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by Grace Livingston Hill

When Miriam Winthrop becomes convinced that her husband is having an affair with another woman, she embarks on a campaign to become fashionable in order to win back his love
Download According to the Pattern (Curley Large Print Books) epub
ISBN: 1555040594
ISBN13: 978-1555040598
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Language: English
Publisher: John Curley & Assoc (February 1, 1986)
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 954
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Before anything else is said, it needs to be noted that Grace Livingston Hill books are not for everyone. For one thing, most of them were written in the first half of the 1900's, making some of them a hundred years old, or nearly so. Secondly, they are Christian books and most of them have a very definite tie to Christianity in the plot. Grace was very firm in her views of what people should or shouldn't do and wear. She was against makeup, short skirts, and dancing, although she eased up a little in her later books. Still, once you make allowances for these things, Grace wrote very readable, entertaining books, often with likeable (and some very unlikeable) characters. This book, for instance, is about a woman who is taking her child for a walk in the park and accidentally sees her husband riding in a carriage with another woman. The look on his face as he watches his companion leaves no doubt as to why he is with her, though the relationship has not progressed beyond some hand holding and a kiss or two. Stricken to the heart, the young wife sets out to reclaim her husband's heart. It's well written, though somewhat dated, and has an interesting, and satisfying ending.
Though the late 19th century era might make this story seem remote, the descriptions of the protagonists' interior trials make it accessible. The pain of betrayal in a troubled marriage is timeless. While the author's refined Victorian style may not appeal to everyone, I like it. It doesn't strike a sentimental chord with me because it is honest about the universal human condition. I highly recommended this book.
Grace Livingston Hill fans will love this story, and people who haven't read her work before will find it to be an enjoyable read. It is a story of a marriage that appears to be happy, until the wife sees her husband paying court to another woman. The wife sets out to win her husband back and keep her family intact. The setting is not modern times but still the situation is timeless and easy to connect with. All in all it is a good story to read and I think you will find it to be a good book to read.
This is on the top of my Grace Livingston Hill's booklist. I like the well written storyline. So often the trouble encountered in life comes slowly slipping in by our own life choices. Before we know it, we have ourselves in deep, dark waters. This story is about a young couple struggling to survive the darkness. You'll have to read and see for yourself.
I enjoy historical fiction and I am also a seamstress and Christian so the subject matter interested me. I also had a first husband who was unfaithful so it was good to see how the main character handled her predicament. It was way different than in our time period but SO much easier to relate to.

The characters were well developed and believable and I enjoyed reading this story before bed ...

I recommend this story highly.
I am enjoying reading the Grace Livingston Hill Books again. My daughter and I read her books when she was young.
We were thrilled when we found the books on Amazon for our Kindles. Her daughter is now reading them.
I am now reading "According to the Pattern" and enjoying it thoroughly. In today's World
it is so refreshing to read a book with old fashioned values and is so well written. Thank you so much for
providing so many wonderful books. I just love my Kindle.
This was a surprisingly good book. It was recommended to me by Kindle, otherwise I would have never come across it. I had never heard of it or of the author, Grace Livingston Hill.

She is a Christian writer, and this is a sweet and tender love story of a husband and wife who find their marriage almost ruined, and then find it saved again through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Very good reading.
This story is not the usual "beautiful ingenue meets handsome hero and romance ensues" you might expect from Grace Livingston Hill. Here we have a married couple with children, but the wife sees her husband out with another woman. We feel her heartbreak, pain, and confusion as she desparately fights for her marriage. Then we see the husband's regret, shame, and repentance as he realizes his foolishness as they both find Christ and subsequently each other. This was a disturbing story to read during the painful parts, but the end is satisfying and full of Christ's wisdom and truth. This was hard to read but very good.