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by Hilary Mantel

By the Booker Prize-Winning Author of WOLF HALLEvelyn Axon is a medium by trade; her daughter, Muriel, is a half-wit by nature. Barricaded in their crumbling house, surrounded by the festering rubbish of years, they defy the curiosity of their neighbors and their social worker, Isabel Field. Isabel is young and inexperienced and has troubles of her own: an elderly father who wanders the streets, and a lover, Colin, who wants her to run away with him. But Colin has three horrible children and a shrill wife who is pregnant again--how is he going to run anywhere? As Isabel wrestles with her own problems, a horrible secret grows in the darkness of the Axon household. When at last it comes to light, the result is by turns hilarious and terrifying.
Download Every Day is Mother's Day epub
ISBN: 070112895X
ISBN13: 978-0701128951
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Hilary Mantel
Language: English
Publisher: Chatto & Windus (January 1, 1900)
Pages: 230 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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Has she written a "bad" book? Not that I've read. This is not my normal cup of tea, but it's hard to say no to Mantel. The writing style, characterizations, plot - Al put her work on a higher plane.

True, this was a thoroughly depressing story. But it's intended. Don't read it if you're looking for some light uplifting fare.

I don't like to discuss plot in my reviews. I detest spoilers of any stripe and try not to give anything away. No, I'm not following that with a 'but'. I try to expose writing, originality, feeling. There are lots of great stories told by poor or mediocre writers. I don't have time for those. If rather read a decent story told by someone with a talent for telling them than the best plot ever told by a hack.

This is the former - with a few twists. If you're a fan already of her work, pick it up. If you've never read her work, it could serve as an introduction, but rest assured, her later works are far better in terms of story. A nice way to spend a few hours.
Hilary Mantel is an exceptional writer and this book almost defies description. It is the story of Evelyn Axon who is a spiritualist who will bring back the spirits of the dead to speak to the living. Unfortunately, these spirits don't want to leave her house once they have been called and thus the house is virtually full of sly manipulative evil ghosts. Yet, it is Mantel's great strength that we are never sure if there are ghosts in the house or whether Evelyn Axon has completely lost her mind. Her half-witted daughter, Muriel, lives in the house also and requires the supervision of a social work agency. Muriel becomes pregnant while in a day school for the mentally retarded and once again we are unsure if the staff or other students may have gotten her pregnant or whether the evil spirits lingering in the upstairs bedrooms may have impregnated her. Muriel's social worker is a plain woman with limited expectations, Isabel Field, who is having an affair with a middle-aged loser of a fellow, Colin Sidney. The story gets very complicated from this point onward but the strength of the book is not how pathetic many of the characters are but rather the outstanding language and black humor that Mantel uses to paint these characters in these awkward situations. Her view of mankind as expressed in the book is bleakly realistic about the limitations and foolishness of the human experience. As I read about these pitiful characters struggling for a tiny bit of joy in their limited lives, I found myself laughing out loud rather than crying due to Mantel's exceptional literary skills. Is this existentialism disguised as a black humor horror story? Probably so. However it is Mantel's gift that you don't see her fingerprints as she hides the philosophical under the humor and horror.
Little Devil
The book turned from suspenseful to farcical- a terrific and quirky read from an author who knows what she is doing on a profound level.
Best West
I was totally lost and uninterested in this book. It seems to be a narration of two mentally challenged people, and not interesting or funny at that. I wouldn't bother with this one, unless you just have to read a Mantel book.
A very creepy story with interesting characters. I plan to read the sequel soon.
I had no clue what to expect from this book based upon the title. I had a love/hate relationship with this one due in part to the strangeness of the story. I am certainly glad that I do not have anyone from this cast of characters living near me!

The book is well written - held my interest and thus received 4 stars. I hesitated giving it the fifth star because I felt the ending just left me hanging! Too many unanswered questions here. I will not spoil your read by listing all the cliffhangers but beware - there are many!

A puzzling read with three different story lines going at once but it is interesting to see them all converge at the end. Try this one and see what you think!
Nobody is spared here. I loved the characters. It's not exactly uplifting, but it is comical if you appreciate black humor.
Les Petites Meurtres d'Agatha Christie, Set 1, a French TV series still in production, adapts the very English original stories and gives them a decidedly charming French twist. While the original basic story lines are recognizable, the talented writers, creative team and actors have adapted the old, familiar stories and substitute fresh, entertaining and essentially French charactets, plot elements and sensibilities. Anyone expecting the Gallic version of Joan Hickson and David Suchet will be (and deserve to be) disappointed. These stories are as enjoyable glass of excellent champagne. The scripts and performances are charming, funny, touching, a bit irreverent and a touch world-weary and cynical. The production values and look of the pieces, impeccable. What else would you expect from the French?