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by Stephen Batchelor

Is your knowledge of The Crusades less than tip-top? Maybe you'recurious about Columbus, or you're desperate to read about the BlackDeath in all its gory detail? Whatever your starting point, thisexpert guide has it all - from kings, knights and anti-Popes, toinvasion, famine, the Magna Carta and Joan of Arc (and a fewrebellious peasants thrown in for good measure!). Get ready for arip-roaring ride through the political, religious and cultural lifeof the Middle Ages, one of the most talked-about periods inhistory.


Medieval Historyfor Dummies includes:

Part I: The Early Middle AgesChapter 1: The Middle Ages: When, Where, What, Who?Chapter 2: The end of Rome and the not so ‘Dark Ages'.Chapter 3: Angles, Saxons and Feudalism.Chapter 4: The Carolingians grab their chance.Chapter 5: Charlemagne - A new empire is born.

Part II: The Making of EuropeChapter 6: The (Holy Roman) Empire Strikes Back.Chapter 7: East Meets West: Islam in the WesternMediterranean.Chapter 8: The Vikings: A threat from the north.Chapter 9: Schism: The Church splits itself in two.Chapter 10: The Normans:  The ‘real' Middle Agesbegin.

Part III: ‘Holy War': Crusading at home andabroad.Chapter 11: Crusade: A call to arms.Chapter 12: The First CrusadeChapter 13: England vs France & Pope vs EmperorChapter 14: The Second Crusade & The ‘Crusades atHome'Chapter 15: Richard vs Saladin: The Third CrusadeChapter 16: The later Crusades and other failures.

Part IV: Parliament, Priories, Provisions & PlagueChapter 17:  John, Henry, Rudolf & Edward.Chapter 18: Monks & Merchants: The new power brokersChapter 19: The Papacy on Tour: Avignon and the Anti-PopesChapter 20: ‘God's Judgement?': The Black Death

Part V: The End of the Middle and the start ofdiscovery.Chapter 21: One Hundred Years of WarChapter 22: The Peasants are RevoltingChapter 23: Agincourt, Joan of Arc & the French recoveryChapter 24: Columbus & The New World

Part VI: The Part of TensChapter 25: Ten Rubbish KingsChapter 26: Ten Curious Medieval PastimesChapter 27: Ten Great CastlesChapter 28: Ten People Who Changed The WorldChapter 29: Ten Great Books (To read next)

Download Medieval History For Dummies epub
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Author: Stephen Batchelor
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The Medieval Era, or Middle Ages, was a large swath of European history that lasted about 1,000 years. In Medieval History for Dummies, author Stephen Batchelor looks at that era. He defines the Middles Ages as the time between the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 until the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

In this book, Batchelor looks at some of the major events of the Middle Ages. First explaining the events that led to the fall of the Western Roman Empire and what happened in the power vacuum that followed. He looks at the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire and Frankish Kingdoms. England also gets a lot of coverage from things like the Norman invasion in 1066 to the Magna Carta. He also deciphers the numerous Crusades and explains their purpose and results. Later in the book, he covers the Black Death and the Hundred Years' War.

The author does a pretty good job explaining the events he chooses to cover in the book. I particularly enjoyed the sections on the Crusades since he did well explaining the sometimes confusing events of the period.

However, I was disappointed with how I felt that this book was incomplete. Many chapters in the book focus mostly on events that took place in England or France. The development and histories of several countries, such as Scotland, Poland, or Hungary, are never given coverage. As a book billed as a general Medieval history book, the author seems mostly interested in events that occurred in western Europe. He does have some interesting things to say about the Byzantine Empire, but not much else.

In conclusion, I thought the book was good for what it covered. However, those looking for a complete and general history of the period should note that eastern Europe gets short-changed in this account. I would recommend this book to those interested in history.
This is a very good introduction to the Middle Ages, and I learned a lot from it. In fact, I realized how little I did know until I read this. There are many wars, conspracies, shifting alliances, crusades and other fun thigs to keep you informed and entertained. The author does a very good job. If you want a basic introduction without the dryness of a college text, then this is your kind of book.
honestly, this book has been getting me through the semester! The one assigned is just awful. It is​ funny and informative! Highly recommend.
Thank you.
Excelent book, very interesting and useful. Lots of cool facts at a good price. Loved it and would recomend it.
I like to read everything about medieval times and the information is accurate and sometimes funny, very good and interesting even for a begginer in the subject
The recipient loved it and it arrived in great condition and before the 25th. It was a good idea for gift.
Medieval history is much more than English / French relationships.