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by Lynne Graham

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ISBN: 0263172929
ISBN13: 978-0263172928
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Lynne Graham
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Pr (June 1, 2002)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 182
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The first chapter sucked me right into the story, then the intensity leveled off. This wasn't a bad book, nor was it the best book that I have ever read. It was a average book, a way to pass the time away.
Holly got pregnant the first time she had sex. she was never really interested in men or boys, until a charmer came along, and charmed her socks right off. After she gave birth to her son Timmy, she tracked down the father to tell him he was a dad. He threatened her, and also punched her in the face. He told her never to tell anyone he was the father. In order to get assistance, she has to put down the father of the child. She just couldn't do it. Holly was homeless, walking the streets. She was so tired, and hungry, she walked out in front of Rio's Limousine. He took her to the hospital, and made sure her son was taking care of. When she got out of the hospital, he took her to his house. It wasn't really house, more like a mansion.
I felt the two moved too fast getting married. This is a plot that has been over used. The author didn't do a bad job with it. The chemistry was there between Holly, and Rio. I think Rio feel hard the first time he saw Holly, and Timmy. it ended up being a sweet book. I felt something was missing from this story, but I can't put my finger on it.
I read this when it was initially published, as I’m a HUGE fan of Ms. Graham’s work. I loved the irresistible romance between Rio and Holly! I remembered bits and pieces, and decided to purchase it and reread again, and it’s as good as I remembered!
Ok so to say this book is a little strange is a gross understatement. I like the Cinderella storyline as much as the next girl but come on!! I like reality with a little less reality. Rio the super rich drop dead gorgeous alpha Italian male who's supposed to be so smart along with handsome is a blind ass! He's engaged to be married to a super model and walks in on her and her female lover. How did he miss that, and he also missed the fact that she was an alcoholic and an addict. So, he's so upset that he runs into Holly the homeless and her kid and marries her two days later. Yeah, it was just too much for me to take along with all of the stupid thoughts running through Homeless Holly's head. It was not as bad as Ms Graham's last book but I did not like Rio. In my head I kept seeing him as fat and annoying. I didn't care much for Homeless Holly either.
Great book
From the Back Cover:
Will he take a stranger to be his wedded wife?

Abandoned her boyfriend and family after the birth of her son, Holly Sansom collapses in the street. Rio Lombardi, M.D. of Lombardi Industries, comes to her rescue.

Rio insists that Holly stay at his luxurious home, and proceeds to lavish her and her baby with all that money can buy. But Rio's emotions are caught off guard by Holly's natural charm and indifference to his wealth. In fact, Holly would make a perfect wife...

Holly was homeless after being abandoned by her family because of her refusal to give up her son for adoption. When she went to find the father for assistance he threatened and assaulted her leaving them with no place to go. While wondering the streets (after getting her purse stolen and leaving her temporary housing due to the landlord) in the early morning she is almost hit by Rio's Limo. Rio (a billionaire and philanthropist) is so concerned for her that he ensures that she and her child are given proper medical attention and insist that they stay at his home. He also insists on marrying her even though they have only known each other a few days.

Rio only broke up with his fiancée an hour before meeting Holly, which has her questioning his state of mind and reason for their marriage. Of course there is interference from others, his ex, her ex and the skeptical mother (can't say I blame mom for being concerned about her son's actions). Leaving a party with your ex and not informing your wife first certainly wasn't a smart thing to do, but he gets what he deserves for it.

This was a very good book, yes marrying someone just days after you meet them is a bit odd, but not that much different from other HP books. It took me a while to commit to purchasing this book because I didn't want to waste my time or money, but I'm very happy I finally did buy it. The book got me from the surprising, unexpected events in the beginning and kept me reading, which is truly what a book is supposed to do.
Rio's limo nearly runs Holly over and in the act to save her baby son, she pushes the buggy away and loses her balance. She blacksout for a few seconds but then remains her consciousness. Rio brings her to the hospital where she's looked over. Holly feels secure because after the abandonment act her parents and boyfriend did to her, here's a guy taking care of her.
In what Holly thought as an attempt to save her son from Social Services, Rio says they're engaged. When she finds out that he actually does plan to marry her, she's shocked. After all, they haven't known each other for more than a few days. She's not sure about her decision because she loves him but he says he can come to be fond of her. And what about that rumor? The one that said he was engaged to a supermodel up til an hour before he met Holly. Who dumped who?
I can never be disappointed at Graham's work. I love her heroines because they take action in how their future is going to happen. When the heroines do something, they do it with a bang> Her heros are good too because they're cutely obtuse and arrogant, enough to be the perfect match with the heroine.