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by Andrew Huebner

Download American By Blood epub
ISBN: 0552999164
ISBN13: 978-0552999168
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Andrew Huebner
Language: English
Publisher: Black Swan; New Ed edition (2001)
Pages: 264 pages
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 777
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Huebner wrote this story in very vivid detail but at times it is very difficult to tell what is dialog and what is narration. Some of the scenes in this book are very graphic and bloody. So much so at some points, it seemed excessive. Huebner managed to avoid falling into cliches but did get repetetive in describing similar characters, scenes and events.
Overall I really enjoyed this book but I wish it would have been a little easier to follow. Not quite a page turner but good nonetheless.
Yellow Judge
This was a great read. No wimpy goody goody stuff here, just gut wrenching realism and a look at a piece of American history without the political correct sugar coating. Don't miss this one.
A richly described novel. You may be taken aback by the graphic descriptions of battle and the consequences of war on those who fight, but we need to acknowledge this reality. The three main characters are especially well-drawn. I cared for them deeply; they became my friends, and I rooted for them to survive their plight and come out of the war whole, intact.
What a chore to read this first novel by Huebner! War at its worst is sometimes difficult to read about and trying to imagine the horrific details if you have never been exposed to blood and death is sometimes impossible. Knowing that our younger generations have had to fight in a war sometime, some place since 1776 doesn't make us non-veterans any more undrstanding. The author tries tomake you live the fighters' emotions by shocking you with more gory detail than you can assimilate thru his style of writing. If you have read the book once, you have read it twice because you have to keep reading the page over once or twice to see who "he" is and whether it happened to Huebner(Gus), Bradley(James) or Gentle (William). These men are real people set in the novel about the slaughter of the Native American tribes ordered by our government to clear the land of these "savages" so the white people could settle down in peace on the grounds soaked with the blood of both races. Mr. Huebner writes in an unusual way; with no quotation marks and a minimum of other punctuations, you become confused as to who said or did what. I forced my way thru to the final chapters where the author spent more time "bringing you down" from an emotional high by describing the beauty of the countryside. In this country's most costly mistake, the leaders refused to believe that "red" and white could co-exist. Beautiful cultures were destroyed by men with a vengence, especially after Custer's stupidity at the LittleBighorn. If any one peoples should be finacially awarded for their mistreatment, it should be the American Tribes whose land we sit on today. When you read this novel you will wonder "why didn't the soldier just give up and go home"instead of "just following orders." This book will make you rethink our American rights. Too much gore and the writing style dropped my rating from 5 to 4 stars. There was a place called "Pennsyl-tucky" when West Virginia was part of Pennsylvania!
With esteemed professor of the Old West, Larry McMurty, in the saddle endorsing 'America By Blood' and Huebner's ancestor as an anchor in this fiction, the credentials are auspicious. The book rattles through the year of retribution killings after the 7th was annihilated at the Little Big Horn massacre. The dirty realism of the army camps and the technicolour, slo-mo detail of the various skirmishes are set against Bierstadt-type landscapes and meteorological detail, the muddied, desperate consciousness of the three army scout protagonists, and the out-of-control command. It shares the sense of futility McCarthy inspiried in, 'Blood Meridian', without the epic scope. The prose is just as powerful without recourse to pseudo-biblical phrasing. And that's appropriate given that this isn't about mythologising and aggrandising either the indigenous, the settler cultures, and least of all, the perfunctory role of enlisted men carrying out duties from above. Gradually, after successive skirmishes, the army boys question both the responsibility of these duties and the location of 'above'. Terrence Malick's astounding film,'The Thin Red Line'more than once came to mind. Huebner's jacket photo wears a 'don't-mess-with-me'scowl that his great great grandfather would approve. This is where blood lust should reside; between covers. Great read.
American by Blood is a novel based on mass murder. Told with naturalistic detail and through rough-hewn soldier dialogue, Andrew Huebner's horrific portrait of the final episodes of our nation's genocidal actions against its indigenous peoples will repel many readers searching for something redemptive about this calculated slaughter. The novel's three protagonists, one of whom, incidentally, is the author's great-great grandfather, follow similar moral paths. Their early naivete stripped by observation and repulsive participation in the butchering of defenseless Indians, the three undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, ultimately resulting in conscience/empathy which alterately manifests as compassion, identification, and/or madness.
Blood courses in this angry and reproachful book. Unlike the cleansing effect abolitionist John Brown predicted and Abraham Lincoln verified as national pennance for the sin of slavery, the blood shed by Indians has no spiritual value; this racist murder is moraly indefensible and outrageous. United States soldiers summarily execute defenseless women and children, and attribute (with remarkable psychological projection) savagery to the very victims of our own cruelty and amorality. Co-existence simply is not an option. Removal -- extermination -- is the process by which a white culture validates its own manifest destiny.
To read this novel and to absorb its overwhelming condemnation of our past will require resolve. But, make no mistake, Huebner's novel reminds us that real people, not some faceless policy-makers, did the killing. Our land, soaked with shame, is truly American by Blood.