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by Sydney Goodman,Iain Ballantyne

No warship name in British naval history has more battle honors than Warspite. This book examines the careers of all eight vessels to bear the name since 1596, but concentrates on the seventh vessel--the dreadnought battleship conceived as the ultimate answer to German naval power during the pre-World War I arms race. HMS Warspite fought off the entire German fleet at Jutland, survived a mutiny between the wars, and covered herself in glory during World War II. Flagship of Sir John Cunningham when he mastered the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean, Warspite's many wartime adventures included narrowly avoiding destruction by the Japanese carrier force that devastated Pearl Harbor and providing crucial fire support for Allied landings in Sicily, Italy, and Normandy. The voices of the men who fought aboard Warspite bring to life this stirring tale that will appeal to everyone with an interest in naval history and the ships that symbolized the great seafaring nation.
Download Warspite: Warships of the Royal Navy epub
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Author: Sydney Goodman,Iain Ballantyne
Language: English
Publisher: Naval Inst Pr (April 1, 2001)
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The name of a particular British battleship of the dreadnought variety constantly shows up as a key player in crucial battles in two world wars. It even shows up in both the European and Pacific theaters in World War II. It even shows up in Pacific Northwest maritime history (it was repaired in Bremerton, Wash., after suffering extensive damage from German air attacks in the Mediterranean). With such a record, it was irresistible to look at the full history of the Warspite, a state-of-the art dreadnought when built at the start of World War I. Warspite gives a thorough look at the story of arguably the greatest British warship in the first half of the 20th Century. Its battle record included the decisive strategic naval showdown of Jutland in 1916, to its role in the destruction of much of the German destroyer fleet in Norway in 1940, to its repeated successful run-ins with the Italian navy in the Mediterranean in 1940-41, its survival under repeated air assault, its successful evasion of the powerful Japanese carrier forces in the Indian Ocean in 1942 and shore bombardment duties all through and beyond the Normandy invasion of 1944. Warspite shows there was never a dull moment in the dreadnought's three-decade-plus career, even in the failed attempt to haul it off for scrap after World War II. The Warspite is the story of the battleship's last hurrah and its miraculous survival from attacks from the air and submarines--the weapons that made it obsolete--as well as from enemy capital ships in two wars. The student of naval warfare history will rejoice in reading the Warspite's story.
This book gave a great insight into the ship and her crew. She was old, outdated and pretty warn out before World War 2 started. She was damaged a number of times, and then not well repaired. She nonetheless maintained an intense and demanding schedule and succeeded and achieved far beyond what could have been reasonably expected of her. How so? It was her crew. They made up for the shortcomings of the ship itself. It is a pity that, having had at one time, the greatest collection of capital ships in the world, not one was saved for posterity. HMS Warspite was been the perfect candidate for that.
Warspite by Iain Ballantyne is a fascinating history of what is arguably the Royal Navy’s most famous battleship. Ballantyne also touches on the other ‘Warspites’ which have served over the centuries, but the main focus for this book, is the First and Second World War service of the well-known battleship.

The story of Warspite is a fascinating one, so fascinating in fact, that it leaves the reader with one unanswered question—why on earth was she not preserved as a memorial to those who served the Royal Navy in both world wars? Sadly, the answer, more than anything else, probably relates to the country’s finances following the war; a time when there was very little money left for anything.

Iain Ballantyne takes us on a voyage from the ship’s design, to her demise, something that is a story in itself. The German navy was never able to destroy the proud warship, and in the end, the British did not have much luck either, to the amusement of all those watching.

As someone who has read a great deal about naval history, I wasn’t sure this book would provide a lot (if anything) I didn’t already know. Happily, I can report that there is a wealth of little-known information within Warspite’s pages.

Warspite is incredibly well-researched and a must have for anyone with even a passing interest in naval history.
Swift Summer
I constructed a model ship of Warspite in my youth so getting to read some real details of
her exploits in World War 1 and World War 2 was something special! Its a good book -
both lots of detail but lots of personal reflections too. As others have noted, the name
history doesn't fit quite so well (but I enjoyed it anyway), and this is much more about
the human / tactical side of a battleship vs the heavily technical design/construction etc.
So said - lots of other books cover the later. The history of the Queen Elizabeth class
development is quite interesting and compliments that in other books too.
Not too often you get a deal ; this book makes up for a dozen bad deals. It is hard to believe a Capital Ship like the Battleship Warspite could be a leader and a hero in both wars. Its World War l guns made a direct hit from 12 miles away, on a modern Italian Battleship in World War ll forcing the attackers to turn around for their home base. Later on being all shot up the Warspite was forced to cross the Pacific in order to get repairs from Seattle. On its way it stoped at Pearl Harbor a month before the attack. The crew commented to each other that the US Battleships were sitting ducks for an air attack.
Usually I don't like English Navy War Books because of the different classes on the ship. The Officers use real silverware while the Sailors practically eat with their hands. In this book they all worked together.
My favorate Navy War book was USS Washington until I read Warspite.
Solid book on the HMS Warspite. Covers the older ships with that name rather quickly, then concentrates on the Warspite and her four sister ships (Queen Elizabeth class) through her building to her fight to stay out of the scrapyard. Recommended. There are a LOT of books on this ship, especially British ones.
Excellent account of the life and death of one of Great Britain's most famous Battleship.
This is one of the better books on Naval history of any Navy. This book will keep you on the edge of you seat. This ranks with The last stand of the tin can sailors.