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by Peter Aleshire

Hand-picked, pressure-tested, and full of astronaut gung ho, the young pilots of Eye of the Viper are poised for the toughest assignment of their career: the exhaustive six-month training course at Arizona''s Luke Air Force Base, at a cost of $2 million each. Luke, the world''s largest fighter wing, is the only F-16 fighter training base in the United States, and each year it produces one thousand pilots who will fly the F-16 from Korea to Afghanistan to Iraq.But being among the elite pilots who are selected for the course is by no means a guarantee that they will earn the right to fly the F-16, perhaps the most agile jet fighter ever sent into combat. Only a few select individuals will have what it takes. Award-winning journalist Peter Aleshire, given unprecedented access to the pilots and teachers at Luke, provides a full blast of the rigors and intensity of the course--the personalities, the incredible machines, the irreverence, the bravado, and the toughness, not only of the hand-picked students seeking a place in the warrior subculture, but of the veteran pilots who must teach them how to stay alive. Readers will quickly come to understand the extraordinary mental and physical demands on a modern pilot--and the incredible joy and sense of freedom that makes most F-16 pilots describe their single-engine, weapons-laden, needle-nosed jet in terms that sound more like true love or helpless addiction than a relationship with a mere airplane. Eye of the Viper is a frank, ambitious, eminently entertaining look at the ambitions, fears, frailties, and courage that make or break the young pilots at the exquisitely sensitive controls of a $35-million jet.
Download Eye of the Viper: The Making of an F-16 Pilot epub
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Author: Peter Aleshire
Language: English
Publisher: Lyons Press (November 1, 2005)
Pages: 312 pages
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There is a good story here and the author seemed to have excellent access to the students and instructor pilots. However, the author could have used some editorial help from an aviation expert (or even a dedicated amateur - the sort of person who will be buying this book). For instance " "air-to-ground missiles posed a deadly threat until pilots developed..." ("ground-to-air" is what the author is looking for) "...enables it [the F-16] to accelerate while pointed straight up" (this is not accurate). "That one bomber cost half of Afghanistan's gross domestic product" (hyperbole, again). "on the heading of the bogey until he sees a leer jet" (I might leer at the owners of a private jet, but that's not the word the author is looking for). There are multiple other similar problems.
More problematic than these factual errors is the tone of writing. Rather than being journalistic, it is more like a slightly drunk guy at the bar telling a story, complete with "for Christ's sake" and other colloquial phrases.
Finally, he describes every single fighter pilot as handsome. Anyone who has spent any time with fighter pilots knows that's flat-out ridiculous.
With all that, this is probably the best and most recent book looking at F-16 training at Luke AFB.
This is a great book, I started reading and didn't want to put it down. It pulls you in and while you aren't buried in technical details you are taking journey with the student pilots as they learn to fly the F-16. You will be there when they bust their flights, whey they are almost washed out and when they graduate. I recommend this book to anyone.
Great book about how an F-16 pilot is trained.
I worked on the F-16's at Luke AFB so I could relate to a lot of the things he was talking about. It was nice to read it from a pilots eye.
I'm working on becoming an F-16 pilot in the Air Guard, and this book gave a great insight into what to expect for the Luke AFB phase of training. If you have any interest in military aviation this book is for you. It is about the men and women who fly this nation's great military aircraft and defend our country so you all can have the freedom that you misuse to bash those very people.
I am an old Usaf vet and puddlejumper pilot ftom the mid-1940's. Also I now have a family member (grandson-in-law) who instructs in F-16's @ Luke.. Of course I have to love this book.-Eye of the viper:the making of an F-16 Pilot
One of the best books I have ever read in my entire life. I am 23 years old I love airplanes. This book was right up my ally when it came to fight pilots, I play a simulator that will put you in the exact same situations as in the book. This book does use a lot of fighter pilot lingo and might have to look up a few but still a good read.
Peter wrote an excellent book. However he discreated himself by making such remarks about iinstructers just out of pilot school.
His sexual comments degrated his charactor. Otherwise, he covered a lot of well deserving ground.