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by Michael J. Romano

CliffsAP study guides help you gain an edge on Advanced Placement* exams. Review exercises, realistic practice exams, and effective test-taking strategies are the key to calmer nerves and higher AP* scores.

CliffsAP European History is for students who are enrolled in AP European History or who are preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination in this area. AP programs in European History cover important themes in European History from 1450 to the present. With the test-taking strategies, clear explanation of the exam format, a look at how exams are graded, and three full practice tests, this study guide can help students get ready to show what they know about how the following themes help shape the world in which we live:Intellectual and cultural historyPolitical and diplomatic historySocial and economic history

Sample questions (and answers!) and practice tests reinforce what you’ve learned in topics such as the Renaissance, the Age of Imperialism, and the Cold War. CliffsAP European History also includes information on the following:The English and Catholic ReformationsThe rise of Constitutionalism in EnglandThe Scientific Revolution and the EnlightenmentMercantilism and the Agricultural and Industrial RevolutionsWorld Wars I and IIThe collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

This comprehensive guide offers a thorough review of key concepts and detailed answer explanations. It’s all you need to do your best — and get the college credits you deserve.

*Advanced Placement Program and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product.

Download CliffsAP European History epub
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Author: Michael J. Romano
Language: English
Publisher: Cliffs Notes; 1 edition (December 27, 2002)
Pages: 432 pages
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My kid was assigned A History of Western Society, Chapters 1-31, 6th Edition by John P. McKay for high school AP European History class. (Be sure to buy your own used copy of that book here on Amazon so you can have a copy at home, my kid has a daily reading assignment from that textbook). I purchased this book CliffsNotes AP European History, 2nd Edition (Cliffs AP) to supplement high school classroom studies, which is geared towards passing the AP Euro exam. I also purchased Cracking the AP European History Exam, 2014 Edition (College Test Preparation), as I wasn't sure which text would be better. In my opinion, you would benefit to get both study guides if you are studying for the AP Euro exam. The book "Cracking" has better information about how to approach and organize your responses the free-response essay questions FRQs and the document-based essay questions DBQs than the CliffsNotes guide, but CliffsNotes wins on content. The content review for this book starts on page 29 and is about 210 pages long, and is pretty good (you will need this content review after going brain-dead reading "A History of Western Society"). There is not much white space along the chapters to annotate in the margins. At the end of each chapter is a timeline to help place all the historic events in a linear format. The timeline is very good, it's usually on just one page, while the timeline in the "Cracking" spans several pages. After the timeline, there are about 7 good review questions. The answers and explanations to the review questions are found on the following page, so don't peek! The content between CliffsNotes and Cracking" book are about the same. There are some significant differences, for example: in Cracking, the Renaissance and the Reformation are found in one chapter and covered in about 25 pages, whereas in the CliffsNotes book these topics are two separate chapters covered in about 13 pages each. The topic of Humanism is better covered in CliffsNotes than in "Cracking". Also the 30 Years War and the Peace of Westphalia are covered in "Cracking"'s Chapter 5 "The Age of Expansion and the Rise of the Monarchical States" instead of in Chapter 4 "The Renaissance and Reformation", whereas in the CliffsNotes book this topic is covered in chapter "The Reformation", where you might expect to find it. It is my understanding you need to know information about The 30 Years War, and if you are only studying topic by topic (say for a class exam) and you don't review Chapter 5 of "Cracking", you will miss this topic. The topics of Zwingli and Calvin are better covered in two pages of CliffsNotes rather than on one page of "Cracking", two other topics that you must know. In this book there are three full-length practice tests with answers and explanations at the back of the book. After reviewing each chapter and the review questions, my kid checks the full-length tests for the questions pertaining to that specific chapter for additional reinforcement of the concepts. Also at the end of the book there are sample DBQs and FRQs to review. It really helps to review the questions and answers out loud with a friend or family member, because verbalizing the content really helps to commit the information to memory. I also purchased AP® European History Crash Course Book + Online (Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course) and Advanced Placement European History Flashcard for additional reinforcement and study support. We also found Tom Richey's AP European History videos on YouTube to be essential as well. Good luck on your AP Euro exam!
I'd recommend this book to anyone in AP Euro. I didn't pay enough attention in class and did a poor job of memorizing everything, so this book was a life saver when it came to that last month of preparation before the exam. I would definitely say that this book helped me get the score I got.
Having bought a total of three different AP European History books, I can tell you that this one was the best for me. I didn't really use it for the questions or practice tests, but the review notes were very concise and yet thorough. It's a great book as a refresher for a test or review for the AP exam. It definitely won't guarantee any score, you have to work for that, but it's a great complement for an interesting class.
Helped my daughter get through it!
This is an easy to follow study guide which covers a wide range of European History. The practice tests seem practical and easy to follow. I'm sure that it will increase my daughter's score.
Great book for use for high school students! Really is helping my son study for exams and covers it all!
The book is great, easy to read, and very informative. The questions at the end of a lesson are useful, though kind of easy. I haven't looked at the practice exams, but it is very well laid out. The chronology page at the end of sections is good so you know what is going on at the time period in different parts of Europe.

I recommend it :)
Replacing a worn copy for the high school. The course is hard but very rewarding. The study guide is exactly what i needed.