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by Nero Wolfe

Download Murder By the Book epub
ISBN: 0553144502
ISBN13: 978-0553144505
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Author: Nero Wolfe
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books (1981)
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Rating: 4.5
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I would like to give this book 10 stars instead of just 5.
The characters are something else, the lawyers and their Secretaries in the law firm "Corrigan, Phelps,Kustin & Briggs". After "O'Malley, Corrigan & Phelps", had to rearrange their law firm, because of jury tampering.
When certain people found out who did what there was informing the courts and writing about it, that were it got dangerous for several people and they didn't see it coming before it was too late.
I stayed up late a lot to find out what Nero Wolfe was thinking and planning with Archie Goodwin. The minute I thought I had figured out who, how, when, I knew why. It took a 120 degree turn. Which meant I had to keep reading longer.
I have read quite a few of Nero Wolfe books and have not been DISAPPOINTED, I love detective stories that keep your mind going. I would tell as many people as possible to try one of these Nero Wolfe books and you have to read more of them and the beauty of it you don't have to read them in order.
Try one I dare you, you will love it!!!!!!
One of the best Nero Wolfe mysteries. A wily killer sets out on a path of revenge that leads to a series of murders, flummoxing Nero. We get the usual testy back and forth between Archie and Nero as the case grind on, seeming to go nowhere, a lot of inside looks at the Brownstone on 35th street. As Nero stews and the body count rises, Cramer appears and the stage is set for another battle between the cops, the killer and Nero. I have probably read this book three times and will read it again, I am sure. Probably Stout's greatest achievement was making these books so timeless, the world so tightly and cleanly drawn, the characters so well rounded that they suck you in even if you know the outcome. Archie's banter, Wolfe's fits, Cramer's cigar chomping, it's like old home week every time I return to these for a binge (I have to read a few at a time).
Rex Stout's "Murder by the Book (A Nero Wolfe Mystery 19)" is another of his good ones (of course, even his bad ones are better than most books). It's the 19th book in his Nero Wolfe series and was first published back in 1951. It's written in good Stout/Wolfe style, so you know exactly what to expect by this point, and there's the added bonus that Archie has some really good interactions throughout the book. If I had to find something even slightly negative to say, I'd mention that the ending might feel a tad rushed. But, other than that, I'm happy to rate it at a Very Good 4 stars out of 5.
Classic Wolfe, with Archie, Saul, Fritz, and Inspector Cramer. A fantastic plot, some classic Goodwin lines, particularly about women, and Mr. Stout's ever present sense of humor.
One point, addressed to those who consider Stout a chauvinist, if not a misogynist. Archie maybe a chauvinist, considering all women as potential targets of "conquest", but surely an author who invests a secondary character, "Ms. Potter", with such humor and such impact on Archie, is not. May an author invest a character with an authentic chauvinist attitudes without being one? With this, and other women characters in the series, I think the answer "Yes", has to be considered possible.
A totally spellbinding murder mystery with enough twists and turns to make you dizzy with delight. Any Rex Stout murder mystery starring Nero Wolfe, private detective, is a guarantee of pleasurable reading. A Winner every time. Rex Stout is without question one of the greatest mystery writers of all time producing classic after classic. You can be sure that you will be thoroughly engrossed in the plot, the characters and the carefully laid trap Wolfe sets to expose the perp for the twisted psychopath who lives in our midst.
I started reading Nero Wolf mysteries as a teen in the mid to late 50's. I thoroughly enjoyed them and that started my love of mysteries. I am a fan of cozy mysteries as I don't like detailed descriptions of grisly murders nor do I enjoy gratuitous sex peppering a story.
After reading this story I am so happy to say this fits my preferences. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Love Nero and Archie and immediately remembered other characters. There was nothing dated about it other than Archie having to find a pay phone instead of a cell phone. Or using a typewriter instead of a computer. I can just imagine what they would have accomplished with these modern inventions. Happily after so many years I can read all the stories again without the endings being ruined.
Everyone who reads the manuscript of an unpublished book is murdered. Nero Wolfe is hired to find the killer of one of the young women who read the book. It is Wolfe himself who ties the book into what seem to be random murders.

This is another excellent story as told by Archie Goodwin in the first person. The interplay between him and Wolfe is always interesting and the machinations that Archie employs to gather evidence (or to date an attractive young lady on the client's expense account) are indeed entertaining. It is always a pleasure to read these well written and intriguing Nero Wolfe mysteries.
“Murder by the Book” has Chandleresque Los Angeles scenes, memorable major and minor characters, clever plotting and snappy dialogue between Rex Stout’s Poirot-like Nero Wolfe and Marlowe-like Archie Goodwin. It’s a good combination.