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by Isaac Asimov

Download Naked Sun epub
ISBN: 0449226484
ISBN13: 978-0449226483
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Isaac Asimov
Language: English
Publisher: Fawcett (July 12, 1975)
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Rating: 4.9
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Asimov's novels consist of a handful of dialogues between a limited number of characters. More than science fiction, the robot series, are more drama and mystery, taking place in a futuristic or alternate universe. The genius of Asimov, is how ingrained this made up universe is in the development of his dramas and mysteries. So much so, that the reader also gets "sucked" in this make believe reality.

It seems Asimov first created this futuristic alternate universe, then he lets his characters and their situations, interactions or dramas develop influenced by all the constraints, or advantages of that alternate universe. His dialogues describe "normal" daily live occurrences, however with the odd and occasional sprinkle of the peculiar due to the alternate universe where said dialogue is taking place.
I've gone back and forth between my favorite sci fi writers, but I think Asimov gives the best blend of diction, imagery, well thought out concepts, and mystery. I have read several of his books, including the Foundation trilogy and the Gods Themselves. I have decided to read the whole Asimov universe chronologically, and started with I, Robot, and then went to Caves of Steel. This is my favorite of the robot novels so far. Life on Planet Solaria brings up some very interesting concepts that I have often thought about, and I could see how even our modern society could progress to that point given the recent advancement in what you can have delivered to your home. Highly recommend this book and the rest of the robot series. If you have not read Caves of Steel, you should read it before reading this book, it is a direct sequel with the same characters.
I think this is my favorite of Asimov's three classic "Robot" novels. It's a well-made mystery, and once again involves a cast of interesting characters in a very unusual culture. Elijah Baley is promoted and sent (against his will) away from Earth as a special favor to the powerful Aurorans. His mission: solve a seemingly-insoluble murder on another planet, Solaria, for which the only suspect is a beautiful young woman named Gladia Delmarre--who swears she didn't do it. Baley is teamed up once again with the inimitable R. Daneel Olivaw. Together--and occasionally at odds with each other--they unravel the mystery in a way that only someone willing to "think outside the box" could do. Meanwhile, Baley continues to expand his horizons and push himself to new lengths against conditioning he's accepted all his life. Some of the extremely dated assumptions underlying the entire world made the whole work even more interesting to me.
Great writers can state something without being overt. This is about someone who lives inside the earth's surface . Nobody dwells on the surface anymore. So when describing the insecurity they have about living on the surface of a planet, Asimov uses the following paragraph .

"He thought of the Earth suddenly as a ball of stone with a film of moisture and gas, exposed to emptiness on every side, with its Cities barely dug into the outer rim, clinging precariously between rock and air. His skin crawled!"

Barely clinging to the rim! That description hooked me.
The subtlety of plot connections from book one to two is tantalizing. The narrative perspective is engrossing. The psychological profiles of entire people's unfold and reflect your own thoughts. The concepts and projections of human behavior and robot behavior tell us about who we are today. You will be thinking about the robots in your life and how they think of you. Many thanks to the maestro.
Sermak Light
I read this book when I was a younger man because it was a sequel to the Caves of Steel. I did not remember that at that time I found it a little boring. Now, as I have paid a pretty good price for the ebook, I still find it boring and a little unrealistic. Maybe that's because I was a real police detective with 30 years service, and found the deductive reasoning behind the murder to be wordy and whimsey.
The books in this series are among my all time favorite mystery/scifi books. The plots are excellent; the twists surprising; the characters are well developed and very likeable. The three (plus the addendum novel, Robots and Empire) are very well worth the time and money to read them. I liked them well enough that I bought again them in Kindle format after owning the paperbacks.
Another great book in the Robot series. I've read all of this series and some of his Foundation series. Asimov is a true visionary. It will amaze you how much he predicted our modern society and will make you ponder how accurate he may be about our near and distant futures.