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by John Connolly

Download Bad Men - Signed Stock epub
ISBN: 0340837624
ISBN13: 978-0340837627
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: John Connolly
Language: English
Publisher: Coronet Books (March 15, 2004)
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 595
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Apparently, I have a twisted sense of what constitutes a "comfort read," because after several unfortunate encounters with third-rate alleged thrillers, I returned to John Connolly's stand-alone novel to restore my faith in good writing. It's the third time I've read this tale, and for me, it gets better with each journey among brutal, vicious, cold-hearted killers, a collection of crazies, a woman with a six-year-old continually living off the grid or fleeing the horrors nipping at her heels, and the supernatural elements, who often seem tame compared with the folks who are alive. Lots of thriller/horror tropes here, but Connolly can spin the familiar into the bizarre with ease, and he doesn't hit the reader over the head with clues. You have to tease them out, bit by bit, which for those with short attention spans or a desire for instant gratification, this literary conceit can be quite maddening.

I've been a fan of Connolly's prose since the first Charlie Parker book, and his uncanny ability to flesh out even the most loathsome, despicable humans--and their supernatural counterparts--means readers can't possibly have lukewarm sentiments toward any of this cast of misfits, living and dead. In lesser hands, the familiar plot of an abused woman fleeing a Bad Man is a cliche; but not here. The only other author who can do this plot with success is Stephen King's RRose Madder.

So now I feel better, and perhaps might test uncharted waters again. If they are simply too awful, I can always read the Charlie Parker series over again.
Not my usual Genre, but I know John Connolly has many fans and a strong track record for writing unique, strong thrillers. I enjoyed the little tidbits of history intermingled with the present and the idea for the story itself interested me from the beginning. The characters were, for the most part, well-developed, but I struggled to feel any real attachment to them. I was curious enough and the suspense was good enough that I finished it in one sitting, but the ending was fairly predictable and disappointing. Fans of this genre might enjoy this more than I did - certainly worth a Kindle download for a rainy night...
Connolly has done it again with fine characterizations of difficult people, with a fair amount of supernatural activity included for spice. He understands the complexity and contradictory nature of human beings so well, and makes the weak among us (yours truly) sneak a peek ahead to see what happens to people one cares about. Connolly never fails to make me care.
Abandoned Electrical
Starting out, this book was slightly confusing. Then before you know it, your launched into the realm of deception. Each character slowly intertwined in the plot; carefully introduced. You bounce between characters, faster than you can read, slower than you can comprehend. You're wishing the end would come quickly so you can understand; too bad. Your at your own mercy of your reading speed.
I am glad I'm done with this book. It kept me riveted, anticipating the next page; guessing what can happen next. You too will enjoy this book as well as I did. REALLY!!!!! (Insert maniacal laugh)
Not his best but it is entertaining anyway. Not a Charlie Parker book, with more than a whiff of Stephen King in dealing with the place and the ultimate outcome, which is somewhat awkward.. Does evil stay in the places where extreme violence was unleashed? Is there a counterpart that keeps tabs and strives for balance? Try to borrow it because it`s not worth buying
"Bad Men" is a departure for the vastly talented John Connolly. Charlie "Bird" Parker, the ex-NYPD private investigator of Connolly's previous three novels (Every Dead Thing, The Killing Kind, The White Road) is "mostly" missing. (Parker, in an unusual twist for a novel, does indeed make a cameo appearance in "Bad Men".) But this is a departure of other sorts. Missing also in "Men" is the depth of Connolly's typically haunting prose - the lyrical quality of his previous works that made him so unique in the crowded field of popular crime fiction. But that in no way implies that "Bad Men" is a pedestrian effort. To the contrary, this is gripping fiction - a self-described thriller that is also a mystery - while at the same time a tale of the supernatural that rivals the master, Stephen King.
The story takes place on the isolated Sanctuary Island off the coast of Portland, Maine - familiar territory for the Charlie Parker (or King) fan. Against the backdrop of a brutal massacre of the island's original settlers three centuries before, Connolly paints a fascinating story of King-like contrast: the boredom of rural Maine meets unspeakable evils, ancient and contemporary. While the characters may fall a bit sort of Connolly's vivid portraits in the "Parker" series, they are nonetheless interesting: the island's chief of police, Joe Dupree, is literally a giant, and an entire entourage of "bad men" (one bad woman) that make Peckinpah's "Wild Bunch" look like a Sunday School class. At the center of the storm are convicted felon Edward Moloch, whose Biblically inspired name foreshadows, and his estranged wife, hiding out on Sanctuary Island under the assumed name of Marianne Elliott. Five years prior, Marianne, in protecting herself and her infant son, had betrayed Moloch to the police, taken money that he had stolen, and fled under a false identity. After a particularly brutal escape from prison, Moloch assembles his team of despots and seeks out to find Marianne and reap his vengeance. As Moloch's gang tracks down the unsuspecting Elliott, they inevitably encounter "Melancholy" Joe Dupree. But as Moloch's boys find mistrust and jealously within the team a more formidable obstacle, the malevolent force lurking within the island emerges as the true deterrent.
While perhaps lacking the passion and force of Connolly's previous words, "Bad Men" is a wholly enjoyable and engrossing work of fiction, sure to hold the reader's attention. Thriller, mystery, horror - take your pick - Connolly does it all in this one with highly satisfying results.
I am up to date on all of his Charlie Parker books & decided to try this independent novel. Mistake. I really love this author but this book was not up to his usual standards. Way too much supernatural for my taste.