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by Frank Longo

You always said you were smart. Now here's a chance to prove it, with the most challenging crossword collection ever.There are very few black squares in these crosswords, which means that most of the answers are long. Some of the information required challenges every facet of your general knowledge. And even when the answers aren't hard, the clues can be quite tricky. Try this, in the long answer category: what's a 15-letter word for "Psychiatrists' suggestions, sometimes"? In the area of specialized learning, do you know what "Limón or Vaníla" (10 letters) refers to? And in the matter of tricky clues: what's the five-letter answer to "'_____ nui loa' ('Fondest regards,' in Maui)"? Give up? Answers: ANTIDEPRESSANTS, BACARDI RUM, and ALOHA. If you can fill in all the blanks in these 72 cranium crushers, you're super smart, indeed.
Download Mensa® Crosswords for the Super Smart: 72 Cranium-Crushing Challenges epub
ISBN: 1402713878
ISBN13: 978-1402713873
Category: Humor
Subcategory: Puzzles & Games
Author: Frank Longo
Language: English
Publisher: Sterling (October 1, 2005)
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Rating: 4.6
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I had my doubts about ordering this book sight unseen. I'm a pretty good crossword solver, i.e., I can do the Saturday NY Times puzzles without a lot of trouble. But the first one I tried in this book just about threw me, until I finally figured out that I needed to take my time, put it down, come back to it, worry it like a dog with a bone, and finally - ta da! - finish the sucker. Since then I've done about half of the puzzles -- I'm rationing them so the book will last -- and they are definitely worth working on. I will admit I've had to look up a few answers, and let's be candid: some of the clues are beyond vague. But the challenge is the thing, and I'm enjoying that.

The asymmetrical puzzles have made me wonder why crosswords have to be symmetric. Tradition, I guess. For sure, the asymmetric ones -- every other one in the book -- are harder because Longo stacks up long words and those are harder to get without the little three-letter crossing words.

So, it gets my thumbs-up. And if you buy it you have my good wishes!

Scott Morrison
Don't be confused by other "Mensa" crossword books. This book, by Frank Longo, contains the most difficult puzzles you will ever find (along with his other book "Cranium Crushing Crosswords.") If you see his name on the cover, buy it. All others, beware. I know he mostly does other types of puzzle books, but his crosswords are ridiculous. Much harder than the Saturday NY Times, and if you are familiar with those, you know what I mean.
Many "tough" crossword compilations fall in the medium-to-hard category, not nearly challenging enough for those of us who love to torture ourselves by staring at arcane clues, trying to figure out what the puzzler was thinking ... of course, the joy of the "aha" moment more than compensates for the torture. The Mensa Crosswords, I'm happy to say, live up to the "cranium-crushing" description. (I finished them, but I admit to peeking at the answers on a few occasions!) I hope Mr. Longo will favor us with a Volume 2 soon.
Crosswords are always great for the mind!
At first glance, I was put off by all the super-smart claims, but bought it anyway, due to Longo's authorship. These puzzles were tough, fair. I often found myself chuckling, because the solutions had forced a new and initially unsuspected appreciation of meaning. Longo eschewed some elements of symmetry, also. This didn't seem to make the puzzles more difficult to solve, but might have eased the construction.

After 3 or 4 years, this book stands out in my memory as the most enjoyable book of crosswords I've ever worked. I wish that Mr. Longo would write another such book. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
Very challenging. I finished few of these puzzles without peeking at the answers, but solved enough that I didn't feel like an idiot.
Loved it!!
So far I have been able to solve only one puzzle without looking anything up. Lots of biographical knowledge required. Enjoyably time-consuming.