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ISBN: 0670870161
ISBN13: 978-0670870165
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Alex GARLAND
Language: English
Publisher: Viking; 1st edition (1998)
Pages: 240 pages
ePUB size: 1670 kb
FB2 size: 1399 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 939
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I have never read THE BEACH so I'll review this on its own merits. Cleverly written (although 'cleverness' is often mistaken for skill) this novel weaves together the lives of disparate characters and predictably it all comes together in the climax. It is perhaps a little too pretentious--passages about cosmology and the probabilities of chance are inserted by the author just in case we don't get the theme. A generous three stars.
There's no question that Garland can put pen to paper and seduce a reader into several hundred pages of story. Likewise, he does an excellent job at revealing detail and plot at a rapid pace keeping his audience hooked. His talent as a writer is what kept my attention throughout the story. The plot covers several hours of events that involve a number of characters. Unfortunately, in my opinion, he spends only a small portion of the pages on the plot, and the majority on character development and background information. Just when he delves deeper and deeper into a characters history, so much so that one's dedication to finishing the book comes into question, we're dumped back into the action of the plot. Despite the shallow plot and superfluous details provided for each character, The Tesseract is worth the read to enjoy Garland's writing.
Alien landscapes that seem all too familiar, person devastation, and random violent acts. Those are the stock-in-trade ingredients of Alex Garland in this novel and in his accomplished screenplay for 28 Days Later. His characters roam through these stark scenes, just able to survive amid the most inhuman acts of destruction. Whether it's science fiction or the grimy back streets of poverty stricken cities, the pull of his stories is magnetic and inevitable. Garland hanles his innocents of the world and his hardened villains with equal aplomb. The reader is taken, the viewer is fascinated, and all in a deft, sophisticated style. Garland is grim, but beneath the gritty survival story lies a potent and hopeful humanity. Better that The Beach, a complex and intertwined story awaits you in The Tesseract.
Think Quentin Tarantino movies. Now picture that in written form. Garland takes three individual stories and allows them to run their natural course, eventually overlapping with one another through brilliant twists pulled off by the author Alex Garland. If you have read his first novel, The Beach (much better than the movie) then you are already familiar with his writing expertise. He grabs your attention from the very first page, and doesn't let go until the last sentence of the novel. I would also suggest looking into the meaning of "Tesseract" which is quite an interesting concept in itself. Somehow Garland manages to take seemingly unrelated stories and intertwine them with ease. A must read!
Phallozs Dwarfs
Alex Garland's writing is still strong, and that is what kept me reading. This is a suite of four story threads which intersect, but not in a very tesseract way. I felt he didn't get the real idea of a tesseract, or else used it cheaply. This was a fine book, but not as exciting as The Beach. However, readable and well-written. As with The Beach, ignore flyleaf accolades, as they are sickening and overdone.
The Tesseract offers a rich and diverse assortment of characters that collide in a novel that is original and intense. The setting in Manila provides the location whereby fate brings them together in the climax of the story, yet Alex Garland expertly weaves their past and futures intricately throughout the novel to grip the reader in a book not easy to put down. I anticipate more unique work from Garland.
Spot-on characterization of Manila! Just wish this was a bigger, longer novel!
I read this book a while ago. Loved it so much I bought it and sent it to my friend.