» » Catriona: A sequel to "Kidnapped" : being memoirs of the further adventures of David Balfour at home and abroad (The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson)

Download Catriona: A sequel to "Kidnapped" : being memoirs of the further adventures of David Balfour at home and abroad (The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson) epub

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Download Catriona: A sequel to "Kidnapped" : being memoirs of the further adventures of David Balfour at home and abroad (The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson) epub
ISBN: 0550204520
ISBN13: 978-0550204523
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Classics
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Language: English
Publisher: Chambers; Chambers Centenary Edition edition (1980)
Pages: 265 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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I've read a few RLS novels and I find them somewhat addicting -- but then again, I am a big student of language and I love Scots dialect. In terms of plot, this one is moderately interesting. The main character, David Balfour, is very well done. We get to see him mature from a rash "gomeral" (fool) of a youngster into a man of principle and conviction. To me, the most interesting relationships he developed were with the Lord Advocate of Prestongrange and his daughter Barbara. The Lord Advocate becomes a frenemy, to use modern-speak, to David--but overall his advocacy of David outweighs his initial subterfuge. The daughter, Barbara (gorgeous and witty) schemes to bring David and Catriona together.

The politics of the age are familiar to me .... this is seven or so years after "The Rising" (1745) and the bloody battle of Culloden, when Scotland and its proud highlanders were slammed into submission by the British armed forces and monarchy. These events would color Scots history for hundreds of years. There are a handful of heroic figures being prosecuted by the Brits, and David wants to bear testimony in favor of saving them. Into this intrigue comes the heavily impeded romance with Catriona. Politics, distance, Catriona's rapscallion of a father, and--most of all--constant misunderstandings between these two lovers are thrown in the way of David's passion for Catriona. Her character I have to admit was fairly well-developed, but in short, I did not like her ... she was subject to petty jealousies and fits of petulance and I wanted David to comprehend her shallowness, perhaps even throw her over and go back to Barbara Grant. To summarize, while surely not Stevenson's best book, it was a good tale, fascinating in language and sense-of-time-and-place, with some good characters.
I thought that it would be hard to top the thrill ride that was "Treasure Island." But "Kidnapped" actually exceeds that book in excitement, despite the fact that the adventure is a lengthy trek from Highlands to Lowlands. Compared to a treacherous ocean voyage and a stint on a nearly deserted island, a trek over the heath doesn't seem likely to offer the same thrills.

But it does, and then some. Stevenson's David Balfour and Alan Breck are great characters who elevate this tale to a meaningful exploration of how a friendship evolves through thick and thin.

I highly recommend this book--but it's dangerous bedtime reading if you have to rise early.

By the author of "It All Started with a Bicycle"
Astounding book. Astounding writer. The sequel to Kidnapped which is a way way better book than you'd think if all you've read is the watered donw pap they try to sell to appeal to children. These two are not children's tales. You've got to be interested in character, and setting. Boiled down to its plot, neither is particularly fascinating. His descriptions, his dialogue, his dialect. My. If you can read them in the Scots dialect, you will be amazed. "Before your aged finger could find the trigger, my hilt would dirl against your brest bane," is said with such utter confidence that you cannot help but be amazed by the man who says it.
Having enjoyed Kidnapped very much, I wanted to read the sequel too but found it rather tiresome in the end.

The beginning and and ending are pretty good, and the characters are well-developed, but the author seems to be fabricating and drawing out the tension in rather contrived ways for nearly the entire book. The hero's foolishness gets him and Catriona into an awkward situation, at which point her highly unlikeable father comes on the scene and makes the final chapters very tedious reading.
Liked romance, love and adventure.
Fun trying to follow the Scottish lingo!
Descriptions of various environments added much color to story.
I read this out loud to my family and we all loved it! The main character, David Balfour, is a wonderful character who always strives to do what is right, even when it could mean imprisonment or death. Stories like these need to be read.
This was a pretty great book. I had read Kidnapped and discovered that this is the follow up book to it. It really wrapped up the story quite well.
Continuing the adventures of Kidnapped character David Balfour. Strong start and finish but drags in the middle.