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by Keith C. Seele George Steindorff

xvi ii+ 289 pp. with 109 illus., 8vo.
Download When Egypt Ruled the East epub
ISBN: 0226771989
ISBN13: 978-0226771984
Category: History
Subcategory: Middle East
Author: Keith C. Seele George Steindorff
Language: English
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press; 2nd Edition (Revised) edition (1957)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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I was introduced to this book while watching an online lecture by Dr. John Henrik Clark who during his talk shared with the listeners that this book was a treasure in the research regarding western misinterpretation of ancient history. The book's author Steindorff, G. had done what Dr. Clark concluded to be a fair to fine job of earnestly keeping historic occurrences during that time frame that led Egypt's clearly noted African origin in the actual order.

Methodical read and the reader would be well served if he or she has read like pieces which deal with anthropology and cultural history.
An OK read, but is typical as coming from a European Colonial perspective that ultimately undermines the basic intention of this book.
This book was received well before the expected due date and in the best of shape. It is like a brand new book and I am very happy with this purchase, thank you!
More black history! The deeper you dig the more treasures you find. This is a must read and should be taught in schools worldwide.
Failing to acknowledge Kush or Ta Seti as the mother and creator of Kemet kind of falls along the lines of the "Same ol Story". Chronologically speaking, the child does not give birth to the mother. The mythology comes from the South, from Amun, Ra, Asar, Aset and Heru to the earliest monarchy, all established in Nubia/Kush/Punt or Ta Seti. The Semetic people are only mixed breeds of people with ancestry coming later of Northern Pale Skin invaders into Mesopotamia or Shinar in the Bible, a place that was established by Nimrud (son of Kush), also known as East Ethiopian to the Greeks. The people of Kemet settled there from Kush or the South (Ta Nehisi) land of the Southerners. In the papyrus of Henefer it is stated that "We come from the beginning of the Nile, where god Hapi dwells, from the foothills of the mountains of the moon". And we know that the beginning of the Nile starts in Uganda and flows upward...and I haven't even mentioned the TWA(Pygmies) that brought in the spiritual concepts of serpent knowledge and wisdom...Bes and Ptah who were depicted as small statuerd people, two of your earliest deities in the Nile Valley, along with Set coming from the South. The later Anu people and Twa migrated through Mesopotamia and India. This is well known fact, especially when you consider the Name Hindu Kush. The fact that Kush gave birth to all civilization has been ignored faaaaaaar too long.
I used this book as part of comparative study along side by side with other sources. It has good information and was recommended by John Henrike Clark.
This book is spectacular the content is a must read for those who what to know the truth without prejudice.