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by Jeff Smith

The adventure starts when cousins Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone are run out of Boneville and later get separated and lost in the wilderness, meeting monsters and making friends as they attempt to return home.
Download Bone: Out from Boneville epub
ISBN: 0606251057
ISBN13: 978-0606251051
Category: Humor
Subcategory: Humor
Author: Jeff Smith
Language: English
Publisher: Demco Media (September 1, 2002)
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FB2 size: 1180 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 134
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I am thrilled I bought my 7 year old son this series. He LOVES them! He's read all the Bone books in the main series. I've only read this one to make sure it wouldn't be too scary for him and it's perfect. It does have some suspenseful "rat creature" scenes but that's probably what my son loves the most about these books. This school year my son wrote numerous writing assignments about his "favorite book." I'm impressed he would sit down and devour these books in one sitting because he's normally not the reading type. This book also has some funny parts too. I think it's a series that both adults and kids would like. If you're not sure about the series, just read the first book and you'll be hooked.
Once you start reading about the Bone cousins and their troubles, you feel as though you are a part of the action and have to follow them to the end as they meet more fantastic characters. Every person, animal, and creature adds to the adventure of the Bone cousins as they try to make a new life for themselves and uncover secrets about other characters past which will impact their future. The book act is vibrant with lots of details to the characters (human and other) as well as they scenery around them.
A friend mentioned that this was her favorite comic. I had not previously heard of Bone, but I have been reading more comics lately and it is hard not to be intruigued by Bone.

Three young "bones" from Boneville: Fone Bone, and his two cousins, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone go on an epic adventure. In addition to the Bones there are rat creatures, dragons, and lots of interesting creatures...and who knows what else since I've only read through book one?!

I was tempted to just buy the Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, but let's face it... a large part of why you buy a comic is to enjoy the artwork. It worried me to see that people complained that while the story itself was great and they were glad to have it in one volume, it was a cheaper quality product. This is why I bought the first book as a test. I bought a used copy to save some money, and as I read I asked myself if I would be as drawn in if it were in black and white or on thin paper. On the story alone, I would say yes. But I do feel like it wouldn't have as much impact... like watching your favorite movie muted with subtitles. You know how each word feels, but you strain a little to grasp it.

So, I just ordered the rest of the series, some used, some new...and I can't wait to see where their adventure goes next.
I just wanted to say that my son absolutely loves reading now thanks to two book series: Bone and Squish. He loves both, but the Bone series takes him to another world. He really loves talking about it, sharing with his friends, and this first book was the first book he sat down and read in two days. He's 8 years old and didn't know before now that books can be fun and exciting. Thank you for writing this. The drawings are both adorable and creepy, too. Perfect for a 3rd grader!
As a comics book nerd it's always been my dream to pass on my the enjoyment to the younger generation and this is just the way to start that. Gifted the first 2 trades to my nephew who has since read the whole series. #sorrynotsorry
I just want to add my "thumbs up" to all the reviews here. If you haven't read this series, here's where to start. With similarities to "Cerebus" and "Pogo", "Bone" has heart and soul all its own.
The lead character, "Fone Bone" exhibits the full range of human emotions. He gets frightened at times, but keeps on going; he gets infatuated, he is loyal, he is ironic...what I am trying to say is that he brings concrete reality to his cartoon body. The stories are clever page-turners, filled with action, tension and wonderful humor.
I can't imagine this going out of print, but in the comics industry you never know, so I recommend buying "Out from Boneville". I betcha can't read just this one...
This is one of the best comic books I have ever read. I'm 35 and have been reading and collecting comics since I was 8 or 9. I've seen a lot of great stuff out there but this is tops. Jeff Smith's art is so unique, the writing is excellent and the story throughout the entire series is just epic. I recommend this to any parent wanting to start their children off well with great comics. Mine was learning to read and Vol 1 was the first comic she managed to read a little bit of. Just awesome.
Jeff Smith's Bone is a wonderful adventure story that can be enjoyed by all ages. Many of its characters are cartoonish in both personality and appearance, but they are still easy to root for and care about. This volume manages to tell a compelling story and weave interesting mysteries while still filling the story with great humor bits and introducing several compelling mysteries that will want to make you read the next volume as soon as possible.

This version of Bone has been colorized, and it looks wonderful. While reading it, it is hard to imagine that it was once in simple black and white. Although it is slightly larger than a typical book, it is still small enough to carry around and can easily fit into a purse or a backpack.

I would highly recommend introducing Bone to reluctant readers. Although it is a comic rather than a novel, the writing is top notch, and its story should be able to ignite a love of reading in many children. One word of warning: because Bone is highly addictive, you probably won't want to stop at just one volume. Be prepared to shell out for the rest of the series after getting this one.

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