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by Francine Pascal

Finally aboard a plane bound for Paris, Gaia hopes to leave the complications of her life behind, but finds them just beginning as Sam is charged with Mike's murder, and Ed struggles with the ethics of helping Heather financially.
Download Missing (Fearless #14) epub
ISBN: 0743412486
ISBN13: 978-0743412483
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Author: Francine Pascal
Language: English
Publisher: Simon Pulse (February 27, 2001)
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 742
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The Fearless series, written by Francine Pascal, are great books for teenage girls. They are about a girl named Gaia Moore. Her mom dies when she was young and her father left her. Her father, Tom Moore, has a twin brother, Oliver, a.k.a Loki.They are both in the CIA, but they are enemies. Gaia's foster parents, Ella and George Niven, don't want to get into Gaia's life, well at least George doesn't. Ella on the other hand doesn't even like George, plus she is about twenty years younger than him. So you can probably guess that she's in for his money. Ed, Gaia's so called best friend, used to be going out with Heather, Gaia's arch enemy. After Ed's paralizing accident, he was left single and stuck in a wheelchair. Gaia's love of her life, Sam Moon, is in college and of course going out with Heather. There is something you should know about Gaia; she's fearless. Which means she never gets scared. She also likes to beat up people which goes hand in hand with being fearless. She lives in New York, so it would be easy to find a bad guy mugging some old woman, so she can beat him up. There's also something you should know about Sam...he's in love with Gaia, but she doesn't know.
The FEARLESS books always have a new topic, or little thing added in every book, that's what keeps me reading. It's always fun reading these books, because when you start to read, you feel like you're there, with Gaia. She is so easy to become, while reading, but before you can become her you have to know the situation and understand it. I recommend this book to all the girls out there, that like adventure stories. These are great books.
The Fearless series continues with this page turning, twisted, and intense addition. The most dramatic book yet in the series, the story arc gets even more twists to it and leaves the reader hanging to find out desperately what will happen next. Gaia is for once happy -- her Uncle Oliver, Loki in disguise, has taken her with him to Germany, where he can be together with her at last to hatch his scheme. And Tom is desperately searching for Gaia -- before his daughter is lost forever to Loki's filthy mind. Back in New York, Heather struggles with a financial problem , and Ed has more faith then he ever did in walking again. But things are not at all good for Sam. Sam is being accused for the murder of Mike Suarez -- his past room mate. Struggling to prove himself innocent, he makes a new friend, Josh -- and he just may have a chance. Things are both soaring joyously and falling apart for everyone. Can Gaia ever be happy with her torn life? Can Ed and Heather resolve a terrible conflict? And can Sam ever prove himself innocent? Twisted, dramatic, and intriguing, Fearless #14: Missing was one of the best in the series yet. I can't wait to read Fearless #15: Tears, because like the others, this one leaves the reader in shock and suspense to quickly read the next arrival in the series.
When Gaia boards a plane bound for Germany with a man claiming to be her Uncle Oliver, she believes she has finally found a chance for a normal life. But "Uncle Oliver" is not her uncle at all - in fact, he is the father Gaia has not seen since the night her mother died five years ago. And the man who is her Uncle Oliver is Loki - the cause of all the pain and suffering Gaia has experienced since she moved to New York City. But even though her father has returned to take care of her, until he gets confirmation of Loki's capture by the FBI, he has decided to stay with Gaia in Paris, France. In the city her mother loved, finally reunited with her father, Gaia finally feels at peace, finally feels part of a normal family once again. But all is not right back home in New York - Ed and Heather's relationship is coming apart, and Sam is being accused of the murder of his friend Mike, one of Ella's victims. I reccomend this book to all fans of the Fearless series.
Of all the Fearless books I have read up to this point, I would name “Missing” as my definite favourite. This series just keeps getting better and better. Gaia has finally made her decision and is now ready to board a plane to Germany with her mysterious Uncle Oliver. Many surprises are in store.... Although not the most exciting or tense, this was by far the most emotional book so far and a different side to Gaia is revealed as we see her finally achieve what she has dreamt of for so long: her father’s love, and a chance of a home and a family. Back in New York, however, events are taking a turn for the worse. Sam has been accused of his roommate’s murder and the news that Ed may walk again is somewhat marred by the fact that his relationship with Heather is beginning to break down. This was an excellent addition to the series and I can’t wait for #15. I recommend this to any Fearless fan.
This book made me want to cry I was so happy! It took me about 4 hours to read it, I could NOT put it down.
In this edition of the Fearless series, Gaia gets everything she's ever dreamed of. She gets her beloved Sam, and she gets her father, Tom. Tom and Gaia rebuild their relationship in Paris, while Sam struggles with the death of his close friend, Mike Suarez, not to mention the constant visits by the police. Ed and Heather's relationship is on the rocks (yes!) and Ed finds himself yearning for Gaia, yet again!
Ever since the first Fearless book, I've been obsessed with Gaia and Sam getting together, and in this book they finally do. I was so happy! And for those of you who can't stand Heather(she is pure evil!), you might find pleasure in her struggles in this book. I know I did.
Every Fearless book I read leaves me wanting more. Keep up the good work Francine!!!