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Download I Heart My In-Laws: Falling in Love with His Family--One Passive-Aggressive, Over-Indulgent, Grandkid-Craving, Streisand-Loving, Bible-Thumping In-Law at a Time epub

by Dina Koutas Poch

A practical, laugh-out-loud guide to adopting your man's family―from your first date to your firstborn

Girlfriends, fiancées, and wives rejoice! Here, at last, is a book you can turn to in times of stress, panic, and family vacations to the smallest cottage ever built on the island of Nantucket. Mirroring the natural progression of a relationship and incorporating interviews from women just like you, this hilarious, savvy guide will help you survive your first meeting with future in-laws, from the holidays, weddings, and new babies, to the day they retire to the house next door because "it's a great real estate investment."

Discover a wide array of sanity-retention techniques and tips on scoring major points with each and every in-law. Learn how to sweet-talk his sister, mollify his mother, and defuse potentially explosive situations―like when your pumpkin pie gives Nana a bad case of hives. Stories range from the tragic "my father-in-law just pinched my ass and not in that sportsmanship kind of way," to the triumphant "I'm now CEO of my grandfather-in-law's cement company―Thanks Pupup!"

Offering handy translation charts with curse words in Persian and compliments in Cantonese, a list of gifts and how to interpret their hidden meaning, tips for reclaiming the holidays one Bastille Day at a time, and your very own set of Mother-in-Law MadLibs, I Heart My In-laws embodies the old saying, "It's funny because it's true."

Download I Heart My In-Laws: Falling in Love with His Family--One Passive-Aggressive, Over-Indulgent, Grandkid-Craving, Streisand-Loving, Bible-Thumping In-Law at a Time epub
ISBN: 0805082794
ISBN13: 978-0805082791
Category: Humor
Subcategory: Humor
Author: Dina Koutas Poch
Language: English
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks; 1 edition (June 26, 2007)
Pages: 240 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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I had been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months and was very nervous about meeting her parents. I bought this book after seeing Dina Koutas on the Today Show and thought it would be another chic lit type book - how wrong I was! The book is witty and enjoyable, but more importantly, gave me an idea of not just how to act, but what to expect. Definitely recommend this for guys that are meeting parents for the first time who also want a good laugh and appreciate a well penned book.
This book was comical and had some important suggestions! However,it is not what I expected to read. I wouldn't have chosen this book!
This book have been written from the inside.
Checked out from Library. Glad I did not pay money for this. Aside from being completely condescending and self-righteous, the assessment on in-laws from specific Geographic locations irritating. I am a Texan I found the assessment of Texas to be very narrow sighted, no one relishes being reduced to cultural stereotypes. People from small town Texas are not all ranchers who over paid the tooth tax. Please don't come to Texas. Its no wonder someone would have familial problems if they executed any ideas in this book. Free advice: go into any relationship with your in-laws as a companion for your significant other. No negativity in any direction, ever.
I <3 my In-laws is a book one can take both light heartedly as well as seriously. This is a book that is set up to both entertain the reader, as well as to give them tips on how to survive their in-laws. I found myself laughing at some points and thinking of what I just read as something that was funny, but not to be actually used when dealing with my in-laws, and at other parts I found myself making a mental note to try that specific tactic next time I saw my mother in law.

In chapter two, Know Thy Enemy, Dina Koutas Poch breaks down in-laws into seven categories, some of which are: the dead in-law, the drama queen in-law, the scary in-law, and manipulator in-law. She proceeds to tell you what they are like and how you can basically handle them. What I like best is how Dina switches back and fourth from simple entertainment in her words, to very wise words. At the end of this book you could walk away from it feeling light hearted and amused instead of exhausted and bombarded with straight up facts on dealing with in-laws.

A perfect example of advice on the manipulator in-law is "Instead of quietly drowning in the pressurized tide pool of guilt, stand your ground. Your in-law says `my other daughter in-law always picks me up at the airport. I never take an airport shuttle.' You respond `so what you're saying is that I'm a bad daughter in-law?' If she's mad, make her say it! The emperor has no clothes!" I grin, I laugh, and I make a mental note. This is the beauty of the book; No stress, no frantically writing things down, no feeling like this is a book that was assigned by a professor who plans on testing how much you memorized.

As a recently married woman, I got a kick out of reading this because you got to feel like you weren't alone. I thought I was the only one who had in-laws who always talked about the negative side of life and acted as though the world were about to end, other wise known as `The Harbinger of Bad News In-law'. I thought I was just not being patient enough with this particular in-law of mine and would walk out after a visit feeling as though a black cloud were hanging over my head. This book gave some great advice on how to combat some of the negativity and force some positive things into the conversation.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is going to meet their in-laws for the first time. This way, when you find out something creepy, or odd, or just plain annoying about an in-law, you'll most likely already have read something similar in this book, so you won't feel quite so alone. Also, because of the amazing humor in the book, meeting your `Scary in-law' won't be so scary because you will already have some tricks up your sleeve to bring to the table! `Would you drink prune juice on an empty stomach and drive away from a bathroom? And, please don't go to places with your in-law where cell phone service falters. Remember there is safety in numbers. Such as 9-1-1.
You've spent your life thinking your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins all have
"bizarre quirks"that you've learned to embrace but surely you've avoided
telling anyone else about for fear they might just think that wierdness
is genetic and you might be one step away from the looneybin yourself.
Then comes the day when you meet someone who loves you no matter how crazy
you might be and you meet their family and come to the realization that
your family is vanilla compared to the rainbow sherbert that will be your
future in-laws. "I Heart My In-Laws" is a humourous take on all the
different varieties (and several you may not have thought of) of in-laws
you could end up with and how to navigate the treacherous waves of
expected familial bonding that awaits you. The author's filmmaking
sensibilities are noticible as she is quite deft at conjuring up
descriptive scenarios that read like you are watching a scene from a film
unfold. Everything from slapstick to moments of drama are present and
the author does an excellent job of keeping these incidents in perspective
of the larger goal of creating an amicable relationship with your in-laws.
While the text is certainly geared more towards female readers, boyfriends
and future husbands will undoubtedly get some laughs from reading it,
and more importantly learn a thing or two about dealing with their future
in-laws as well. The book also has some witty charts and quizes that will
definitely put a smile on your face as your realize not only what kind of
in-laws you have, but what kind of parents you have as well. Definitely
makes a great engagement present.