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by James B. Spencer

As an amateur trainer, you have many advantages that a pro can envy. For example, the amateur can develop greater rapport with his or her dog. He has more time, so he does not need to use pressure techniques. He even has better access to the training grounds best suited to the initial stages of almost every phase of training. Spencer helps you make full use of them, and get top notch results with kinder, gentler training methods

Spencer guides you step-by-step through:

*Puppy Training *Basic Obedience *Single Marked Retrieves *Force-BreakingÂwhy and how *Double Marked Retrieves *Basic Blind Retrieve Training *Advanced Marks and Blinds

Download Training Retrievers for the Marshes and Meadows epub
ISBN: 0877141401
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Category: Home
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Author: James B. Spencer
Language: English
Publisher: Denlingers Pub Ltd (March 1, 1991)
Pages: 255 pages
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This is by far the best book I have read for learning to train a retriever as a layman. I have read through most of this book, "The New Complete Chesapeake Bay Retriever" by the Horn's, and "The 10 Minute Retriever" by John and Amy Dahl, and I wholeheartedly can say that if I were to choose one book to read to learn to train a retriever I would chose this one. As a new retriever owner and someone who has been around dogs my whole life but is new to training them myself I can say that this is the most intuitive and informative book I have read on the subject of training retrievers. Spencer not only tells you how to go about training your retriever but also informs you, with common sense, as to why you train them a certain way. Every time I would read his directions and a question would come to mind, a few paragraphs later he would answer that exact question. It's like he knew what would come into his readers minds as they went through his book. Spencer also doesn't just give you steps to follow he makes the reading enjoyable and is gifted as a writer. I never thought reading a book about training retrievers could be so entertaining until I picked up this book. While other books, such as the ones I mentioned at the top of my review, would work well as supplemental tools and can help you to think outside the box if the training presented by Spencer were not to work, I would say that this is truly the only book needed to get into training your retriever to be a well mannered gun dog.
a slow read
This is a great book - i am not one to do field trials, but i respect the people that do them. There are good pointers in here for hunting/retrieving training.
Overall a good read. Great philosophy for the normal everyday duck hunter who wants to train his own dog. I recommend it to many of my clients who buy puppies.
I have read three books and numerous articles on do it yourself retreiver training. This book is by far the best written and easiest to understand. It gives practical instruction in layman's terms. I reference it often in the training of my Lab, Jennie, who is retrieving ducks quite well in the south Louisiana marshes.
This is a great, step by step book on retriever training. I like it because he mentions what a lot of other authors fail to mention - what to do if your dog doesn't co-operate. This is an older book so it doesn't cover e-collar training but I don't use e-collars so that's fine by me.
I have dabbled in training my dog but this book really breaks down the best path from a puppy to force fetching a dog to making a finished retriever with the capability of making blind retrieves and advanced marks. I have read this cover to cover and then again!
I am a big fan if Jim Spencer's writings, he writes in a very conversational tone about a topic that may seem simple but is much more complicated than many realize. He does a great job of breaking down a topic so that the reader understands the why behind each training element. This is a must read for all interested in learning the basics of training a retriever. There are many other books that are more in-depth or technical that are worth the money, but for a beginner this is the place the start!