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by James Rollins

Download Altar of Eden epub
ISBN: 1409117561
ISBN13: 978-1409117568
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Author: James Rollins
Language: English
Publisher: Orion Publishing Ome (2010)
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 304
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There is something about James Rollins novels that truly set the bar so high when compared to other authors. I read 2-3 books a week and I like to change it up between every novel. So I'll always read one from James Rollins, followed by something different by another author - I never read any series or authors works back to back to back. EVERY SINGLE time I follow up a Rollins novel with another author, I am left feeling as though I'm comparing a senior level college term paper to a 5th grade grammar assignment.

His writing style and ability just seems to make other books seem inferior. This book is no exception. Every aspect of the book was entertaining and well written. Like most of his books, he slowly draws you in within the first 50-60 pages to a point that you feel like you are side by side with the main characters.
One of the many things I love about Mr. Rollins books is the "Separating Fact from Fiction" at the end of his novels. It's SO amazing to read what is actually fact that goes into his books. With Mr. Rollins books not only do you get a great adventure, but you learn amazing facts with it too!
This story is a science fiction fantasy and an action packed thriller. I found myself rushing through the chapters to see what would happen next. Intuitively, one knows how the story ends, but not how it gets there. For that aspect, I give the book close to four stars.

However, the discerning reader requires more than action alone, to award so many stars. It is as if the author had expended so much energy on the action that he had nothing left for writing into the characters any depth. Of course, this genre requires little but thrills to satisfy its audience, so I imagine there are many lovers of action that would gladly award enough stars to make up for the ones I denied this rating.
If this were by a different author, I'd enjoy it quite a lot. It's a good read and an interesting story that explores the typical set of interesting science and socio-political intrigue Rollins tends to do. In this case, it's government military contractors, junk DNA, viral warfare, and genetic manipulation/cloning.

I do have problems with a lot of his stand alone (non-Sigma force series) novels though and this is no exception. It just doesn't seem as rich. In this one there's really only two locations (swamp south USA and "Eden Island" and the later isn't really well developed and is pretty sterile). I don't know if it's because he spends more time on characters since they aren't ones he's developed in the past? The skills, resources, and "ruggedness" of the "Cajuns" seems a bit hard to believe. It's also quite shocking that the violence that occurs can raise so little notice from the larger world. Some of the supporting characters are interesting, but they feel a bit neglected too. The main focus is on the veterinarian hero, the US CPB officer hero, and the scarred villian, with a lesser nod to some family members and a doctor of questionable ethics. Pretty much everyone else comes and goes. The background story between the hero/heroine is meant to establish a past relationship but it ends up being clunky (family guilt, young mistakes, etc) as does their semi-romance.

The part that I found the most interesting was the genetically engineered animals. Sadly, it felt like there was so much more that could have been explored about them, but the ended up being pretty minor to the story on the whole.

So it was an interesting book...don't get me wrong. I just feel like Rollins can and has done a lot better.
Sermak Light
This was very well written, had some small typos. It's been a couple of years since I've read a book written by Mr. Rollins and I was not disappointed.

I always enjoy an author's note informing me about real places and equipment used. I won't say anymore so I don't give the story away.

I recommend this book to those that enjoy reading a well paced book and have a basic curiosity about genetics. This book held my interest for the three days it took me to read it, between work and all.