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by Miriam Stoppard

Dr Miriam Stoppard takes the mystery out of child rearing in this comprehensive guide to the first five years of your child's life. Her commonsense approach will inform reassure and inspire all parents. Dr Stoppard gives in-depth advice on topics as diverse as bathing a baby overcoming childbook phobias establishing regular sleep patterns and coping with disorders such as epilepsy and dyslexia. Special panels highlight and explain the differences in development of boys and girls. Case studies provide insights on subjects such as fatherhood and raising a child as a single parent while medical facts help answer questions that concern parents: When should I start my baby on solids? At what age should my child begin walking? How can I help my child express herself? Topics are broken down into four age groups: young baby older baby toddler and preschool child with colour-coded bands for fast access to key information. Packed with illustrations ane photographs that guide you through essential routines Complete Baby & Child Care is the definitive guide to every aspect of your child's development.
Download Complete Baby & Childcare epub
ISBN: 0751312339
ISBN13: 978-0751312331
Category: Home
Subcategory: Home Improvement & Design
Author: Miriam Stoppard
Language: English
Publisher: DK; 2nd edition (April 5, 2001)
Pages: 352 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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I like that this book breaks developmental stages down into age levels and sometimes even further into months. I referred to this book often when my daughter was a newborn. GREAT illustrations...photographs of real babies and parents and items! What I didn't like were the 2-page bios of babies with special needs or developmental issues. None of them pertained to my situation, and because they were so short anyone with that problem probably wouldn't get a lot of help. However, this was just a small part of the book. Overall the information given was very good, never preachy, and very thorough.
Dr. Miriam Stoppard's books are simply the best books on childcare I have seen. She encourages parents to be independent, confident and free to follow their instincts.

This is an essential guide for raising a healthy child. Over 375,000 copies have already been sold so I knew this book had to hold some very important information. Dr. Miriam does not claim to cover everything. In fact, she has quite a number of books on child care. Some are much less detailed. She claims that this book covers the "most important aspects" of child care in the first five years.

Her practical style of writing and explanations of complicated issues has won her a devoted following around the world. What you will find in this book is an updated, authoritative, practical, and comprehensive illustrated guide to the first five years of life. The latest recommendations for day-to-day care and suggestions for enhancing your child's health will be invaluable to a new parent.

A number of case studies are included to help parents who are raising children with special needs or caring for twins. A section on how to celebrate the differences in boys and girls will be welcomed by a parent who might be surprised. :)

The main sections include: Everyday Care, Play and Development, Family Life, Children with Special Needs, Medicine and HealthCare, Personal Records, First Aid and Useful Addresses for more information. An index completes this reference size work.

Whether you are a parent expecting your first baby or have already given birth, there is so much fun information to learn. There is also a nice section on "organizing your life."

Highly recommended for new parents or for parents who didn't have this book the first time around. I have never seen a baby & child care book which dealt with so many issues all in one book. A must-have guide for Dr. Stoppard fans and for those who are just discovering her books.

~The Rebecca Review
Bought this book years ago and it was a life saver as a first time mother. Even as a second time mother I would consult the photos of rashes and redness to try and identify ailments my children had. I gave the book away a few years ago, but now I find myself needing it again.
The best feature of this book is its many pictures. For example, I took one look at the picture of the baby with the "umbilical hernia" and knew my baby had one too.
On the other hand, I don't find myself consulting this book very often. The information it provides is VERY BASIC, such as how to put on a diaper and how to give your kid a bath. It would probably be most interesting to read -before- your child arrives, when you are being kept up at night by the idea of soon having to change and bathe a 7-pound squirmy thing. However, once the first week of baby care is past, I don't think you're apt to consult it much.
Dr Stoppard's parenting view matches my own philosophy and so I bought this book to confirm my beliefs in my chosen style of parenting. She is very similar to William Sears, although not quite so "attachment". As a first time mother with no family around me, I wanted a book that would guide me and help in situations as my baby grew. Although she covers all baby related topics, these topics are not always the "complete bible" that the synopis promises. Her sleeping tips are vague and don't really offer answers to problems. In the feeding section, she advises that at two months your baby should be feeding every four hours, but mine wasn't - he was still every two, was I doing something wrong? She doesn't say - I had to refer elsewhere to ensure it was ok. My baby suffers from bad gas, no tips or advice on diet or ways to help reduce this difficult situation and her note that colicky babies had stressed parents was frankly rude and irresponsible. Of course you will get stressed when your baby cries and you can do nothing to help - for her to say that he cries because you are stressed just compounds the situation.
I'm expecting my first, and halfway through this book I became very concerned about Dr.Stoppard's view in raising boys. It seemed that in every single point-by-point comparison, girls far outshine boys in terms of cleaniness, behavior, needs ... in general, girls were portrayed as little angels while boys are much more difficult, aggressive, prone to playing with thier feces, twice as long to potty-train, etc. etc. Is this the truth?? I'm getting scared if I have a boy. Did other readers find her views a little skewed in favor of girls? On the other hand, her "Conception, Pregnancy & Birth" book is excellent.
I received this book as a shower gift. Although there is a lot of information that would have been useful before baby. I do reference it a lot everytime I think one of my girls might have something.