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by Jo Beverley

Eager to abandon his diplomat's life and settle down, Leander Knollis, Earl of Charrington, sets his sights on Judith Rossiter, an impoverished widow with two children. Original.
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ISBN: 082173976X
ISBN13: 978-0821739761
Category: Literature
Subcategory: British & Irish
Author: Jo Beverley
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra; First edition (November 1, 1992)
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 549
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This is the third book in the "Company of Rogues" series. I had skipped over it thinking it was one of those simple Regency Romance stories that occurs at Christmas but doesn't really have that much to do with the holiday. I was very wrong; it is a great story and as good as any of the other Company of Rogues book. In this one Leander Knollis, Earl of Charrington, has decided to return to England and make a real home for himself and hopefully find a wife willing to be his helpmate. He has spent most of his life living in foreign countries since his father had been a diplomat for England and was assigned all over Europe. Leander's greatest concern was finding a wife who wasn't a simpering debutant. They all seemed to swoon and fall in love with him at first sight. He has watched his parents in their miserable marriage because his mother loved his father dearly but his father was cold and unemotional and only interested in his diplomatic duties. Leander wanted a wife who would help him become an English gentleman and give up the European habits he had developed over his life abroad. Also, she would not expect him to fall in love with her and she would not fall in love with him.

In desperation he visits one of his Rogue friends, Lucien, and his wife, Beth, to see if they had any suggestions on how to find a mature women to marry. Beth is reminded of a woman living in a village nearby known as the "Weeping Widow". The lady's husband had been a poet and she was still in full mourning for him even though it had been over a year since he died. She was a few years older than Leander but not too old to have more children so he could have an heir. She sounded just like what Lucien was looking for. Since she still obviously was in love with her first husband she wasn't likely to swoon over him and fall in love with him so he would never hurt her like his father had hurt his mother. And she had become nearly destitute since her husband's death and he could provide for her and her two children all they needed. So off he goes to introduce himself to Judith Rossiter, aka the Weeping Widow. He proposes too soon and in anger she rejects his offer. She thinks it is some kind of cruel prank and decides he is probably trying to win a bet or something. The next day Beth visits Judith to try to explain who Leander is and that his offer was real.

Do you think they will eventually fall in love? There is a lot more to the story though. Someone is trying to kill Judith's children, the extended family living in the huge mansion Lucien has inherited won't leave and keep giving him excuses why he shouldn't visit the house. There are questions about the financial records for the four estate Lucien inherited, and his father on his deathbed warned him to stay away from the inherited house because the family would try to kill him. So, what is Lucien to do? He wants to keep his new family safe but is set on taking possession of the house that legally belongs to him. Fortunately he has the help of his friends and with their help he might be able to set things right.

This is a really good book. There is marital sexual descriptions but most of the details are left out. There are some Bible quotes mentioned but no preachiness. The writing and editing is good and there are lots of interesting side stories. I'm sure anyone who loves Regency Romance would enjoy this book.
This book was difficult to finish because there was really nothing of substance to keep the reader's attention. The hero had promise but Ms. Beverley never fully developed his character. I didn't care for the heroine much at all and never understood why the hero wanted to marry her. I did not like the way she treated the hero. Everything about this book was just so so and very bland.
Christmas Angel was not at the top of Jo Beverley's form for the Rogues series but it was still an enjoyable read. Particularly following on the heels of Unwilling Bride and Arranged Marriage, it seemed less fully developed. Leander does not seem to be as vibrant as Nicholas and Lucien. Judith does seem to be getting some depth toward the end. But I thought it could have gone on a little further to give Judith and Lee some time to enjoy their happily ever after and settle into Temple Knollis together. In particular, the sinister implications of Lee's Uncle and family took a very sharp turn and in a blink of an eye, they were merely overwrought and worried and misunderstood. But the misunderstandings were not satisfactorily explained and the complicated family dynamic was not untangled
Christmas Angel, by Jo Beverly, was an enjoyable book, for the most part. I liked the novelty of the heroine being older than the hero and having children already. I liked that there was a bit of suspense included. I liked that the author didn't talk incessantly about the looks of the main characters. I appreciated that Leander enjoyed the children from the start. However, I really wanted a fuller ending to the story. I also wanted more interesting, hot blooded sex scenes than the two written. While I realize that the marriage consummation was intended to be awkward it was just pathetic! The library scene was almost over before it began. Fell short in the romance department!
Jo Beverly is one of my favorite Regency Romance authors and I love the Company of Rogues series. Although there is a little overlapping of characters, each one can stand alone. In “Christmas Angel" we get to read the story of Leander Knollis, Lord Charrington. He has returned from war and decided he wants a wife without the complications and emotional tangles of love. He thinks he's found that in Judith Rossiter, the Weeping Widow, and her two young children. Judith has other ideas. The hero and heroine are well-developed characters and the kids are cute. The element of mystery and suspense moves this enjoyable read outside the norm. I highly recommend it.
This was - overall - a very good book. The start was a bit slow but the story built momentum and about 1/2 way through it took off like a rocket.

I am very seldom surprised about a book but this managed to do just that. In retrospect I should have suspected where the story was headed but did not until just a few pages before it made a sharp right turn. The characters were well developed and the plot was very good - especially the last 100 or so pages. The slight of hand twists were plentiful and very well done. Who you felt was a good wasn't and who thought was bad turned out not to be so bad after all. *IF* you like historical romance novels you will like this. I will be looking for more books by this writer at the public library.

The book came quickly and in perfect shape. The price was only $4.49 which was almost the price of a USED book.

Highly recommended!

I would rate this a 9.25 to 9.75 out of 10.