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by Barbara C. Johnson

Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice /is about a very serious problem, the need for court reform and the abolishment of judicial and quasi-judicial immunity. Marinated with the makings of sizzle, the book is filled with the courts' tricks and traps for the unwary---to alert the readers both why their law cases failed and what must be done to effect court reform. Each chapter introduces the background of the subject of that chapter and then presents a series of illustrative anecdotes intended to teach the readers by example how to avoid those court tricks and traps people are likely to encounter in their existing or potential court cases.
Download Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice epub
ISBN: 1439241155
ISBN13: 978-1439241158
Category: Law
Subcategory: Constitutional Law
Author: Barbara C. Johnson
Language: English
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (August 20, 2009)
Pages: 480 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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The book, in addition to exposing, in detail, judicial corruption as it unfolds against any critics of judicial misconduct, especially if such a critic happens to be an attorney, offers a detailed analysis of how federal courts filibuster civil rights cases, and specifically addresses one of the main tools of such filibustering: the Rooker-Feldman doctrine. An honest account, well written, the topic is under-presented to the American public by the legal profession out of fear of retribution from judges since the judiciary control law licenses, and thus reputation and livelihood of attorneys in this country. A highly recommended reading, especially to those who are only contemplating to obtain legal education and start practicing law for a living.
This is quite frankley a very scarey book to read. The author, who clearly knows her stuff is the first to really expose the major inadiquacies in our Judicial system. This is the Serpico of law.

Unfortunatly the organized institution that passes for justice and law is so controlled, so corrupt, and so unbelivable ,...I wish all of us luck with our corrupt and caprecious system. Kudos to her for stepping out with this information. This was a very brave act. And this book is currently underapreciated.

Unfortunatly I don't think the American public is ready to fully grasp the depth and scope of this corruption and malase. Too many want to belive that our system is unfailable and just, isn't.
Freaky Hook
Every living/breathing American, non attorney, should read this book before they step one foot in a courthouse.

As a twenty-plus year paralegal I was riveted to this book, its storylines, and the legal strategies. Barbara should be proud of, and honored for, this informative work and all it represents. It is time the suffering end and the public's confidence in the integrity of our judiciary be restored. Absolute power corrputs absolutely, and no judge, prosecutor, or minion of the court, is above the supreme law of our land.

Thank you to the author. I was given your book as a birthday present. The best gift I have received since I got my Black's Law Dictionary some eighteen years ago. I will be recommending your book to every advocate for justice I know.

Tim Lahrman
Barbara C. Johnson, in her book BEHIND THE BLACK ROBES, Failed Justice, paints an easy to see big picture of a complex issue often only seen on a micro level, a problem that has grown over the American landscape like a juggernaut since the inception of our constitution, that of the courts sneaking up on us and snatching away our rights, piece by piece, in a grab for more than its share of influence under the "Doctrine of Separation of Powers." Planned that way? No, no conspiracy. But given the dualistic nature of human character it is no wonder that men and women, in this case judges, will take all the power they can get and use it recklessly against their fellows because, well, power is inherently corruptible, and hardly anybody is looking. Until one becomes the victim, then it's too late. In effect, we, as citizens, are divided and conquered in ways articulated here by Johnson, and we need to pay attention.

You see the t.v. and newspaper stories and wonder what kind of nut case picks up a gun and shoots a judge, a lawyer, a spouse, maybe even the children and oneself in a divorce or child custody case. You wonder what happened to old Fred, from work, who used to be a strapping young middle-class professional husband and father, and how, since his separation or divorce, he has withered and degenerated into a sickly, miserable failure living in a rat hole. You don't comprehend it because it's not happening to you. But if you want to understand it, this is your chance. In her years as a practicing family law attorney, Johnson will take you by the hand and show you how things like these can happen, are happening, and how, in large part, it all goes to the old but still growing problem of judicial abuse in the courts, on a very local and personal level, and the complicity of the federal government in nurturing and funding this constitutional and social catastrophe that has the potential of victimizing any one of us at any time in our life.

Loaded with anecdotal support from real life cases, the stories alone, though disturbing, are worth the read. It'll leave you feeling like the only thing missing from the image of the judge sitting high on the bench in the black robe is the black hood.

Johnson writes in an expository, and not at all bitter, fashion of her experiences, observations, and problems in the legal system while representing her clients. She expresses a sincere respect for the law, our constitution, and especially of the need to be vigilant and to insure that all players, in this case the judges and courts, abide by the rules as is required by the rest of us.

This is a good read. It should be required reading for every law and criminal justice student, judge, prosecutor, policeman, and anyone with legal authority over others. It is an excellent oppositional perspective but from the inside the system.
Captain America
As an authority in her field after several decades inside the system, Barbara Johnson objectively and courageously revealed what really happened "inside the matrix". This book is a "must read" for anyone researching flaws of the American justice system. I appreciate and admire her courage to stand up and defend justice against the so-called "justice system", not for herself, but for the average citizens and future generations to come...
Barbara Johnson was an attorney in Massachusetts, and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at just how corrupt the legal system in Massachusetts (and elsewhere) really is. Drawing from her own personal experiences with the MA court system, she exposes corruption and violations of law that will seem to some to be unbelievable.
Always an out-spoken critic of the corrupt courts, Johnson was dis-barred in an attempt to silence her. In this book, she takes us into the court room, and explains clearly just how the corruption works, and how the judges are able to get away with their abuses of authority. She names names,and seems to be daring them to challenge her revelations in court. Along the way, she offers some excellent advice for presenting your own case, and cites relevant statutory and case law. The insights she offers should not be missed.
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