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by Richard Bickers,Denis Crowley-Milling

This unique volume tells the full story of the greatest air battle in history, a battle that decisively shaped the eventual outcome of the Second World War. Particular emphasis in this tense narrative is placed on just how narrow was the margin of victory.This new illustrated edition supplements Townshend Brickers' acclaimed account with numerous illustrations of the aircraft, airmen and operations of the Battle of Britain.
Download The Battle of Britain epub
ISBN: 0861019342
ISBN13: 978-0861019342
Category: History
Subcategory: Military
Author: Richard Bickers,Denis Crowley-Milling
Language: English
Publisher: Not our Pub / Old Publisher; Illustrated edition (July 14, 2008)
Pages: 208 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 760
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This book has it all and in a format that can suit every interested reader. Perhaps a chapter has details on airplanes that some of us may not relish, but they are skipable or can be held in reserve for later. What the author does especially well is give details of the battles and then gives summary descriptions which are easier and helpful in remembering the overall picture of what happened. The photos and maps are also very good. I enjoyed this book a great deal and will look at it again and again over the years.
This beautiful book combines the work of different experts on the tactics, flying equipment, and diagrams of the most significant battles during BofB. Some photos show mannequins dressed in German and British garb. You have read about the clumsy insulated coats and rubberized canvas life jackets, but seeing these museum-quality photos is thought provoking. Crewmen might have been in freezing cockpits but sweating with fear during those summer flights.
Richard Townshend Bickers notes how they acted on the ground:
'...Leutnant Otto-Heinrich Hilleke, who was killed in action on June 26; "We miss his humour and harmonica playing". (In this form of musical diversion there was a sharp difference between what was acceptable in a German officers' mess and a British; in the latter an mouth-organ was definitely not considered an officer-like instrument). Ebersberger recalls, " Often when we were at Chicore, our second base in Belgium, after dinner in our handsome Chateau, with a bottle of good burgundy at hand, Hilleke used to play for us. We would discuss the events of the day and air fighting as well as many matters that were not connected with the Service. Anything unpleasant was dismissed with a joke, so that we were always in a happy and confident mood....'
Laurence Thorogood was a novice pilot in the RAF Reserve, and had a mere 28 hours experience in Hurricanes before first combat. He said:
'We never thought we would not win. We were fighting over our home ground and this had a great bearing on our morale. The Luftwaffe certainly had the numbers but this only seemed to spur us on. We certainly got tired but we were fit and young.'
Secondly, it is accompanied by a Chronology of the battle, list of notable heroes, and complete list of RAF aircrew participating.
See also: The Hardest Day: The Battle of Britain: 18 August 1940,SPITFIRE!: The Experiences of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot.
A worthwhile addition to any bookshelf.
This book published by Salamander was put together with the 60th anniversary of The Battle of Britain in mind. I haven't enjoyed a book on this subject so much since I came across Len Deighton's volume back in the 70's.

Most of the reviewers here give high marks to this volume and rightly so. To make a totally parabolic statement such as "if it isn't in this book, you don't need to know it" would be a bit much, but not by much. Seldom in a book on WWII have I seen so much various detail and information packed between the covers. This is not a book you will read in a day, possibly in not a few days. Encompassing 325 b/w and color photos and illustrations, it also boasts full-color 3D aerial battle maps, maps which help illustrate the tactics used by both sides.

I've had this oversize book in my home library since Summer, 2000, and still prize it greatly. Anyone having the slighted interest in this battle will no doubt have interest in this fine book as well.

Semper Fi.
I found this book to be superb. It is not a day-by-day laundry list of actions. Rather, it gives an overview of the Battle, and then breaks it down into several components. For instance, there is a chapter about the RAF leading up to late 1940, and then a succeeding chapter that goes over the development history of four planes they used, the Hurricane, Spitfire, Defiant, and Blenheim; with cutaway draweings of the two main fighters. Next is a chapter on the Luftwaffe, followed by a breakdown of the Bf109, Bf110, He111, Do17, and Ju88. And so on. What I found most fascinating was a breakdown of the fighter and bomber tactics used by each side, with numerous illustrations. There are a number of sidebars listing things like codewords both sides used over the radio. There are several sections written by actual pilots who fought in the Battle.
This is not a detailed book meant for the historical researcher. It is an overview of the Battle, quite detailed in some areas, with lots of glossy photos, drawings, and maps. I learned a lot of minutiae (flaws in one plane's radios, pecularities of this or that engine, and so on), more than I've seen in any other book intended for a similar audience. I highly recommend this book.
This book is the best book on the Battle of Britain that I have ever come across. With small info on all the participating pilots in The Battle of Britain, the aircraft used by both the Luftwaffe and the RAF, and a day in the life of both RAF and Luftwaffe pilots... this book is deffinatly worth seeking out- regardless of the cost! It has a brilliant forward by Air Marshal Sir Denis Crowley-Milling (whom I greatly admire, along with Douglas Bader, Johnnie Johnson, and a few others), it is described in the best way possible. It is deffinatly a must get!