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by Anne Rice

353 pages of excellent text. First Edition.
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ISBN: 0676971148
ISBN13: 978-0676971149
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Anne Rice
Language: English
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf. New York. (1998)
Pages: 353 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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I felt as though I'd been taken back to ancient Rome. What I love about Rice is that I experience her books three dimensionally (all my senses are activated) even as she immerses me in vivid history and complex characters. The fist chapter was a little slow and if you've not read the Tale of the Body Thief then you might find the first chapter a little boring. From chapter two, however, you're transported straight to an opulent ancient Rome with RIce's seductive prose to guide you through her gardens, temples, and the busy streets of the Forum itself. Fantastic read!
New tales of the Vampires: includes Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire by Anne Rice is a great pair of books for anyone who wants a vivid painting of the scene or anyone who loves vampire novels. The descriptions are so vivid that the reader can lose themselves in another world and even empathize with the characters. Contrary to what might be perceived, not all of the key characters are vampires. Rather, the stories are written from the perspective of a human life prior to and shortly after the transformation. This leads back to the extremely vivid worlds as the idea of vampires is that they are ancient beings. So, if you are interested in losing yourself in an ancient world filled with mystery and intrigue, these are the books for you.

Though it is hard to place a solid rating criteria on a novel, I use these options as my comparison:
• Novels that I loved and hated (I have read half of the books from this author and almost all of this particular series, I have read many books involving vampires, and I have read many that are great or horrible at picturing the surroundings).
• The author’s credibility as a writer (she is fairly well known).
• Public opinion of the series (two of the books in the series have been made into movies)
• Value (you are receiving two novels for the price of one).

I bought the combination to take this series further on a trial run. I loved Interview with a Vampire, and Queen of the Damned both of which are part of a series written by Anne Rice called “The Vampire Chronicles”. There are many books in the series and they do not have to be read in a specific order. Anne Rice designed the books to rely mostly on their own, though there may be a few references that are not caught by the reader do to previous unread stories.

Being that this is two books, I’d prefer to give a review of each individually as they both stand on their own, and they stand well though I did have my preference. Pandora takes the perspective of a female vampire; this is rarely the case in vampire novels that I have read and I was pleasantly surprised. She lives in ancient Rome during the end of a war and beginning of political upheaval. During the story many of the cultural ideals that pertain are explained, briefly, to help the reader understand why things are happening. I will not spoil it with further detail, this is a must read novel and one of my all-time favorites.

Vittorio the Vampire is written during the time of the Medici rule in Italy, a time where tradition and innovation where at extreme odds as well as the conflict of religion and the pursuit of knowledge. Vittorio is a human for most of the novel which adds anticipation given the title. The scenery is painted with the brush of eloquence taking the reader on a tour of Italy. There are a few chapters in the novel that feel drawn out with description, however this does not detract from the overall journey.

All readers have their preference of style and structure when it comes to a book. And not all books are for everyone. However, if you enjoy vampire novels or novels that bring the pages to reality, these are two books worthy of your valuable time. As I closed on the final pages, I caught myself wishing the story would go on.
The story itself is great, my personal favorite of the Anne rice vampire tales, but the ebook needs a lot of editing. I’m only halfway through and have found almost a dozen errors, the wrong words transcribed. In the paperback, these words are correct but comparing the same page of the ebook, it’s different. Really distracting and not worth the $8 price tag for such poor work imo.
I'm not generally a fan of vampires, but I started reading Anne Rice years ago and really enjoy the universe of characters and events that she created. Her stories would work (with some adjustment) even if her characters were not vampires--they're basically just human beings with some extra powers and some degree of immortality, which allows Rice to put them in historical situations.

Pandora goes back to Roman times (Anne Rice is great with history--really does her research) then goes into the 20th century.
I'm the biggest Anne Rice Fan in general. Every summer for over a decade I make a point to re-read most of her books. I'm a big Marius fan so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this book. After years of wearing out my paperback and rebuying them I finally started picking up the eBooks. This review is a result of that!

This book is basically a journal written to David Talbot about Pandora's human life, her life was a free un-married woman in Antioch, her vampire origin, and the complicated relationship she had with Marius. I know many other fans wouldn't put this book at the top of their list but this one is special as it is the only one of her vampire novels in the voice of a woman. Also, how can you not love the ancient world? I get my vampires and historical fiction in one swoop!
The story of Pandora fills in more of the holes in Rice's vampire series. Pandora has been mentioned previously in more than one novel, and is a significant minor player in Blood and Gold, the story of Marius. In Pandora we hear about her childhood growing up in a rich Roman family. Marius who is not yet a vampire, is the younger son of another family. She meets Marius in Rome at age 10, and at age 15 her father refuses Marius' request for her in marriage. For some unknown reason, when Pandora is age 35, one of her brothers causes the other members of her family to be assassinated in a political plot. Pandora flees with Jewish merchants to Antioch where she meets Marius again. By now Marius is a vampire and keeper of the ancient mother of vampires. Much of her story describes her trials getting settled in Antioch, another conflict with her traitor brother, her conversion to a vampire by Marius, and the first attack by Satanic vampires. Little is told about the subsequent 1800 years before she ends up in a Paris café where she writes the story. I found it to be an entertaining afternoon read. I enjoyed Rice's obvious research into Roman life, but I was disappointed in not learning more about her life during the centuries while Marius searched for her. For example, we learn nothing of the Indian vampire with whom she apparently spends centuries traveling around the capitols of Europe during the Middle Ages. Maybe Rice is saving that for another volume.