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Download Money for Nothing: One Man's Journey through the Dark Side of Lottery Millions epub

by Edward Ugel

For the better part of a decade, Edward Ugel spent his time closing deals with lottery winners, making a lucrative and legitimate—if sometimes not-so-nice—living by taking advantage of their weaknesses . . . weaknesses that, as a gambler himself, he knew all too well.

In Money for Nothing, he explores the captivating world of lottery winners and shows us how lotteries and gambling have become deeply inscribed in every aspect of American life, shaping our image of success and good fortune. Money for Nothing is a witty, wise, and often outrageously funny account of high expectations and easy money.

Download Money for Nothing: One Man's Journey through the Dark Side of Lottery Millions epub
ISBN: 0061284181
ISBN13: 978-0061284182
Category: Humor
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Author: Edward Ugel
Language: English
Publisher: HarperBusiness; Reprint edition (September 23, 2008)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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For some reason all of the Lottery winner books are disappointing. In this case, the story is all about Edward Ugel, who did not win the Lottery. He is simply a salesperson / account representative who sells Lump Sump payments to lottery winners who have Annuities. Some of his stories are interesting while interacting with the winners, but most are about the author's life and career. I didn't find that very entertaining.
This book is terrible, I realized after 10 pages this putz was an egomanic. He tells you nothing about the people who won the lotteries and even less about how much his pond scum company pays for the right to suck the life out of the winners. Do not waste your time on this book. This might go down as one of the worst books I have ever read, even a book about the sex life of an slug would be a better and more enjoyable read.
The title is misleading; this is not a book about a lottery winner as author did not win the lottery; nor does he examine the lives of lottery winners, except at a very high level (and with one example of a lottery winner). This is a book about gambling, with a focus on lottery; how and when it came about, how it evolved, what drives it, what happens to the lottery proceeds, and how it affects our society. It's also about the financial exploitation of the "lump-sum" industry that evolved out of lottery winners who find themselves in financial trouble.

It was an interesting read but not at all what I expected.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am not a huge book reader so for me to read a book I have to be knee deep in love with the topic. The basis of the company that ED worked for was this. People win the lottery. People win alot of money in the lottery. People are stupid. People who win millions upon millions and never have to work again wind up blowing it all and working the cash register at Wal Mart. When someone has yearly payments coming to them they can sell those payments. If you are owed 10 million over next 20 years, you can lump sell them for 5 million today. The company collects that 20 million. Ed worked for that company. Great read, you will enjoy it.
I was interested in reading some good stories about lottery winners and how they ended up after winning their millions. This book gave me a glimpse into the lives of some of these winners(which is pretty entertaining) but mainly talked about the author's experience in his job as a lump sum business salesman and manager. Mr. Ugel does a great job telling various stories and describing the characters he worked with in his office.(and people in the lump sum business are "characters"!) I read a lot of books but rarely do I laugh out loud as I did while reading "Money for Nothing". I give it 5 stars and ordered Edward's other book before I even finished MFN...I am halfway through that one(I'm With Fatty) and it is even better!!
I really loved this book and it's look into the psyche of lottery winners, as well as the industry that preys on that desperation. Edward Ugel describes the lottery system, winners and the lump sum industry so realistically I felt like I was at dinner with an old friend hearing it firsthand. I couldn't stop reading, I wanted to hear about the next deal, and the next. I just couldn't help myself.

Edward Ugel's straightforward writing style is at times heartwarming, gut-wrenching and downright hilarious. This is reality at it's best.
When you win the Lottery beware of Human Sharks. Predators. Family and friends.
I like that Ed kept the real names confidential.
My response to a Lottery buyout is, "NO Action here!!" and that two letter word "NO" will be used frequently.
sadly this was a cassette compilation but if you have EVER hit the lottery or are thinking / dreaming you might....this is a MUST
read / listen.