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by Tim Lebbon

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ISBN: 0749079983
ISBN13: 978-0749079987
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Author: Tim Lebbon
Language: English
Publisher: A&B; paperback / softback edition (2009)
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FB2 size: 1189 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 431
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The book was pretty interesting throughout. There were some times where it was slow and I had to struggle to get through it but I'm glad I did. During the last 50 or so pages I couldn't put the book down. Push through and read it all. It was not a let down. It was a great book just like dusk and dawn. Can't wait to get The Island.
my favorite book. the end is just... wow. must read!
I recommend this book to people who have read the other Noreela books, if you havent, start with the others.
Read it!!!!
For the past century, there has been a growing interest in Exploration. Ramus and Nomi are members of the Voyagers Guild. Ramus is a scholar, a man who can read and study the old dusty books and tomes of the few libraries of Long Marrakash; he feels he is a pure and proper Voyager, interested only in exploring and gaining knowledge of new things. Nomi is too impatient for reading. She goes on her voyages with an eye for wealth and fame and her last two voyages have made her wealthy. She comes to her old rival and friend Ramus with news of a possible voyage of interest to them both.

A lone wanderer has come to Nomi with a story--he has gone where no one else has gone--part the way up the endless cliffs of the Great Divide that cuts across the land to the south, beyond which no man has been. He has also found some ancient parchments with drawings and symbols. Nomi knows she needs the skills of Ramus and she doesn't want the Guild of Voyagers involved... she wants the glory and excitement of this last and greatest exploration--of the Great Divide--all to herself, and Ramus.

Ramus sees the parchments and has doubts... can someone actually climb the Great Divide? And fears... He thinks the symbols involve the mysterious Sleeping Gods and wonders if humans should mess with the business of gods, even though their worship is mostly dead and he is no believer himself.

The book is primarily one of exploring dangerous territory. Even the parts of the lands that are known about are hazardous--filled with poisons and creatures and wildmen that have caused many a Voyager never to return. Nomi bankrolls her expedition with Ramus, hiring a group of Serians, hardy men and women of Mancoseria who often work with Voyagers and who hire themselves out for protection and general services.

Lebbon is at home with creating a strange, yet alluring, and varied landscape for this group to travel across.

Quite aside from natural hazards, the group faces some catastrophic personal problems that cause even greater danger. And then there are the hints that disturbing the Sleeping God could spell disaster.

The author also writes horror and there are certainly horror elements that come into this story--in increasing amounts to the very horrific end. The characters are well-drawn, making their various fates even more horrific. This is not a light, or even very positive, book, so be warned.

I'm not a huge fan of horror, particularly some of its more standard formats (of which this book, fantasy though it is, almost classically accords). Nor did I find the end terribly satisfying. But it was a well-written book, with well-described lands and adventures... and a sense of the excitement of discovery and exploring the mysterious and unknown. Just not quite my favorite kind of story...
This is a very well-written and engaging dark fantasy. Great setting, good world-building and pretty solid characters. For the most part I really enjoyed, but a few niggles knock this down to a three star book.

For example, there was a distinct over-emphasis on what the party ate on their travels with a strange obsession with herbs and spices. More fine detail in the world-building, perhaps, but it struck me as out of place.

But the real problem for me was the ending. After a great build-up and an excellent journey narrative, the ending seemed faintly ridiculous and left us with more questions than it answered. Of course, we don't need all the questions answered, but SPOILER ALERT!

Why did the god run off with Nomi? Why did it kill Sorlon but leave Ramus alive? Where was it going? What was it anyway!? After all the effort that went into the story, the last twenty pages or so were mystifying.

Oh, and lastly, the whole climbing the Great Divide thing would have been excellent if Lebbon didn't keep referring to characters hammering crampons into the rock face to tie their ropes to. Crampons are spiky accessories for boots for ice-climbing!

Still, all that aside, it's a good read and very well-written. The ending is a let down, but the rest of the book was a gripping read and lots of pretty cool stuff happened along the way.
Four millennium before the DUSK occurred, Noreela sends forth intrepid explorers into unknown territories. These brave souls expanded the nation's glory and affluence on all sides except the south. There voyagers ran up against the Great Divide that ranges so high its top is hidden somewhere in the clouds above. Of those who have tried to scale the Great Divide, none has come back to tell the tale until now. Ten claims to have done this with his proof being an ancient parchment.

Cancer stricken Ramus Rheel has always competed against his friendly rival wealthy adventuress Nomi Hyden to be the first to reach the clouds and beyond and return to tell the tale though Ten has made that claim. For Ramus besides wanting the mantle of the greatest voyager ever, this is probably his last escapade; for Nomi wearing the greatest mantle is everything. As they make the trek together accompanied by Serian soldiers, they go past the line where no information is known except Ten's questionable ramblings There they run into the "home" of one of the ancient Sleeping Gods and they soon find themselves fighting to live to tell their saga.

The latest Noreela fantasy thriller (see DAWN) is an exhilarating adventure tale into the unknown in which fans will want to trek up the Great Dive alongside the exploring Voyagers. The story line is fast-paced, but it is the fully developed lead duo that makes the escapades seems genuine especially in the encampment of the Sleeping God who "awakens" to the intrusion. Tim Lebbon provides a fascinating quest fantasy with a different spin to the quest as a consequence of their actions is the need to the save the world endeavor

Harriet Klausner