bed beforethe week is out. Yet even when he turns on his southerncharm, Sunny makes it clear she’s not interested.Sure, a night with Ty would be wilder than BourbonStreet at Mardi Gras. But Sunny’s not in town tobecome some good ol’ boy’s latest conquest, no matterhow sexy he is. Little does she know that Tyisn’t used to taking no for an answer—and he isn’tabout to start now.Soon what began as an innocent flirtation becomesa tantalizingly slow, skillfully deliberate, andoverwhelmingly seductive pursuit that even Sunnyfinds hard to resist. But resist him she will. ForSunny is harboring an agonizing secret—the painfultruth of why she left Latham Green the way she did.What she really needs now is a friend—and that’s whenshe discovers there may be more to Ty Beaumontthan meets the eye. Despite his roguish facade, Sunnycomes to see he has a heart of gold. Still, she doesn’tknow if she can trust another person with her secretheartbreak—not even the one man who maybe able to heal it.From the Hardcover edition.
Download Sunny Chandler's Return epub
ISBN: 073930951X
ISBN13: 978-0739309513
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Beth McDonald,Sandra Brown
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (December 30, 2003)
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Rating: 4.1
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The young, sexy and popular, Sunny Chandler, left her small Louisiana town of Latham Green for the big city of New Orleans under extraordinary circumstances. She reluctantly returned three years later to be a bride’s maid in her best friend’s wedding. The small town gossip mill as expected cranked up immediately. Only Sunny knew why she ran out of her own wedding three years earlier while standing at the alter. The reason would remain an indelible secret that she alone would not and could not shed or share. Ty Beaumont, the young, handsome and very charming local sheriff who didn’t appear to have any official law enforcement duties and was a recent arrival in the small town, spent most of his time playing the role of the town stud. He immediately became fascinated by Ms Chandler. With his best friend he wagered a case of Wild Turkey whiskey that he would bed Sunny Chandler before she returned to New Orleans at the end of the week. From this point on the reader is confronted with Ty Beaumont’s irritating, adolescent wit and high school-level flirting scenes that very soon became annoying. As in Brown’s previous romance novels, she doesn’t really get into the story until the last third of the book. Then she turns it on and makes it “rumble”. From here on out I’ll stick with Brown’s mysteries with a bit of romance rather than her pure romantic writings that are stereotyped, shallow and predictable. The book is very light reading at best. Although I am a big fan of Sandra Brown’s mysteries, I can’t get past a 2 on a 5 scale for this unexciting piece of romantic trivia.
Very seldom do I not finish a book. I love this author and have read most of her books. So I was really looking forward to this one. I started it and there was nothing but smut and sex. I kept reading for a while thinking that this would stop and the story would begin. Wrong!! I put the book down and tried again a couple of days later hoping things would change. It didn't! As far as I am concerned, this book belongs in the soft porn section.
I haven't read a Sandra Brown novel in a long time, until this book became available on Amazon e-books at a reasonable price. She's one of my favorite authors. Her novels are intense with romance and mystery. Here, Sunny Chandler returns to her hometown to attend a friend's wedding even if most of the community remind her of guilt she's never forgotten. But soon, a new man shows up the first day of her one-week visit. Ty Beaumont is hot to get her attention and her body. But can she really trust him? He seems to attract all women to his bed. I like Sandra Brown's stories as they reflect the strength and endurance of women. Her books are intoxicating. Feel the passion, read her books.
During the wedding ceremony, when asked to say" I do," Sunny said "I don't" and walked out of the church. She then moved to New Orleans. She never explained why, and the town has been full of gossip and conjecture ever since. It is three years later. Sunny's best friend Fran is getting married and asked her to come home for a week to help. On Sunny's first night back she meets Ty at a pre-wedding party. Ty moved to town shortly after Sunny had moved out.

The entire book is about Ty wooing Sunny and winning her over. Secondary stories were discovering why Sunny walked out of her wedding and what bad things happened in Ty's past. It's shorter than most romance novels.

I recently read Night Angel and enjoyed the guy's "gentleness and restraint" in wooing and having sex with an abused woman. Ty in this book is as opposite as you can get. He is oblivious to the words "no" and "go away." I've read about a lot of guys who give orders in the bedroom, but I don't recall reading about someone as "forceful in flirting" as Ty outside the bedroom. For example: When he first meets Sunny, he walks up to her, chats for a minute and then says George "bet a new fly-casting rod against a case of Wild Turkey that I couldn't get you into bed with me by the end of next week." He then puts his arms around her and starts dancing with her, even though she said she didn't want to dance. She's almost in shock from his words and actions. Although she keeps saying no, Ty keeps showing up. He touches her and kisses her against her will, but each time she melts. I couldn't stop thinking about or comparing this to date rape, but Ty's actions were somehow positive, not negative. It didn't hurt that he was gorgeous and women swooned over him. And he never raped her. He forcibly kissed her and touched her, and she was welcoming in her responses, and then he would say goodbye - and then she was mad at herself because she didn't wanted him to stop. I think it worked because Ty wanted her to be happy and wanted things to be good for her. I wouldn't want a guy to read this book and get ideas thinking this is the way to treat women, but for a woman to read it, it's ok. It's a definite change of pace, and it was fun. It's light reading, no suspense or bad guys here - other than picking the right mate.

Story length: 227 pages. Swearing language: mild. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 2. Total number of sex scene pages: 7. Setting: current day Latham Green, Louisiana. Copyright: 1987. Genre: contemporary romance.
I enjoyed this story. It wasn't suspenseful, it wasn't mysterious. But it WAS a feel good book about two people falling in love (and lust) as only Sandra Brown could tell it. I truly believe she allows her characters to write themselves, as each is as individual as petals on a daisy. Thank you Sandra, for yet another book that I enjoyed immensely.
I couldn't believe what a chauvinistic jerk Ty was, and I kept waiting for Sunny to kick him in his nether parts as he so rightly deserved . After saying that, I began to understand why he acted the way he did. Plus, oddly, Sunny kept responding to him. Do keep reading because it all comes together into a very satisfying and enjoyable romance .
This is probably the worst book Sandra Brown has written! It is meaningless, thoughtless, banal, stupid, plotless & even the sexuality
is redundant. I would not recommend this book to anyone.
Horrible. Thank goodness I just skimmed through it. It should be listed in the porn section. Barely a story line and just a bunch of stupid dialog in between the panting. Sandra Brown at least usually tells a decent story but this one was just awful.