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by Agatha Christie

Mary Jordan did not die naturally. Underlined words in a children's book spell out a chilling message.
Download Postern Of Fate epub
ISBN: 000615297X
ISBN13: 978-0006152972
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Classics
Author: Agatha Christie
Language: English
Publisher: Fontana; 11th edition (1979)
Pages: 221 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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This is the final Tommy and Tuppence book and also the last book Agatha Christie completed before her death. The married couple of Tommy and Tuppence are retired and have recently moved to The Laurels home in a small English village. While setting up their bookshelves,a message is found in a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Black Arrow. It says that a woman named Mary Jordanhas died of unnatural death We later learn she was a spy in a British Fascist plot intrepid Beresefords decide to solve the mystery. The book is worth reading on a quiet night before the fire as the rain pelts the windows. My favorite nonhuman character is Hannibal who follows Tuppence and Tommy on all their stops in the tiny village. He is a Manchester Terrier. One present day murder occurs during the course of this novel.
A fun few hours of light reading is your reward for this one. Dame Agatha Christie had an incredible imagination and in this quiet and slow final bow before the public she does a good job. I thought the book was better than many of my fellow reviewers at Amazon.
This book is nowhere close to Agatha Christie's standard. The more I read, the more confused I became. We first met Tommy and Tuppence at the end of World War I. They are now in their seventies. The past events they are investigating in this book took place just before or during WWI, and yet they are constantly talking to people older than they are, who refer to things their grandmothers and great uncles told them about the events. As other readers have stated, there is LOTS of talking about nothing. The few discoveries that the Beresfords make are never explained, and in the end the reader is left wondering why the past events matter in the present day. I firmly believe that either Dame Agatha didn't actually write this book, or she was developing Alzheimer's. I can only assume her publisher printed it sight unseen, trusting in her reputation. Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors, but if this had been the first of her books that I'd read, I never would have even considered picking up another.
Almost no plot padded with "knew things", "know things", and "you know" ad nauseum. Book reads like the old "Fun With Dick and Jane" primary readers. I do not exaggerate. Dame Christie's dialogue was not her strong suit and this is the most extreme example.
As a die hard Christie fan, and loving the previous four T&T books, I felt I had to slog through and finish this one, and although the whodunnit is answered after a fashion, I still don't know whydunnit. Christie wrote this one as an aged writer and it shows, with the main characters, themselves in their seventies, prattling on about nothing interesting or germane, and "witness" characters sounding like a visit with an aged relative who talks about people you have never met and they can't seem to quite remember. Although in the end we do find out who did the actual dastardly deed(s), it doesn't seem to matter; I won't type out a spoiler here as far as motive, suffice it to say it was very unsatisfying and confusing. Perhaps an English reader would get more out of it as there are references to what I think are actual historical events that happened in England, but I can only guess. If you are a fan of T&T by all means read this one as it is the last, but for all other Christie readers I say skip it.
Much as I enjoyed reading this story, it was fairly predictable with the odd twist, The two characters, Tuppence and Tommy Beresford were like an old, favourite armchair, they and the plot wrapped around you without any cause for concern, and I look forward reading about their adventures again.
I bought this book so that I could read it again. I remembered that it featured my favorite Agatha Christie detectives, Tommy & Tuppence, and that it described how they faced moving and remodeling a house they just purchased. Since I just moved and am about to remodel my house, I wanted to face the experience with some dry British humor!
As a Christie fan, I was disappointed in this book. Too much rambling into past adventures and references to mysterious secret agents who were never well explained and not essential to the story. Also, a great deal of telling what the dog thought. I'm a dog fancier but attributing these thoughts to a canine no matter how clever was a stretch.
The wrap up of the Tommy and Tuppence mysteries is excellent. Everything is explained and the logic is outstanding. Sorry this book is the last in their series.