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by Brenda Aloff

An absolute encyclopedia of information about establishing, rebuilding or improving your relationship with your dog with guru Brenda Aloff as your guide. You'll learn how to use that relationship to accomplish goals in competition or just teach good manners.
Download Get Connected with Your Dog: Emphasizing the Relationship While Training Your Dog epub
ISBN: 1929242530
ISBN13: 978-1929242535
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Subcategory: Pets & Animal Care
Author: Brenda Aloff
Language: English
Publisher: Direct Book Service; 1st edition (February 20, 2008)
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Rating: 4.3
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While I haven't read the entire book yet, I have read parts of it and have also watched the DVD. I respectfully disagree with reviewer Swissy Mom; her review very nearly prevented me from purchasing the book. I'm glad it did not.

Ms. Aloff is using a method of communication with which dogs are familiar by nature: body language and space. I did not get the impression at all that she was ignoring the dogs' reactions to her movements and behavior. In fact, she understands that, under certain circumstances, dogs are uncomfortable with being handled and unsure (to start with) about what is expected. But this is a part of learning new things. Many dogs react strongly to their first collar or head halter - this is not so different. Some discomfort is to be expected. Movements and handling were performed in a gentle and caring way. All of the dogs in the DVD relax noticeably and seem to begin to enjoy the process as their learning progresses.

I have a smart and wonderful but difficult adolescent dog. As a result, I've done a great deal of reading about various training theories/methods in addition to participating with him in a number of courses. While I understand that space management is important when working with dogs, this is the first comprehensive guide I've found that uses this as a foundation for training, offering individual exercises and a step-by-step approach to each of them, including various key movements/behaviors in your dog that should influence your responses while you help him/her to understand what you want him/her to do. These are called out in the DVD as well. There are also modifiers for dogs who are timid or excitable.

What is most encouraging to me about this approach is what Ms. Aloff describes as getting your dog to use his/her forebrain (thinking about what your communication means and how he should respond) rather than his/her hindbrain (reacting to what you are doing - whether that is offering a treat as a lure or giving an appropriate physical correction). Please note that I am not disparaging other training methods. It is simply useful to have a means of communication with dogs that they already understand on many levels. I'm hopeful this will enable me to teach my dog that he is capable of self-control and help us learn to read and understand each other better. I'll update this review when I have more information.

The only minor negative thing I can say about this is that the DVD I received is a bit grainy. Perhaps that is just my copy, or even my old DVD player. But the content is an extremely helpful complement to the book.
Aloff's book strikes a great balance between technical scientific background about how dogs' brains work (thus dictating their behavior) and the typical dog owner's fondness and love for their canine companions. This book brings those two sometimes conflicting perspectives together and reconciles them, showing any dog owner and trainer how to reconcile the two and bring their dog successfully into the human world.

She does this by teaching her human readers how to a dog. For anyone who has ever asked "Why did my dog act that way?" or "What just happened?", this book will teach you not only why, but how the dog's behavior develops and changes. Once you understand how your dog thinks, she shows how you, as the owner/trainer, can intervene and shape that behavior to be acceptable, safe and fun in a human-run world -- for both the dogs and their humans.

Terrific photos illustrate the text, and Aloff's writing style is conversational, approachable and direct. She addresses the conversation going on in the reader's mind as she directly confronts possible misconceptions about her work and philosophy almost before the question pops up as you are reading the text. Thus her style is very approachable without mincing words or sidestepping the impact of poor dog behavior and reactions.

Dog owners, myself included, are often highly embarrassed when their dogs misbehave (especially in public). This is a terrific guide to help get you back in control by understanding how to help your dog navigate the complex and confusing world of human expectations, rules and behaviors. This isn't a quick fix, but rather a thoughtful approach to help you develop the relationship with your dog that both of you want and deserve. Enjoy!
I have been reading this book for some time now and find it very interesting. I appreciate her views and presentation. This is a must have for my library. Different view points are always positive. This book is worth the cost. The effort to read. I will update on her process after I have been using it for training my Jack Russell Terrier. But it recommends to read the book first, watch the dvd and then begin. Its a big book. But in my opinion so far well worth the price.
This book is MUCH more than the average positive reinforcement training book. Brenda Aloff provides information on how dogs think which influences training...puts to rest the "alpha dog" theory of training...and teaches you how to REALLY get connected with your beloved companion dog through appropriate positive reinforcement training for both the human and the canine. My dog's trainer recommended this book to me and I'm so glad she did. If you're a dog lover. do yourself a favor and buy this book!!!!
Could not have trained our dog without this. He abused, abandoned and picked up by the county at age 2. Had never been a pet so when he was adopted by a loving family they brought him right back. I was his last shot so I asked someone at the UKC office in town for advice. This is what was recommended and I am so grateful. Brenda is just plain brilliant!
Awesome book!!! THE best out there and I have a pile. So happy my puppy's trainer recommended this book and it's CD. I've learned much more from this text than any other book and it's written in a delightful manner. Great book. I'm a first time puppy owner/trainer and this is the perfect text for me! Thanks. Excellent delivery service, too.