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Download Shoot on Location: The Logistics of Filming on Location, Whatever Your Budget or Experience epub

by Kathy M. McCurdy

You have a strong vision for how your movie should look, but how do you find the perfect spot to shoot and how do you organize the complex logistics of such a shoot once you find that perfect location? In this comprehensive guide, industry veteran Kathy M. McCurdy provides everything you need to know to get out on location-from how to break down the script, public relations tips for successful location scouting, negotiating with property owners, permitting on public property, how to handle complaints, and even where to put the very unattractive port-a-potties. It also includes samples of all the different forms and contracts you'll need and breaks down everything from where to park the trucks to when you need police on the set. Filled with real-life examples and actual filming situations, Shoot on Location provides everything you need to know from scouting through the wrap.

* Delivers the universal step-by-step process for managing location shoots using industry standard guidelines and real-life examples from actual filming situations

* Includes samples of all of the legal forms and contract necessary for shooting off the lot and covers everything from script breakdown, negotiation with property owners, and even where to put the porta-potties

* Loaded with real tips and how-to's for every level of scouting, shooting, and wrapping-up

Download Shoot on Location: The Logistics of Filming on Location, Whatever Your Budget or Experience epub
ISBN: 0240814975
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Author: Kathy M. McCurdy
Language: English
Publisher: Focal Press; 1 edition (March 9, 2011)
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"Shoot on Location" covers a subject that seems to be lacking in the realm of filmmaking books. There are plenty of books that cover everything from financing and camera work to editing and distribution, but I haven't seen any that cover shooting in, literally, the real world.

If you're an indie filmmaker, you're probably not going to have the luxury of shooting on a soundstage or in a studio backlot (not cheap - I've checked), so that leaves location shooting as the only real option. Unfortunately, shooting on location "the right way" isn't as simple as it might seem, especially if you want to improve the odds that your shoot will proceed smoothly. Permits, neighbors, public safety, insurance, noise, weather all conspire to defeat you - unless you arrive at your location well-prepared. That's where this book comes in. Although physically small, the book is packed full of good advice as well as real-world case studies.

If you're a seasoned location professional, you'll already know what's covered in the book, but if you're starting your career as a professional location manager or scout or you're handling location logistics for a film without the budget for a location pro, Shooting on Location is a must-have title.
For those aspiring filmmakers that have goals of big productions on a big screen, or just improving their tube-like web channels. Not much here for the pro, but it's a great for beginners that want to take their work to the next level.

There is quite a bit of information that may feel overwhelming at first, but broken down so well just enough to touch on concerns that you have. The entire book is a reference that guides you on how to find your own solutions for what you may be running into. You can't just appear somewhere and start shooting. There is so much involved with insurance, permits and restrictions. For all that alone is worth the price of the book.

You cover many areas of filming various locations, be it in a warehouse, or in a field, you have plenty of tips and tricks to make your artistic vision come to life. You will soon realize that your budget is not going to be enough very soon, and you will be prepared as to what to do next. You may very well me camping out or securing your spot for continuity, but that's not an easy task. Film-making is trial and error, and having this resource could help you remedy your errors and better yet, prevent them.

I give it five stars as it covers a very specific subject with great detail without being an overwhelming text book. I'm still learning myself, and look forward to referring back to this as I develop my skills.
If you're a student, aspiring or up-and-coming filmmaker the time will come when you can't keep shooting everything in your own back yard and have to at least use someone else's. With sound stages and sets out of reach for most filmmakers shooting on location is the only answer to getting your movies made. Shoot on Location is an essential book to have to learn the ins and outs of taking your shoots out into the real world.

There's a reason the word "logistics" is highlighted in red on the cover. This book focuses strictly on finding, securing and managing your location. there's plenty of tips on scouting, breaking down scripts to determine production needs, dealing with the public and keeping everything nice and legal.

Since this book is designed to be small enough to carry around on shoots, it's rather densely packed with few pictures. You'll probably want to be armed with page flags and highlighters when reading it. It also would've been nice to have a companion website with links and downloadable versions of the paperwork samples in the book.

Though the book takes a very professional approach and denounces the loose with the rules style of "guerrilla filmmaking" it does a good job gearing information to both the fairly established independent filmmaker and the student/"don't really have any money" type beginner. The final chapter specifically caters to students.

If you have any intention of ever attempting a proper location shoot, you'll want to keep a copy of Shoot on Location handy.