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by Adair Lara

This delightful guide gives new grandmas clear direction on how to navigate foreign territory. Celebrated columnist Adair Lara advises on how to choose a decent name (Oopsie? Boopsie?). She outlines how to give advice without getting a Dr. Sears guide chucked at the head. She offers wise counsel on how to stay on the parents' good side (hint: don't say anything, ever). Hilarious in its blunt truisms, The Granny Diaries steers around the shoals of grandma sentimentality. And yet, having fallen madly in love with her own grandchildren, Adair affirms that the years after the big G truly are golden.
Download The Granny Diaries: An Insider's Guide for New Grandmothers epub
ISBN: 0811857328
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Category: Humor
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Author: Adair Lara
Language: English
Publisher: Chronicle Books (December 27, 2007)
Pages: 120 pages
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Lara's definitely right about not giving advice--we grandmothers were raised in a different day and age! My daughter (new mother) actually intimated that my lackadaisical parenting style (of her) might well be considered borderline child endangerment nowadays! Hmmmm . . . well, she had a lot of freedom growing up out in the country--she loved it and is now a very self-sufficient adult with a lot of smarts and common sense!
Every family is different--interpersonal relationships vary so much. I'm the maternal grandmother, but don't have (nor do I expect to have) any special "power" due to this, in regards to my grandchildren.
Scoreboard Bleeding
5 Stars for Granny !

I LOVED this book. It was practical, positive, helpful and light-hearted. I even read some parts out loud to "Grandpa" because they were so great.
I found the parts about following the new parents rules very helpful to think about especially when you the one used to being the parent.
The author begins sharing her experience with her daughter's labor and delivery at the hospital ......

"Morgan had said that everybody had to leave when the baby came--she wanted only Trevor in the room (and the hospital staffers who wandered in and out)."But people can com and go during labor," she added kindly. My head whipped around. "People?"
It's a new shock to be called "people" by someone you have given birth to......"

Then come chapters like:
Mop and Plop or What Will The Grandchild Call You,
It's Not Your Baby,
Innocent Remarks to Avoid,
What about advice?,
Feeding your Grandchild
......and so on.

A great read for first time Granmother's and worth an occasional re-read as you are adjusting to your new role .
I purchased this for my mom for Christmas, the first Christmas she was a grandma. I don't know if she ever read it, but the few excerpts I read before wrapping it up were quite funny. For the price, I think it makes a great gift regardless.
This book is WONDERFUL and much cheaper than a therapy session. I am in the middle of a crisis with my daughter who is refusing to speak to me after I switched mattresses from one bed to my Grandaughter's bed so she would be more comfortable. I know, I know, I can hear everyone gasping...BIG MISTAKE!! I now know I shouldn't have, but it was all part of the grandmother syndrome...trying to help, even when that help isn't wanted.

Complicating things is that our maternal instincts are triggered by our grandchildren's tears or complaints and we feel we must take action. The last time we felt this much love for a child was when the mother was born. As Adair states in the last chapter in her note to the parent "Remember, that grandmother is your mother, and she's just trying to help.

Adair helps cut through the communication problems between mother and grandmother when she states "will the day come when I can say whatever I like to my daughter as I would to a normal person? NO.
And "Why can't you just be your regular self, saying whatever comes to mind? Because you can't."

There is much wise advice in this book for both grandmother and mother that will lead both to a better understanding of where each is coming from. Highly recommend this book, especially for mothers of girls who have girls.
This is a funny book and offers great advice! I'm the new mom and bought it for my mom who's a new grandma. I started to read it just to see what it was about and found myself loving the advice and humor the author uses! The pictures are character drawings and very cute as well! Its funny and well written and my mom loved it too!
I'm a Grandma & could really relate to this.
So funny & so true.
I want to recommend this to my sisters & any new Grandma.
Great read for Grannies
My daughter bought me this book when she was pregnant. I read it in a day and laughed until I cried. My sister-in-law recently became a grandmother and I just couldn't resist purchasing this for her. I know she will love this book as much as I do.