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by Louis L'Amour

“You’re not wanted in Hattan’s Point,” Matt Brennan was told moments after arriving in town. “There’s trouble here and men are picking sides.” But Matt decided he wasn’t going anywhere. Not until he found out what the dispute was about, and not before he got to know Moira Maclaren. She considered him nothing more than a drifting ranch hand, but Matt was determined to prove her wrong. To do so, he’d have to solve a mystery that was at the center of the growing violence in Hattan’s Point–a secret that could make a man rich . . . or dead. Probably dead.
Download Silver Canyon: A Novel epub
ISBN: 0553247433
ISBN13: 978-0553247435
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Author: Louis L'Amour
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam (October 1, 1957)
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Rating: 4.6
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Left me satisfied as if it was a great steak. Never found an area of this book that gave me a thought to put it down. The last book that gave me this much entertainment was "The Perfect Storm". No greater story than an honest citizen that stands up to corruption and wins. The odds are against him, yet
His dedication to what is right is so strong that he is willing to die for what is right, just and fair. The hero in this book is somewhat " Jesus Like" but with a little different angle with his methods of persuasion. Many heroes and.many villians but even some of the bad guys come around.
I prefer Louis L'Amour paperbacks. They fit in the rear pockets of your jeans and unlike I-Phones, if it should fall out of the pocket, there is no sound of breakage when it hits the pavement.
Another great book by my best western author Louise Lamour. Action packed and an easy read. Read it in one day. Again Lamour is great with character description, Western scenery and the entire Western environment.

We see a cowboy who is good with a gun and rifle. He doesn't go looking for trouble but wont back off.He makes fiends with an older man trying to save his nice ranch from 2 powerful ranchers, hired guns,and an ex US cavalry officer who embezzled the US army and killed his superior officer. Also a slimy dirt bag scheming lawyer gets involved in the double crossing trying to take all the ranches for himself.

Our "hero" meets the girl of his dreams and the first time they meet says "You are going to be my wife. Mucho balls!! Then he boldly boasts to a potential enemy ( the powerful rancher)he is going to marry his daughter. Does our "hero' have a death wish or not?

Lots of gun action. A huge fist whomping drag out fight our "hero" has with a giant of a man who wants to kill him with his bare hands. Why o' why does the nice buckskin horse have to be killed....just like in Sackett( another great Lamour book 5 stars...see my review). Lots of the bad guys getting there just rewards.

An excellent plot. There is a good mystery of who really killed the powerful rancher and why. Was it for land or something else?

I won't ruin it for you. The ending is typical but nice. Another excellent Louise Lamour book. If you like the wild west, fast action and a nice mystery you can try to solve while reading the book this book is for you. 5 stars and added to our family library.
Terrific story. I've read a lot of Louis L'Amour's books (well, not quite half), but this was one of the best. Told in the first person (usually reserved for the Sackett books), this story of Matt Brennan's struggle to build a stable life in an untamed territory was particularly good. Sure, it had the usual tropes ( pretty girl, bad owlhoots [I learned that word reading Stan Lee's Rawhide Kid comics]), but Brennan's narration and glib tongue lent an air of freshness to the tale. Solid storytelling, a bit of a mystery and rough action make this a novel to be enjoyed.
Louis L'Amour is a good writer, who's books are predictable and fun to read. If you want unexpected plot twists and bad guys to be heros pick another author.
If you like Louis L'Amour you will love this book. Good guy gets shot and plays the role of underdog. Good guy gets girl in the end after several plot twists.
My dad got me started reading Louis L'Amour novels 40 years ago. Started out reading paperbacks and have over 100 of them and some hardbacks as well. Now I've moved on to electronic (Kindle) versions so I always have books with me. I never get tired of reading the good versus evil story lines. The Sacket series and all the related titles are my favorites. I highly recommend reading that series in chronological order.
writing and book was great. publisher and amazon were horrible. got to end and the last pages were missing. simply not there.
not torn out. just not there. obviously never there when production was run. too little money involved to send back. keep in
mind when you buy such items.