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Download Dog Walks Man: A Six-Legged Odyssey epub

by John Zeaman

A humorous, thoughtful, absorbing narrative about the metaphysical joys of a simple daily task.
Download Dog Walks Man: A Six-Legged Odyssey epub
ISBN: 1599219638
ISBN13: 978-1599219639
Category: Home
Subcategory: Pets & Animal Care
Author: John Zeaman
Language: English
Publisher: Lyons Press; 1st edition (October 5, 2010)
Pages: 307 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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Being a dog lover and owned by two Poodles, this book really speak' s to me. As I have read the chapters, I can not help but to remember all the crazy thing's my Poodles do on our walk' s. How having a natural area, for them to run off leash, make' s them so happy and carefree. Some of the most important and influential people in my life today, I have met thru my dog's, out on our adventure walk' s, or at the local Dog Park's. Of course, as with any animal that we bring into our lives, there is the heartbreak of letting them go. The turmoil we go thru, should I let them be euthanized, should I be with them, should I bury them or have them cremated. Bring on the second replacement dog, not that there can ever be a replacement. This book captures everything about having a dog, the good and bad, and how year's later, the thought of them, still tugs at our heart strings.
"Dog Walks Man" surprises at every turn. This is a book filled with insight- and gentle humor- that makes no attempt to pummel the reader with an agenda. We know that the author is intelligent, an artist and a critic; but we are not bombarded by his erudition. We know that Pete, the dog, is smart; but we are not subjected to "cutesy" details. We know that the woods that are explored throughout the narrative are speaking to us; but they are not painted as unusual- in themselves. What is extraordinary is the cogent way in which the author draws us seductively into this life-- his life, the life of his dog and the life of the woods. This is a tightly constructed memoir that delights our senses. I stongly recommend this book which can be read again and again and still seem fresh and new.
I just read this book and I'm almost sad that I've finished it. Without giving away too much, I note that there is much that I can relate to. There is the fact that I moved to New Jersey from a borough of New York (Brooklyn) and have developed a deep appreciation of nature, partly as a result of the walks that my wife and I have taken with our current and past dogs. This is a well written, fascinating, book that provides the author's astute observations during his dog walks and I recommend it highly.
I got this book two weeks ago and have been reading it slowly because it's so good, I don't want to finish (five pages left). John Zeaman brings an artist's eye to the world -- he was a painter before becoming an art critic. So he sees things while he walks his dog that I would never have noticed. And he captures them so well I feel like I've been there. Anyone who has ever loved a dog will love this book. I bought two copies to give to friends and will probably buy a few more. The author's honesty makes his stories ring true. He talks about family problems and local laws he's bent on his six-legged odyssey. If you read this book as a collection of essays, you can savor it even more.
This wonderfully written memoir, reads like a combination of astute commentary on a particular modern life and a window into art history with a dog as companion. Inspiring sometimes, with humor and personal moments aplenty, the book allows the reader to enter the author's world as he honestly shares fresh insights into his life:a unique perspective on the commonplace is revealed. An intelligent read to enjoy.
I would highly recommend this book to a friend and have, in fact, shared it with many. Dog walkers will have a particular affection for the stories to be found between the covers of Dog Walks Man, A Six legged Odyssey by John Zeaman.
Dancing Lion
Having a standard poodle I could relate to all of the poodle quirkiness. Also walking him several times a day, I could relate
to seeing our neighborhood in a new light. Every walk is an adventure for both of us. Happy to know we are not the only
ones fulfilling our duty and learning something at the same time. 4 stars
This is a charming book and an easy read. I was prompted to read the book as the author is a neighbor . The friend whom he charmingly describes throughout the book is a friend of mine, so reading the parts about him were hilariously funny to me and so very accurate. John is a very literate and intellectual writer who seems to have a deep knowledge of the arts and uses them wisely in describing scenes in the book. I found his poetic and artistic references so very on the mark.

In all, an enjoyable read, and a marvellous incite into someone that i knew casually before and now i feel that i know much better.
It I s a wonderful book. I recommend it to every dog lover who is also a lover of good literature ,