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by Carolyn Parkhurst

Download Lorelei's Secret epub
ISBN: 0340827920
ISBN13: 978-0340827925
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Carolyn Parkhurst
Language: English
Publisher: Sceptre; First edition (2003)
Pages: 288 pages
ePUB size: 1907 kb
FB2 size: 1243 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 304
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Carolyn Parkhurst is an astonishing writer. She handles complexity with ease and sorrow with grace. This is the British version of Dogs of Babel, so don't get it thinking you're getting another book. But Oh, what a read! You will be haunted by this one for years.
And looking at dogs wth a new eye. And searching for those masks.

Parkhurst creates amazingly complex realities and envelops you in them.
I love this book! I'm on my second copy now. It's got love and mystery, art and books, and a secret society, as well as humor and grief. I highly recommend it!
When I first heard of this novel, I couldn't imagine being able to suspend my disbelief to the extent that I could tolerate the far-fetched concept: a grief-stricken widower decides to teach his dog, the only witness to his wife's death, to talk. But to my pleasant surprise, this was nothing like the outlandish tale I was dreading. Rather, in author Parkhurst's skillful hands, the decision of the main character, Paul--who happens to be a linguist--to teach his dog, Lorelei, to talk, seems not only plausible but completely understandable. Parkhurst shines in her ability to describe the pain and confusion that results from the sudden loss of a loved one as well as the one survivor's seemingly irrational efforts to make sense of a death that appears to be senseless.

In searching for answers to his wife Lexy's death, Paul reconstructs their relationship, bringing the reader along with him to their first date (which lasted a week), their marriage, and their life together; this reminiscence, not Paul's work with Lorelei, forms the bulk of the story. Slowly, a more complete picture of Lexy begins to emerge, yet the exact reasons for her death do not become clear until the very end of the novel. I found myself to be genuinely surprised by the details which Paul uncovers, and although I have never experienced a similar loss myself, I empathized with Paul more and more as the book wore on. Twice in the final pages I found myself sobbing: when Paul finally figures out Lexy's last clue, and when he describes their relationship in the very last paragraph.

Like life itself, this novel is both sad and beautiful, and I highly recommend it.

Note: This book is also published under the title The Dogs of Babel.
It was so good but I cannot understand how the author didn't see what was happening in the relationship although she wrote it that way. Mostly I thought the husband was an unreliable witness he being the narrator wanting to believe he loved his wife though in fact he was reducing her light by his annal and pedantic treatment of her. To conclude that his wife had the problem was a reason why their marriage ended so tragically.
Even at the end he was coming to terms with forgiving his wife yet not once did he consider forgiving himself or even recognise his need to do so... Although a very gripping read it left more unanswered questions than answered ones and because of this the book did not resolve itself.