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Download 2Pac Lives The Death of Makaveli / The Resurrection of Tupac Amaru (Volume 1) epub

by Drah Cenedive

This one is autographed by the author!!! Very rare and super mysterious!!! This has all the clues
Download 2Pac Lives The Death of Makaveli / The Resurrection of Tupac Amaru (Volume 1) epub
ISBN: 0615127711
ISBN13: 978-0615127712
Category: Humor
Subcategory: Humor
Author: Drah Cenedive
Language: English
Publisher: Hard Evidence Research Publishing; Re-edited/revised edition (June 16, 2004)
Pages: 194 pages
ePUB size: 1785 kb
FB2 size: 1441 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 269
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This book is one long grammatical error. Once you get past the typos, and impossibly terrible grammar, you'll find the book is opinion after opinion stated as facts. The 'facts' that are stated are not cited and completely biased. How this book was ever published is a total mystery. The author's knowledge of Tupac seems to stretch no further than what he's read on internet fan sites and heard on 2pac's record 'Until the End of Time'. This book will only 'give you chills' because of how awful it is. I cannot stress enough that you should not even consider reading this book, or more importantly purchasing it.
this book is tight

2pac aint dead

Amazon better get a copy soon. I want this book BAAAD. As for Makaveli
heres some more facts.

Starin Through My Rearview
"MulTiple gunshots fill the block the fun stops/******
is callin cops people shot and nobody stops/I wonder
when the world stop carin last night/two kids shot while
the whole block starin"

He was supposedly dead on the 7th.So how can he retell
his death if he never left the hospital alive?

"'97 watch me cut these *********** down to size"

Which one of his rivals was gunned down & what year did
he die again? Exactly.

"Woke up wit 50 enemies plottin my death all 50 seein
visions of me shot in the chest,couldnt rest nah ***** I
was stressed....,complete my mission/my competition no
longer beefin,I murdered all them bustaz now Im the last
********** breathin"
Retelling his own death once again

****** Wit The Wrong *****
"why call the shots nobody real as clear as me,aint
tryna help the feds getta case for conspiracy/murder my
foes get disposed of....tried to rise but they tried me
I guess they all had to die cuz we tried peace Ill die
in these streetz blast till they recognize..., they keep
it poppin lotta bustaz wanna see me fall I ****** yo
***** now this new **** gon fadem all,my ****** ball
made a call for some backup/the lil homies and my doggz
in the black truck buck buck was the sound as they gats
burst/no need fa ambulance baby bring the black hearse
shoulda never ****** around busta how you figga makin
moves onthe wrong *****? You know Its wat it sounds like
bing bing bing,why you ***** withe wrong *****?! ******
gettin hit when they ****** wit the wrong *****"

Talks about how he killed Biggie.
You cant B dead if your retelling an event you never
lived to see.

After reading this book( mine was singed to...thank you Drah) I truly believe in my heart that 2pac didn't die on that faithful night. He dies on the seventh day at 4:03pm (7 again), yeah I dont buy it. Thank you sooo much Drah and Hard evidence group for opening my eyes. There is soooo much more I want to say, but instead I will say Read This Book!!

" I heard rumor I died, murdered in cold blood tramatized. Pictures of me in my final state, you know mamma cried. But that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted. Like I no longer exsited, mesteriously missing?"

2pac-We aint hard to find
It's no secret many people still question the "Strange" death of (rapper/actor) Tupac Shakur, Who died on the day of Friday September 13,1996 due to gunshot wounds from a drive by shooting. However there's still many questions unanswered like who Shot Tupac? Why didn't we see Tupac after the shooting?.....Perhaps Tupac is still alive today in the 21st century? ... Or maby its all in our "heads" and we just want to believe Tupac is still in fact with us.

Never until now has the truth been exposed in such a truly SHOCKING manner, Join the mysterious ghost writer who goes by the name "Drah Cenedive" as he or she cleverly reveals the truth one page at a time.

Once you get a dose you'll want the full fix of 194 pages of this very DEEP book. The Book answers a lot of questions but at the same time raises plenty more! Theorist's will finally get to see if all the odd 7's were a coincidence or planted by Tupac himself......Another question still remains though...Who is "Drah Cenedive" and whats his motive???

If you want the truth get the BOOK!!!... 7 Day Theory + 3 Day Theory = haha..wouldnt u like 2 know?
Drah Cenedive opens the mind of those who don't know what path their on with this very indepth research of Mr.Shakur. I believe and know their is somethings better off left dead, but Makaveli is very important to the young and old with his passion and his relentless will to make the world a better place, especially for the youth of tomorrow. People in America is so blind to where they don't know if their going or coming. I think it's an excellent and everyone in America needs to read this book. Every Afrikkan American also needs to teach their children about the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur and his struggle for Black America to live in a better place of peace and hope. Well done job Drah!
It's nice to see a published work that dedicates some, but not enough, of its focus on the lyrical evidence that can be found throughout Tupac's massive body of work that tells of his disappearance. That being said, I don't think the proud, hard core, and faithful fans will find any surprises in this book. It did not give me chills as the cover said it would. This would be something for new fans of Tupac, or older fans that may finally want to explore things further. A quick read with some redundant material - this book could be even shorter, but still worth adding to a collection.

Raise 'Em Up!
A classic piece of music history. It's a shame we'll never see the sequel he was working on. RIP Drah Cenedive