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Download Videohounds Golden Movie (Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever) epub

by Jim Craddock

your guide to everything about movies
Download Videohounds Golden Movie (Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever) epub
ISBN: 0787657565
ISBN13: 978-0787657567
Category: Humor
Subcategory: Movies
Author: Jim Craddock
Language: English
Publisher: Visible Ink Press (August 2002)
Pages: 1300 pages
ePUB size: 1334 kb
FB2 size: 1679 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 378
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This is the by far BEST movie guide I have found. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. It has real honest reviews from the perspective of a moviegoer that just wants to be entertained , not that overly intellectual stuff you read sometimes and say, "Did this reviewer see the same movie as I did"? The reviews are fun to read and very funny at times.
But don't kid yourself, it is all here. Foreign films, samurai, westerns, 50's sci-fi, art films, you name it. And it has a categories index so you can quickly locate all the films in your personal favorite type of film.
This book is huge! No other guide I have seen tries to include every film ever made, the other review books snobbily skip the movies they decide are not important. Not this book, it has over 25,000 films!!! This is very comprehensive, which makes this book much bigger than the other guys guides. But that is OK, I hate the other reviewers guides since they do not have all the movies this one does.
Very easy to use and locate a film quickly. You can cross reference anything with the great index and layout of this guide. Indexes to look up films by director, writer, composer, cinematographer, or actor, awards, series, as well as title or alternate titles. Even has an internet guide. I have bought quite a few movie guides, but if I could only have one, this is it.
It is huge and heavy but full of movies from every age and an encyclopedia of additional information. One of my favorite parts is the listings of awards and their winners since the beginning of the academy awards. I'm always finding something worth hunting down and watching from these lists. Through no fault of the book it is out of date every year and I can't bring myself to replace it before 5 years. (Save the trees, you know.:) I also make notes and I hate to lose those with a new book.
Ever since the demise of the wonderful Cinebooks library with its yearly annuals, I've had to rely on the Videohound. While it doesn't begin to offer the wealth of detail that Cinebooks did, it is none the less a very comprehensive listing of available films--both for TV and for general release. The reviews are intelligent and fair and it does have an extremely useful series of indexes at the back: the performer index--in case you remember the name of someone in the cast but not the name of the film; the director index and an awards index.
If you absolutely must know the details about a film, or what roles a particular actor has played, here's your book. Other sources, like Leonard Maltin's guide just don't cut it.
Highly recommended.
Great book, easy to find movies, even the ones that television doesn't view any more. (shame) Thank you for reminding me of some of best Tv moments I had. Thank again.
I have no idea why anyone would want a book that critiques movies. The reference guide(s) have been useful to me a few times, but not enough to make this book worth my time. Every **** film I have tried to watch -- even the ones of modern day -- are the most boring films I've ever seen! The only ones that aren't boring are E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial & a many of the Disney films they rated such...some of the most compelling films I've ever seen -- i.e.: Batman Returns, Clockers -- are treated mediocre and given far less attention than they're worth. Some of my personal favorites -- i.e.: Ghostbusters I & II, Bringing Out The Dead, Greg Araki's nowhere -- are nit picked apart to reveal their imperfections while films like Psycho (1960) & Howard's End seemingly can not be proven to be worthy within their review; the review for Psycho (1960) is also contradicted by the review of the re-make (they say Psycho is tame by today's standards...what standards are they talking about???; ** films like CANDYMAN and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT perhaps???). I may be just plain blind, but it seems to me as if Videohound just tells people what they already know: "these are classics, and those are not". And what is a classic anyway? How many people who don't spend all day with their grandparents can actually say they LIKED the original Psycho? THE FILM IS ONLY 45 YEARS OLD!!! That may seem like a long time to this fast-food society where anything beyond 5 minutes is "old", but considering how history weaves through time, 45 years is NOTHING!!! It's not even a full lifetime of a soliatary human, let alone enough time to see if people will be coming back to this or that film time and time again through the centuries! Nontheless, it's a happy medium between Leonard Maltin's whimsical opinion and Roger Ebert's overly-generous ratings. And, if you actually care about movies enough to research them but can't remember simple details about them such as who directed them or who starred in them, this book is a good tool to have around...and for the price it's going for on at least it's not un-worth it; I, however, would like to learn about movies the old-fashioned way: WATCHING them.
I've purchased the Hound for each of the last 5 years and although it's not perfect, I've never come across a guide that's even close to being as comprehensive, informative and amusing.
Unlike one of the reviews below, I can't claim to know what all "viewers" will or won't like, but assuming you have a sense of humor, the bone scale won't annoy you too much, and chances are you'll find that you agree with most the ratings. Although I've certainly disagreed with several of the reviews, it's not at all off-putting if you take into account the extremely subjective nature of the film viewing experience.
A couple of the sections in the back are fairly useless, but in terms of cross-indexing cast crew and films, there's no other book that provides as exhaustive a listing.
I'm a big fan of the Hound, and if you're a film buff, trivia buff or simply like to add to your film knowledge, I'm guessing you will be too, once you've used it.