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Nineteenth-century Kristiania is an unforgiving place, and work is thin on the ground. Roaming the streets of Norway's capital, a penniless young writer searches for inspiration whilst trying desperately to make ends meet. Driven to extraordinary lengths, sleeping under the stars with his stomach growling, the writer's behaviour becomes increasingly irrational and his world spirals into chaos.

Hunger was Knut Hamsun's first novel and earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920. A disturbing and darkly humorous masterpiece of existential fiction, Hunger anticipated and influenced some of the twentieth century's most acclaimed writers including Camus, Kafka and Fante.

Download Hunger epub
ISBN: 1841958190
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Author: hamsun-knut
Language: English
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd.; NEW edition (2006)
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Hunger is required reading for serious students of all ages because it is a seminal book of the twentieth century even though it was written in the 1880s by the youthful visionary Hamsun at the start of his career. His masterful orchestration of increasingly vivid visceral descriptions of a young writer's struggle to earn enough to eat and sleep like a regular member of society are unforgettable. I strongly urge anyone to spend time with this masterpiece in order to understand the transition from older forms of the novel into modern literature. Hamsun invented the use of highly subjective interior narrative to depict both romantic stress and the complexity of self-knowledge gained through young people's attempts to negotiate with the opposite sex.
This booked grabbed my attention and I sunk into Hamsun's feverish pace of story telling, his imagined madness and real hunger. I felt I got to know him in a very intimate way, I hadn't quite experienced before, very haunting.
This could have just as easily been one star instead of 5--what a depressing tormented ride! Very well written and presented, if you want to know the effects of hunger on a man, here it is!
Other reviewers have mentioned the stream of consciousness style and the focus on inner psychology rather than conventional plot.

One thing I noticed: the narrator lies to most of the people around him. He also lies to himself -- sets up deceptive illusions to make himself raise the energy to do things. I've read the book only once, but I believe that some of the more fantastic scenes with are just hallucinations. Where the narrator's experience stops and the hallucinations begin is a delicate line. I'll have to read the book again and see if I can puzzle it out.
Hunger (Sult) was published in 1890 by the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun ( née Knut Pedersen).
The novel has been hailed as the literary opening of the 20th century.
Hunger is loosely based on the author's own impoverished life before his break-through in 1890.
It is about the adventures of a young man, starving in Christiania (now Oslo). His sense of reality is giving way to a delusionary existence on the darker side of a modern city. His mental and physical decay are recounted in detail.
In the famous opening lines he ambivalently describes Kristiania (Oslo) as " this wondrous city that no one leaves before it has made its marks upon him".
A fantastic novel which I give my warm recommendation!
These stories are so moving. I recommend that you order it and read it. You will not be disappointed!
It is very well written and insightful but somehow very very uneventful and he is really good at keeping you glued and full of admiration through quite some repetition that may make your eyelids lose strength and feel heavy....
But good, absolutely, not always fun, though.
Easy read but hard to put down. Stream of consciousness narrative and an early example of post-modernism which shows a fine line between reality and hallucination. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to those who like life in late 19th century in Northern Europe.