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by Michael S. Garvey D.V.M.,Anne E. Hohenhaus D.V.M.,John E. Pinckney D.V.M.,Katherine A. Houpt D.V.M.,Melissa S. Wallace D.V.M.,Elizabeth Randolph

The experts reveal how to interpret and understand your cat's symptoms and what steps to take to ensure its health.This comprehensive and practical book is designed to assist cat owners in understanding their pets' bodies and health based on signs and symptoms of disease, and in determining the most common medical problems that might cause particular symptoms.      Adopting the "decision chart" format from popular symptom guides for human ailments, such as the American Medical Association's Guide to Your Family's Symptoms and Take Care of Yourself, five leading veterinarians have designed a user-friendly chart system that will guide a pet owner from noting the symptom and observing the cat's behavior to understanding the associated signs of an illness, the possible conditions, and the best steps to take. Filled with more than 150 charts in an easy-to-follow two-color format and medical drawings, The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms is the indispensable reference for cat owners. It not only considers the problems of sick and injured pets, but also addresses the needs of healthy animals. It has all the information a cat owner needs: ¸  What a healthy cat should look like ¸  Flow charts to the 200 most common symptoms ¸  Behavioral issues, such as spraying and clawing ¸  Emergency first aid, including transporting an injured cat ¸  A glossary of veterinary diagnostic tests and medical termsWith this unique combination of medical information and advice, plus an innovative chart system, The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms will ensure that your cat really does have nine lives.
Download The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms epub
ISBN: 0375752277
ISBN13: 978-0375752278
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Author: Michael S. Garvey D.V.M.,Anne E. Hohenhaus D.V.M.,John E. Pinckney D.V.M.,Katherine A. Houpt D.V.M.,Melissa S. Wallace D.V.M.,Elizabeth Randolph
Language: English
Publisher: Villard; 1 edition (June 1, 1999)
Pages: 192 pages
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This is a handy reference book for every cat owner to have. I have read through it and found that it contains a lot of good useful information. I am a retired veterinary techinician and found the information to be accurate. There will be differences in recommendations from your vet in different areas of the country (north, south, east, west).Different climate conditions have different recommendations for vaccines and health issues. It is still best to abide by the advice of your veterinarian. The signs/symptons section can be a helpful guide to know whether you need to contact your vet asap or if it is something that can wait for an appointment, or if it is something that you may just want to discuss with your vet on your next visit.
I really thought this book would address small issues and give recommendations. Guess what? If it addresses something, the answer is almost always "call your vet." I wasted money on this and took one for the team! Don't bother!
If you love your kitty cat and want to know about possible problems and solutions,
then you need this book!

We've had cats for many years, and had other books over that time. However, most of those are now
packed in storage, and it was really easier to buy a new book than to dig through old boxes.
I am very glad that I got this one!

If I could change anything at all, it would be to have the photos inside be in color. Not sure why
the publisher chose black and white, but perhaps it was to keep the cost of the book down. I really don't
know, but it would have helped quite a bit.

Other than that, this is a fantastic reference book. It is organized well, so it is easy to find what you
might be looking for. Each chapter goes into great detail without being so medically technical that you need
a PhD to understand it. There are also sketches that really add to the book.
There are lists of symptoms, lists of medications, etc etc. Really, it is a very comprehensive guide to your
cat's health. It also has a lot of emergency care treatments as well. I would advise reading those ahead of time,
so you are not trying to comprehend what you should do should your furbaby actually get hurt.

I am VERY glad that this reference book has been added to our home library.
It has already helped with treatment of an itchy spot on one of our kitties, verifying
that we were treating it properly at home. Great book, highly recommended.
This is a very informative cat owner's manual that describes salient points on cat care, health, ailments specific to certain species of cat, and how to best handle several different kinds of cat/medical conditions. It's a fairly easy read, but at the same time, it's well-written enough to educate and makes use of medical terminology that I was not aware of before getting a copy of this book (so it's a good learning experience as well as entertaining reading).
The Best Home-Vet Cat Book Ever is Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated and this is the new updated version.
Really this and Starting from Scratch: How to Correct Behavior Problems in Your Adult Cat behavior book would be the best to have if you could only have two books about your cats.
Beleive me, I have tons of books and loads of cat books. I have the highly touted 'Your Cat' Hodgkins DVM it deals primarily with feline diet and is a great book in that regard but for overall, thorough, easily interpreted cat health & behavioral information I would highly, highly recommend the two books listed above.

I consider that I know my way around a cat pretty darn good but the Starting from Scratch: How to Correct Behavior Problems in Your Adult Cat book has been a real help with a peeing
Both above-listed books are wonderful. I have had the Cat Owner's Veterinary Handbook for years and just got the updated version linked above.
It's the best cat health book available.
If you're 100% new to owning a cat, this book might help you out as your kitten grows to adulthood.

However, as somebody who's owned cats for 40 years, I didn't feel like there was anything new or specially informative about this book.
My dear, usually loving cat would occasionally, out-of-the-blue, bite me. I bought this book to find out "why".

I learned in reading that particular section, that he may have been separated too early from his original litter-family and had not yet learned that the biting behavior was a no-no! He also does a lot of 'kneading' so that seems to fit into the theory of 'too-early separtion'. So I'm glad I bought this book. In understanding his behavior, I can better deal with it and also, problem-solve.
I read everything I could find at the local library concerning diagnosis of symptoms displayed by my cat. The technical books in the library were useless because of the plethora of technical terms that the average layman like me hasn't a clue on the meaning of. Also, the organization, or should I say lack of organization, of the other books made them tedious to follow. Many references and cross-references ad infinitum. I had to tease out answers to simple questions and, even then, didn't fully understand the points they were trying to make. I've had cats for most of my life and thought I was an expert, but I was stumped and worried about my little friend's symptomatic behavior. I needed help, and fast.
Five minutes with the guide to symptoms by Garvey, et al, answered my immediate question and led to a quick solution. The book is filled with well rendered drawings that illustrate and complement the text. The people who put this book together obviously know cats intimately and understand cat behavior. The writing is easy to understand and to the point. It also explains the "whys" behind the facts. The table at the back is both comprehensive and easy for the average reader to understand. This is a book to be USED, not just read.
No book is perfect but this one comes close and gave me what I needed. ....I'm totally satisfied with it.